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How to cook delicious frozen vegetables: recipes with photos

How to cook frozen vegetables with maximum benefit

Modern stores offer a huge selection of frozen vegetables — separately by type, as well as in various mixtures. And almost every housewife in the freezer of the refrigerator has at least one package of a similar product. Let’s see where and how to use vegetables in the freeze.

Innovative technologies, especially in food processing, have made life easier for modern women. After all, few of them are now engaged only in the household — the vast majority of the female population is actively working. But this circumstance by no means removes from many the solution of such a vital question as “what should we cook today?”.

And frozen vegetables sometimes become irreplaceable helpers in solving this problem. After all, this product does not need to be cleaned, does not need to be further processed, it does not even require defrosting. Preparing quickly.

And the undoubted advantage of the mixtures is that they are able to supply the necessary vitamins to our table all year round. And if in the midst of the summer, more preference is given to fresh vegetables, then in other seasons, especially in winter and in early spring, frozen vegetables are simply irreplaceable.

Indeed, in the process of freezing, almost all their useful properties are preserved.

What you need to take to buy a quality product?

  • First of all, carefully consider the packaging — it must be intact, without damage. After all, if the tightness of the package is broken, air will flow to the product, which will give an opportunity for various bacteria to live. And this will inevitably lead to the deterioration of vegetables;
  • Shake the selected pack and feel it. Found big lumps of sticky vegetables? This is evidence that the product was frozen again;

  • Naturally, pay attention to the shelf life of the product, as well as when it was frozen. It is better when it was carried out at the end of summer or at the beginning of autumn — such products contain the maximum of useful properties;
  • Look at the composition, if you choose a mixture, it is best when the products are in a uniform percentage, without a clear predominance of one or two products;
  • If a pack of product in the refrigerator is covered with frost, go around it. This is a sign that the product was previously stored at a higher temperature than necessary;
  • No swollen packs — this suggests that the process of vital activity of bacteria is in full swing;
  • Vegetables by weight should not be too bright in color or pale in color. In the first case, this suggests the addition of dyes, and in the second — the improper freezing. Vegetables should be smooth, natural color, without the presence of various spots.
  • So, the mixture is purchased, it remains to figure out how to prepare it and with what to apply. It is worth remembering some of the nuances before you start cooking:

    1. The time required for cooking frozen vegetables is about two times shorter than the standard cooking of raw vegetables. Do not forget about this when you bookmark products. In the soup, for example, such ingredients should be put almost at the end of cooking;
    2. You do not need to cook such vegetables, they are edible and raw. But in this case, they require defrosting. It is best to defrost without opening the package, putting the closed bag in the container. Dishes should not be made of metal, have a cover or be covered with foil. Defrosting is carried out not in heat, but in a cool place. Best suited for this shelf at the bottom of your refrigerator.

    In order to boil a standard packet of vegetable mixture, weighing four hundred grams, you will need to pour about half a liter of water into the pan.

    Then put the pan on the fire, and the water is boiled. In the process, add salt and the necessary seasonings to the water.

    After boiling water, pour the vegetables into it, mix them, wait for the water to boil again, cover the pot loosely, and cook the mixture for ten minutes.

    After which the vegetables are placed in a colander to drain the liquid. Then the vegetables are placed in the dishes and seasoned to taste with vegetable or butter, vinegar, sour cream, or some sauce according to your preferences.

    How tasty to cook frozen vegetables, without spending a lot of time and effort

    Frozen vegetables are a magic wand, especially when something needs to be cooked, and time is too short. Instead of using not always useful convenience foods, it is better to use a package of frozen mixture, from which you will get a tasty, healthy and easy-to-figure dish. What we need:

    • 1 pack of mixed vegetables in the freeze;
    • 1 onion;
    • About 60 ml of water;
    • Salt and seasonings according to your taste;
    • Some vegetable oil.

    First of all, chop the onion into small pieces. Then pour vegetable oil into the pan and place the onions in the pan.

    When the onions change their color to golden, pour out the vegetables and stir well. Then add salt and spices, mix again, add water.

    Simmer under a closed lid for twenty to twenty-five minutes. After that, a delicious and healthy dinner is ready.

    This is another way to fast food. The whole process does not take much time. And it does not require the expenditure of your strength — all you need is to open the bag and place the mixture in the frying pan. But in this easy matter there are some nuances.

    So, the pan is placed on the fire, and the vegetables are placed in it. The frying process begins.

    Two or three minutes the fire should be strong, do not cover the pan with a lid, because it is necessary to get rid of the moisture that will be obtained by defrosting the mixture during cooking.

    When the water has completely evaporated, add vegetable oil, salt and seasonings.

    Stir the mixture, cover the pan with a lid and cook until ready.

    Such a dish can be independent, and can act as a side dish for potatoes, cereals or fish.

    As you know, steam from all types of heat treatment best preserves the beneficial properties of the products. And all multicookers are equipped with a program for cooking steamed dishes. All we need for cooking:

    • Water — a pair of glasses for the multicooker;
    • Frozen vegetables — 1 pack.

    Pour water into the main bowl of the multicooker, place a bowl for steam treatment of dishes on top. Pour the vegetables into it. Close the cover of the multicooker and set the “Steaming” program by setting the time to 8-12 minutes.

    You can find out the exact time from the table in the instructions for your slow cooker, everything is detailed there. After the time, put the finished vegetables in the dish, salt them and season to your liking.

    Also, you can cook two dishes at once, placing some cereal, such as rice, in the main bowl, and putting vegetable mixture as a side dish to it in the top bowl. The total cooking time will depend on the time of the mode chosen for cooking cereals.

    Also in the slow cooker, you can cook all sorts of dishes with the addition of frozen vegetables.

    To make an omelet with green beans, you will need:

    • Frozen green beans — one hundred grams;
    • Eggs — 2-3 pieces;
    • Garlic — 1 clove, or a pinch of granulated;
    • Some milk;
    • Salt to taste;
    • Vegetable oil.

    Pour the beans into the pan and wait for the liquid to evaporate. At this time, beat the eggs and milk in a tank with a whisk, add the garlic and salt.

    When the water is completely evaporated from the pan, add the vegetable oil and stir the vegetables. Then pour the egg mixture, mix everything again. Close the pan with a lid and cook an omelet until tender.

    Read how to cook second courses of Azerbaijani cuisine, recipes with photos will help you to correctly follow the sequence.

    Prepare a healthy and delicious chicken salad with chicken, the recipe is here.

    To prepare this dish you will need the following ingredients:

    • Buckwheat — 1 cup;
    • Water — 2 cups;
    • Frozen mix — 1 pack;
    • Vegetable oil.

    Washed buckwheat is placed in a pot of water, salt. Boil the cereal until done. Then pour oil into a frying pan and pour the vegetable mixture into it, stir and salt it.

    Cooking vegetables for about ten minutes, after which we pour buckwheat porridge into the pan. Mix everything and leave on low heat for another five minutes under the lid closed. Then you can serve the dish on the table.

    You can stock up a storehouse of vitamins at home by freezing the vegetables yourself. What do you need to do for this?

    1. Before the freezing process, all vegetables must be washed and dried;
    2. Then from the vegetables are removed all the unsuitable food parts, and the rest is cut into pieces, or shred;
    3. Slices of beets, carrots, peppers or pumpkins should be treated with boiling water for about three minutes. Greens also require heat treatment, but it is dipped in boiling water for just a second. Then the vegetables are immediately doused with cold water and laid out to dry;
    4. For packing and subsequent freezing of vegetables, it is better to use special sealed bags with a valve, but in the absence of those, you can use regular bags, but be sure to remove all the air from them before freezing. Vegetables are frozen either directly in packets or scattered on any surface, then poured into packets;
    5. For long-term storage of vegetables, freezing should take place at minus 18 or minus 20 degrees Celsius.

    So you met with different ways of cooking such a useful product, like frozen vegetables. Now you know how to fry them, boil them, steam them with rice, etc., without spending much time on cooking.

    And if you find time to self-freeze vegetables, in the winter you will always have a product at hand that you will be sure of.

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