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French fries at home: in a fryer and in a pan

Step-by-step recipes crispy french fries at home

When buying french fries in fast foods, you should always remember that a more delicious, and most importantly, environmentally friendly dish can always be made at home.

Fri love both children and adults, however, at home it is difficult to cook it at home for one reason only — laziness.

But if you, dear reader, do not suffer from this “disease”, the article will be very useful to you.

When and how did the french fries appear?

There is no definitive answer to this question, which means that there are many versions.

If you believe one of them, it was Leonardo da Vinci who became the “father” of french fries.

His friend Amergio Vespucci, after traveling to New World, brought several potato tubers, and as a result, Leonardo began to grow them independently, and then use them in the preparation of various dishes.

Constantly experimenting, he once roasted thin slices in hot olive oil.

It is possible that this was the first french fries.

According to another legend, a very famous chef George Krum worked at a restaurant in a hotel in New York.

Absolutely all visitors liked his dishes, but a certain railway magnate Cornelius Vanderbelty constantly criticized them.

Once he returned the order three times, complaining about large slices of potatoes, which simply frustrated the chef.

Krum, wanting to annoy a rich client, chopped potato tubers as thin as possible, and roasted them in hot oil.

But the plan for revenge broke when Cornelius was satisfied for the first time.

It is best to use a special kitchen machine for cooking — a fryer that allows you to evenly fry the sliced ​​slices.

But if the housewife in the kitchen does not have one, you can use a high frying pan with a thick bottom, a steel or a cast iron pot to heat the oil.

In principle, only thin-walled and enameled ware should be excluded.

It is desirable to have a special basket for frying potatoes, soldered from thin wire, forming a grid.

The alternative is a large skimmer.

For preparation of a dish it is required mature potatoes of the average size.

Its pulp should be relatively dense.

After selecting the necessary tubers and cleaning them, the potatoes must be cut.

The best fit bars with a cross section of 1 cm.

If the potato is starchy, it should be dipped in water for 10 minutes.

Already chopped sticks should be washed with running water, and then dried thoroughly with paper napkins.

Using the deep fryer greatly simplifies cooking process.

  1. Tubers are cleaned and cut into strips, dried on a towel (napkin).
  2. Oil is poured into the fryer and the device is heated to a temperature of 160 degrees.
  3. Once the oil has warmed to the desired temperature, a sieve with chopped potatoes is placed in it. In this case, the oil should boil around the pieces.
  4. It is best to fry the slices in several passes so that the pieces do not stick together. The fryer should work for about 6 minutes.
  5. Once the potatoes are ready, you need to put it on paper napkins, in order to get rid of excess fat.

Only after that you can pickle french fries.

We offer to watch a video with a demonstration of the entire technological process of cooking your favorite free chopsticks:

This recipe does not imply the use of deep-fat, and therefore is available to absolutely every hostess.

If you follow it, you can cook 4 servings of delicious crispy potato sticks.

  • potatoes — 1 kg;
  • vegetable oil — 1 cup;
  • salt (added to taste).

For cooking you will need the most ordinary frying pan, but in this case you will have to cut the potatoes into 6 × 6 mm slices.

Frying pan with oil and a small amount of salt is heated over high heat.

Potatoes are laid out in one layer, and fried for 7 minutes from all sides (turn over periodically).

It will absorb excess oil.

After the potatoes are on the plate, it should be well salted.

If you do not like the fact that you need a sufficiently large amount of vegetable oil for cooking, then watch the following video, in which it is proposed to make fries without oil.

The result is very interesting:

In order for the french fries to exceed the purchased options at home, it is very important to listen to the following tips:

  1. Peeled tubers before cutting for 10 minutes are put in cold water, which will save them from excess starch. In addition, the finished straw in the frying process will not crumble. It is rather simple to get rid of moisture by means of a napkin, or a dry towel.
  2. So that the hot oil does not hiss and sprinkle, all the ingredients that are planned to be fried should not contain moisture.
  3. Salting potatoes in the cooking process should not be, because you can not guess with taste. This should be done in a serving plate before serving.
  4. To get rid of excess oil after frying, it must be placed in a colander, and then blotted with a paper towel.
  5. So that the oil does not smoke and does not shoot, it is best to mix several of its varieties.
  6. Do not use microwave ovens for cooking.
  7. If you need to cook a small amount of french fries, it is better to reduce the cooking time for a couple of minutes. Thus, the bars will not overcook, but they will acquire a crisp crust.
  8. If the tubers were previously frozen, they can not be thawed in advance, because otherwise they will absorb excess moisture, and even oil during cooking.

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Each step in the preparation of homemade french fries is very important, and the technology of their implementation has been studied by cooks for centuries.

Do not neglect the advice of professionals, so that the finished dish pleased not only family members, but also guests.

By the way, if you have a slow cooker, then you can use it for cooking fries.

Do it like this:

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