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Chips in the microwave for 5 minutes: recipes with photos and video

How to cook homemade chips in the microwave for 5 minutes

The history of the chips has more than 100 years. Intentionally overcooked, thinly sliced ​​potatoes made the famous cook, who gave the world such a simple and tasty delicacy.

Over time, the chips began to be cooked from various vegetables and even fruits, which it is possible to cut into thin slices: carrots, beets, parsley root vegetables, celery, apples, bananas.

The food industry produces mainly potato chips, in smaller quantities — apple ones. In addition, enterprising manufacturers have come up with thinly chopped natural products to replace vegetable potato mass, flavored, generously flavored with chemical flavoring ingredients.

For lovers of chips, there was a way out — cooking them at home. This is done quickly and easily with a microwave in the house.

The principle of cooking in the stove allows you to set a certain temperature and time regimes, not to interfere with the cooking process: you do not need to mix, but just put out the product, close the door, turn it on and remove it after 5 minutes.

To make homemade chips in the microwave you will need some tools:

  1. Sharp knife or shredder-slicer;
  2. Cutting board;
  3. Colander;
  4. Clean dry kitchen towel (you can use paper disposable kitchen);
  5. Parchment for baking.

At home, you can cook chips from the same products that are used to seeing in colorful packaging in stores: potatoes, apples, bananas, carrots. However, you can experiment in your own kitchen forever. The main condition: the product should not be too watery (berries do not fit).

Preparation of chips should begin with thorough washing of selected products.

Potatoes should be thoroughly washed. Peel can not clean. Firstly, it is still useful, due to the high content of potassium; secondly, it gives a variety of flavor to the finished product.

Cut into thin strips, not more than 1 mm.

Take the parchment for baking (if it is not there, you can replace it with commercial clean paper), spread it on a glass baking sheet from the microwave. Potato thinly spread evenly on paper. On one tab in the stove, it is desirable to take 1 — 1.5 potatoes. Too thick layer will have to be removed and turned over during the frying process.

Frying mode is set to 700 W for 5 minutes. Readiness indicator also serves as the color of potatoes. Gentle golden color is a clear signal to take out the chips. The period of transition from “rouge” to “oh, burned” is very small. Since in the microwave the process of heat distribution in the product occurs from the inside to the edges, it is not necessary to exceed the set time, because after the oven turns off, inertial frying takes place for some time due to temperature, which has not yet been distributed.

Chips should be ruddy or pale golden, crispy. Still hot, they can be sprinkled with salt and spices — it all depends on the taste preferences of consumers.

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Homemade chips can be cooked not only from potatoes. Adults, perhaps, can pamper themselves with carrot crunchy ringlets and from celery root. Neither adults nor children will be able to give up apples and bananas.

  • 2 — 3 apples;
  • Drinking water;
  • 0.5 cup of sugar;
  • Cinnamon or lemon rind to taste.

To make apple chips, you need to wash and towel dry 2 — 3 apples per serving. Cut into thin slices.

Prepare sugar syrup from 1 cup of water and 0.5 cup of sugar. Soak sliced ​​apple slices in it for 10 minutes. Remove and spread on paper towels, and then evenly spread on parchment on the microwave.

Frying mode — 700 W for 5 minutes. Golden color is a sign of readiness. After cooking, the chips can be consumed hot or cold — they will be equally crispy.

Cooked in large quantities, chips are stored in paper bags in a cool dry place.

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