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Chips in the microwave at home: recipes with photos

Those chips that are sold in many stores are considered harmful and it is undesirable to eat them in large quantities. But if you want, you can do them yourself. Especially for cooking, you can choose the spices and various spices that will make the crisp more delicious and fragrant.

And if you do it in the microwave, then cooking does not require oil. Yes, and he prepared there for a few minutes.

It is unknown when exactly the chips appeared, but according to many sources, they first appeared in 1853 due to the exactingness of the client of the Moon Lake Lodge restaurant. Then he had dinner with french fries, and it seemed to him that the potatoes were not completely baked, he said this to the chef.

Chips have gained popularity throughout the country, they have become the hallmark of many American restaurants and cafes. From the sale of this snack, many entrepreneurs received huge profits. 20 years after the appearance of this snack, the proceeds from the sale exceeded billions of dollars.

Chips are still very popular all over the world and, despite their harmful composition, many people still continue to use this product. But it is best to cook them yourself, especially homemade product is not as harmful as the store.

Peel the potatoes and rinse thoroughly;

After this, we chop the potato tubers into thin plates. They can be cut in a food processor or just with a knife, the main thing is that the slices are very thin;

Rinse sliced ​​potato slices under cold running water;

We spread on a sieve and leave for a couple of minutes to glass all the water;

Next, put the potato slices in a cup, sprinkle with vegetable oil, sprinkle with salt and spices;

Then we cover the special plate for the microwave with parchment paper, put potato slices on its surface in one layer;

We place the plate in the microwave, set the time 5-7 minutes and the power 700 W;

Be sure in the cooking process we control the whole process, because the microwaves are different for everyone;

After the chips turn a red color, you can turn off the microwave and remove the plate with crisp potatoes.

  • A piece of hard cheese grade — 100 grams;
  • Italian dry herbs — to your taste.

Cooking time — 10 minutes.

  1. A piece of cheese fray in small chips and put in a cup;
  2. Pour there some dry herbs and mix;
  3. A flat plate for the microwave can be covered with baking paper;
  4. Then we lay out not her grated cheese with spices in the form of round pancakes;
  5. We place the plate in the microwave oven, set the time for 3-4 minutes, and leave to prepare at maximum power;
  6. After that, take out the cheese chips and leave to cool for a couple of minutes. After that, they can eat.

The following components will be required:

  • 3 potato tubers;
  • 2 garlic cloves;
  • 3-4 stalks of parsley;
  • Slightly ground paprika;
  • Dried ground garlic — to your taste;
  • At will — oregano and rosemary;
  • Salt — at will.

How much to cook — 15 minutes.

How many calories — 50.

Start cooking:

  1. Potatoes need to be freed from the skin, washed with cold water, dried and cut into thin plates so that they are transparent. You can cut them with a vegetable cutter or a sharp knife;
  2. After this, the potato plates are rinsed again with cool water and laid out on a cotton rag to dry them a little;
  3. Garlic cloves, peeled and squeezed through the garlic. We spread in a small bowl;
  4. We also add a pinch of paprika, rosemary, oregano and some dried garlic to the garlic. Salt can not add. We mix everything;
  5. On a flat plate for the microwave we line parchment paper;
  6. Rub each plate with a mixture of seasonings and place on a plate;
  7. Put everything in the microwave, set the time for 4 minutes and leave to prepare at maximum power;
  8. Cooked ready-made chips and put in a bowl. They can eat.

What will be needed:

  • Potato — 4 pieces;
  • 120 grams of ham;
  • A little salt and freshly ground black pepper;
  • Spices to taste;
  • Vegetable oil — at will.

Cooking time — 20 minutes.

  1. Clean the potatoes thoroughly from the skin and wash with cold water;
  2. We clean the peeled potatoes with a dry cloth, cut them into thin slices with a vegetable cutter;
  3. Next, rinse the potato slices again with cold water and lay them on a towel for drying for 10 minutes;
  4. Put the sliced ​​potato slices into a cup, sprinkle with butter, add some salt, pepper and season with spices. All mix well;
  5. After that, put everything on baking paper and place it on a flat plate;
  6. We put in the microwave, set the time for 5 minutes and leave to prepare at maximum power;
  7. Meanwhile, the ham is cut into thin plates;
  8. As soon as the signal about the end of the cooking of the chips sounds, remove them, turn them over and spread the ham on each piece;
    Again, remove the microwave for 30 seconds;
  9. Put ready-made chips with ham in a cup, you can already eat them.

We will need the following:

  • 3-4 potatoes;
  • 1 small spoonful of ground paprika;
  • 2-3 pinches of hot chili peppers;
  • A little salt and black pepper;
  • Vegetable oil — ½ t.lozhechki.

Cooking time — 10 minutes.

Go to cooking:

  1. Potatoes clean the peeler from the skin, rinse with cold water and wipe with a dry towel;
  2. Next, cut them into thin slices. For cutting, you can use the usual sharp knife or a special device;
  3. We spread a rag made of cotton material on the table, put the plates there and dry them from the released starch juice;
  4. After this, sprinkle the pieces into a cup, thoroughly sprinkle with paprika powder, red hot chili pepper, salt and black pepper. Mix everything so that the seasonings evenly cover each slice;
  5. On parchment paper, lay out the potato plates at a short distance. They should not touch each other;
  6. After that, put the parchment on a flat plate and put it in the microwave;
  7. We leave there to prepare our snacks at maximum power for 3-4 minutes;
  8. Ready chips pour in a bowl and put in the microwave a new batch.

What will be needed:

  • Carrots — 3-4 pieces;
  • A bit of olive oil;
  • Optionally, a mixture of dried herbs — French or Italian;
  • Salt — 2-3 teaspoons.

Cooking time — 15 minutes.

  1. Root vegetables should be thoroughly rinsed, while it is best to use a brush to clean all the dirt. Wipe them with a dry cloth;
  2. It is not necessary to clean the skin, directly into the skins cut into thin circles. You can cut with a sharp knife or a special vegetable cutter;
  3. Putting carrot circles in a dish, sprinkle with dried herbs, add some salt and sprinkle with olive oil. Mix well;
  4. On a plate for the microwave we put the baking paper on it and place the pieces of carrot on it. We spread them at an average distance from each other;
  5. We remove everything in the microwave oven, choose a time of 2 minutes and a power of 900 watts. Bake there before the beep;
  6. Next, take out the plate, turn the chips over and set again for 2 minutes;
  7. Cool ready-made carrot chips and shift them to a deep bowl.
  • Average beets about 200-300 grams;
  • Some vegetable oil;
  • A pinch of black ground pepper.

How much to cook — 15 minutes.

  1. Rinse the root with water, thoroughly clean with a brush and wipe with a kitchen towel;
  2. Next, cut into thin slices. To do this, you can use a slicer, and if it is not, then the tuber can be cut into a regular kitchen knife with a sharp and wide blade;
  3. Then the beetroot pieces can be placed in a special baking dish, which is designed for a microwave;
  4. Silicone brush dip in olive oil and grease it with beetroot slices;
  5. All flavored with black pepper;
  6. Form with beetroot remove the microwave. We set the power to 900 watts and time 2 minutes;
  7. As soon as the beep sounds, we take out the form, turn the slices over to the other side and send it back to the microwave oven for 2 minutes;
    Cool ready slices and lay out in a bowl.
  • Be sure to potatoes or other vegetables for cooking chips need to cut very thin, otherwise the pieces are not baked, and it will not very tasty. A vegetable cutter will help in this, with the help of it you can quickly chop vegetables into thin plates;
  • Potato chips can be baked in a microwave oven together with garlic, grated cheese, ham, seafood;
  • You can also sprinkle them with small pieces of dried or fresh herbs. It will give flavor and savory taste;
  • Chips can also be made sweet, for example, from apples. For cooking will require a few apples. They also need to chop into thin plates and bake a couple of minutes in the microwave. After cooking, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Chips cooked at home are much tastier and not so harmful. In addition, you will be able to independently regulate the content of spices and spices in them and make your own additions. They will be an excellent treat for children and adults, and children will be crazy about them and will ask for more supplements.

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