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Braised Potatoes with Ribs: Step-by-step recipes with photos

Stewed potatoes are a taste familiar from childhood, where a cozy family atmosphere reigned, where requests for supplementation were heard. And let the recipes will not be different originality, but, like the eternal values, they do not need to be updated.

Stewed potatoes become almost the first dish, which begins with an introduction to the basics of cooking. Many stew potatoes with other vegetables, but we will do another thing. Learn to cook it with ribs.

  1. If necessary, pre-chop the pork ribs;
  2. Carrots cut into thin round slices;
  3. Bulbs clean and chop into half rings;
  4. Fry ribs in a thick-bottomed frying pan on both sides. The process will take 4 minutes;
  5. Meat product to put in the pan and in the same cooking oil to carrot until golden. It will take another 5 minutes;
  6. Then send to the onion carrot, increase the heat and fry from 3 to 5 minutes;
  7. Send vegetables to the meat, pour in water and simmer under the lid for at least 20 minutes;
  8. During this time it is necessary to prepare the tubers: cut into small cubes and send to the pan to the rest of the ingredients;
  9. Season with spices or spices;
  10. Simmer the ingredients for another 20 minutes, but do not add water;
  11. Compress the garlic and add it to the chopped greens before removing the pan from the stove.

In the cold seasons, an acute lack of energy occurs in the body and on such days it is necessary to cook exceptionally hearty dishes.

For example, stewed vegetables with smoked ribs. However, keep in mind that lamb should be cooked longer than pork, and beef even longer. Therefore, use fresh meat for cooking.

  • smoked pork ribs — 600 g;
  • bulbs — 2 medium sized heads;
  • small carrot;
  • potato tubers — 8 pcs .;
  • different types of fresh greens;
  • dry spices;
  • garlic.

Cooking time: 45 minutes.

Caloric content per 100 g: 248 kcal.

  1. Peel the potatoes and add water to wash out the extra starch;
  2. Cut a small piece of fat from the ribs and sprinkle chopped carrots with onions in it;
  3. Ready smoked meat chopped into pieces and send to the vegetables;
  4. Pour the liquid. It will take such an amount that it barely covers the meat product;
  5. Cook on moderate heat for 10 minutes;
  6. Discard the chopped tubers and then send to the rest of the products in the cauldron;
  7. Season with spices, add pressed garlic;
  8. When ready to make a dish chopped greens.

Stewed liver in sour cream is a tasty dish that can be prepared even by an aspiring hostess.

Try to cook real Caucasian Khashlama from lamb.

Curd rice casserole is a healthy and unusual dessert made from dairy products.

In continuation of the quenching topic, it is impossible not to share the recipe, where you do not need to stand near the stove and follow the cooking process. It is enough to follow the instructions, set the necessary modes and go about your business.

  • pork ribs — 800 g;
  • bulbs — 2 small heads;
  • salt, spices and pepper to taste;
  • distilled water — 1 cup;
  • potato tubers — 1 kg;
  • Bulgarian yellow pepper;
  • carrots — 2 pcs .;
  • butter;
  • greenery.

Cooking time: 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Caloric content per 100 g: 142 kcal.

  1. Washed and dried meat product cut across the fibers;
  2. On the kitchen device, set the mode “Quenching”, and set the timer to 1 hour 10 minutes. The first time you have to cook with the lid open;
  3. Fry the previously prepared ribs in oil;
  4. Cut bulbs, carrots and paprika in any convenient way;
  5. Send vegetables to the meat ingredient;
  6. Constantly stirring, fry the ingredients for about 7 minutes. Pour in spices and salt;
  7. Then send the coarsely chopped tubers. Ingredients to mix;
  8. Pour water. Close the lid and wait for the alert on the readiness of the dish;
  9. Before serving, arrange greens.

Many people speak negatively about the simultaneous use of meat and vegetables, but very few people will refuse a dish prepared according to this classic recipe.

  • pork ribs — 0.5 kg;
  • refined sunflower oil — 3 tbsp. l .;
  • medium sized potato tubers — 1.3 kg;
  • carrot;
  • bulbs — 2 small heads;
  • salt, spices, spices and black pepper add to taste;
  • dried dill.

Cooking time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Caloric content per 100 g: 140 kcal.

  1. Tubers cut into cubes and be sure to wash to remove excess starch;
  2. Bulbs nashinkovat thin half rings, and carrots straw;
  3. While vegetables are being prepared, turn on the oven to heat to 180 ° C;
  4. Rinse the meat. If necessary, chop and add some salt;
  5. Take the form to extinguish or use utyatnitsa. First lay out the tubers and a little salt. Distribute onion rings on top, and carrots on top of them. Sprinkle vegetables with dried dill and season with pepper. The last layer will be ribs, which you need to pour on top of oil;
  6. Now that all products are neatly distributed in the form, pour in a glass of water;
  7. Send bake;
  8. After half an hour the liquid will evaporate and the tubers will lightly redden;
  9. At this stage, cover the lid. In the absence, you can use foil and send the dish back for half an hour to cook in the oven;
  10. After 30 minutes, remove the lid and cook the stewed potatoes with ribs for another 10 minutes on moderate heat.

Despite such a long process of cooking, the aroma of the finished dish will make you realize that it was worth it!

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