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Pearl barley: from what cereal do it and how, what is useful

Pearl barley is made from which cereal — you have probably thought about this question many times. So it’s time to find out. Below you will find all the answers.

Pearl barley is produced from barley grains. To get it, the grain is subjected to grinding and cleaning from the shell, but all the useful substances are still stored in it. Pearl barley brings the body no less benefit than other cereals. And it is inexpensive. For example, per kilogram of barley will have to pay about 20 rubles.

A cream-colored croup, neat in shape, well polished, is considered the most useful in the world. People have learned how to grow barley grain and appreciate the nutritional benefits of its refined grains, from which barley barley has been produced for more than one century. Groats have an amazing nutty flavor and are suitable for preparing many dishes, including side dishes, soups and salads. Before cooking, pearl barley is presoaked, sometimes for the whole night.

It goes well with sauces and fried onions. From it you can cook risotto, stuffed for stuffed cabbage, casserole with any mushrooms or simply season with roasted tomatoes and onions. In any case, it will be tasty and nutritious.

The croup is cooked for about 1 hour and increases five times in volume. From it boil crumbly and tasty porridge, stuffed fresh vegetables, added to various soups. By the way, eating it is better than hot, cooled croup is less tasty and is absorbed much worse.

Storage of pearl barley does not depend on the method of processing grain and variety, but only on the packaging. It is better to choose a barley in cardboard packaging. If you purchased the cereal in a package of polyethylene, immediately pay attention to the shelf life. In this packaging, it is stored for about 6 months. Otherwise, it will taste bitter, a smell of staleness and plastic will appear. Therefore, be sure to pour the barley into a glass container.

Modern technologies allow making pearl barley grains round or oval in shape. They turn out to be yellowish or white in color, which actually resemble a pearl, which is understandable. After all, from French “pearl barley” (rerl) is translated as a pearl.

In modern industries, they apply the latest grain processing technologies, while effectively removing the shell from the grain and even removing the endosperm layer.

Despite the fact that the grain is cleaned from the shell thoroughly, many nutrients are stored in it and, moreover, the grits are cooked faster, sometimes half an hour is enough.

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Barley contains the entire group of vitamins B and phosphorus. By the way, it is twice as much in pearl than in other grains. There are magnesium, iron, iodine, calcium and potassium in the croup. And most importantly — vegetable proteins, perfectly balanced in composition.

Barley is useful to almost everyone, its caloric value per 100 grams is only 300 kcal. Under the prohibition of pearl barley, if you or your family suffer from intolerance to vegetable protein, which is abundantly contained in the grain of barley, and hence in barley.

To make the barley crumbly and tasty, you need to know some rules for cooking this cereal:

  1. First rinse, put on a cold frying pan. Then warm the grits, while stirring constantly. When the tasty smell of bread appears, the barley is ready and it is time to pour it into the pan, pour it with cold water, season with salt and cook over low heat. With this method, porridge will turn out crumbly;
  2. A good way to cook cereals is to wash it in a ceramic pot or in a bowl of a slow cooker;
  3. It is best for cooking barley fit pan with a thick bottom with a tight lid. For example, kazanki or utyatnitsa
  4. Water is better to take purified through the filter;
  5. It is not necessary to mix the porridge while cooking, and it is better not to lift the lid;
  6. After the cereal is poured into the water, it is necessary to wait for boiling, and only then reduce the heat to a minimum. The barley should not boil, otherwise the water will evaporate and the porridge will not boil;
  7. When the barley absorbs water and boils, the fire must be turned off, without removing the lid, soak the porridge for 10 minutes, so that it should properly, clean and reveal its unusual taste.

Fresh vegetables, fried or boiled mushrooms, onions are great for porridge.

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