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Zebra Cake — recipe with photos step by step at home on sour cream

Zebra cake is known to every housewife who loves to pamper her home with delicious pastries. This cake has a very unusual striped pattern, which is obtained by mixing two types of dough. Your family will certainly enjoy the delicate creamy chocolate flavor of the treat, so we will tell you how to cook a zebra cake according to the recipe with photos step by step at home on sour cream.

In fact, although the dessert looks complicated, even an aspiring hostess can make it.

Product selection rules

Dessert has become so popular for the reason that all the ingredients can be easily purchased at the supermarket. The oil in this case should have a fat content of at least 60% per cent, it is even better to choose a fatter product.

Sour cream can be used absolutely any, but with a fatter cake comes out softer and softer.

The classic version of the cake «Zebra»

Ingredients for shortcake:

  • butter in the dough — 120 grams;
  • sugar — 1 cup;
  • butter for lubricating the form — 25 grams;
  • chicken egg — 1 piece;
  • cocoa powder — 60 grams;
  • vanilla sugar — 25 grams;
  • high-grade flour — 350 grams;
  • baking powder — 1 pack
  • fat cream — 380 grams.

For the glaze:

  • cocoa powder — 110 grams;
  • butter — 50 grams;
  • sour cream — 150 grams;
  • sugar — 110 grams.
  • for dressing: crushed almond nuts.

Dough preparation process:

To make the dough for the cake «Zebra» according to the recipe with a photo step by step at home on sour cream, you need to take a small saucepan and put butter there.

Next, the fire ignites on the stove, and the oil gradually melts as soon as the product melts, you can remove it from the stove and allow it to cool slightly. Now prepare the bowl of the blender, put sugar and chicken eggs into it.

These products are whipped together until such time as it turns into a resistant foam, there should not be grains of sugar in the mass.

Sour cream is combined with soda, to make it more convenient in a small-sized bowl, the composition is mixed and allowed to stand for some time. In ten minutes, the soda will begin to emit gas, so small bubbles will appear in the mass, at this point you can put the sour cream with soda in the egg-sugar mass.

The composition is well mixed with a spatula, make it with careful movements so that the dough does not settle.

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Sifted wheat flour is added in small portions to the mass, it is very important to use the highest quality product to make the dough more airy.

The flour is mixed into the dough until the mass becomes viscous enough, if the flour remains, and the dough has thickened, then you should not add the remaining product.

In some cases, 350 grams of flour is not enough, then you can add a little product to obtain the desired consistency.

Thus, the hostess turns out a homogeneous dough for the zebra cake according to the recipe from the photo step by step on the sour cream, which should have a homogeneous structure. The dough is almost ready to use, it should be similar in thickness to sour cream, then the mass is divided into two equal parts, pouring the dough into different bowls.

Vanillin or vanilla sugar must be added to one part, and cocoa powder added to the other. Both masses are thoroughly mixed so that there is no lumps of cocoa.

Form the cake:

Before you make a beautiful cake, you need to first heat the oven well, its temperature should be no more than 180 degrees.

Further the form undertakes, it is better to use demountable, but also usual will approach, the capacity is greased with vegetable oil. Today it is popular to use silicone molds; it is not necessary to lubricate such a capacity with oil.

Approximately three large spoons of vanilla dough with the addition of vanillin should be placed in the very center of the form, then the same amount of chocolate dough is laid over the light one. After this, part of the vanilla comes again, and part of the chocolate composition, as a result, we should have white and brown circles.

The dough is laid out alternately until such time as it is completely over.

You can leave a blank cake for the zebra cake according to the recipe with sour cream in this form, or put a drawing on the surface of the cake. This is done using a conventional toothpick, so on the top of the cake you get a beautiful pattern in the form of stars or stripes.

Since in our case we cover the cake with icing, you can not put the picture at all, since it will not be visible.

Baking Cake:

Since the dough form has already been prepared, you can put it in an oven that has been preheated to the required temperature.

Baking is done within forty minutes, but it is necessary to periodically check the readiness of the cake, as it may take a little more or less time. Some housewives say that at a temperature of 180 degrees, the cake begins to burn, so it is better to set the temperature to no more than 160 degrees.

Although the process of baking at this temperature will take more time, but it will give the opportunity to get the most even cake.

At high temperatures, the middle part of the cake begins to rise, if the temperature is not high, then the cake leaves more even. During baking the cake, the oven is strictly forbidden to open the first twenty minutes, otherwise the dough will settle.

As soon as a brown crust appears on the surface of the cake and the cake itself becomes very lush, the oven is opened and the readiness of the cake is checked, done with a match or a toothpick.

If there is no batter left on the stick and the toothpick is dry, you can remove the finished cake from the oven. If the cake is not yet fully prepared, you should add a little temperature in the oven and leave the dessert there for another seven minutes.

The finished cake is removed from the oven and left in the form to cool to room temperature. In the meantime, the cake will cool, the hostess can do the preparation of the glaze.

Cooking chocolate icing:

To make a glaze for the cake «Zebra» according to the recipe with a photo step by step at home on sour cream, take a small saucepan and all the necessary ingredients.

Butter is pre-cut into pieces of not too large size and is placed in a container, sugar is added to it, a few spoonfuls of cocoa powder and sour cream.

The pot is placed on a medium heat, the water bath does not apply here, since the glaze needs to be boiled well for a while. The mass must be constantly stirred, if necessary, the fire can be reduced to the minimum, if the glaze begins to burn.

Cooking chocolate watering no more than 10 minutes. All this time, the composition is continuously mixed, otherwise the chocolate with sugar will start to burn.

As soon as the icing is prepared, it is removed from the stove and allowed to cool well.

Now the icing is poured on the surface of the cooled cake; everything is sprinkled with crushed almonds on top. The zebra cake is left to infuse for thirty minutes.

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