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What you can eat in the post: a list of products, food rules

What to eat during strict fasting and before Communion

Orthodox fasting are those days when people are purified by the spirit. But at the same time, the body is also cleansed, because in every person everything must be clean — both the soul, and the body, and thoughts. In the days of fasting, you need to be attentive to your psycho-physical condition. A person who has decided that he is ready to limit his food, in principle, knows which products are allowed to be consumed in a given period, and which cannot.

It is necessary to figure out what can still be eaten in the days of fasting, and what foods should be excluded from the diet. So, the following must be excluded:

  1. Meat products;
  2. Milk, as well as butter, cottage cheese and cheeses;
  3. Eggs and mayonnaise;
  4. Fatty sweets and pastries;
  5. Fish and vegetable oil (on strict fasting days);
  6. Alcohol and tobacco.

These products can not be eaten in the post. There is an opinion that if a person does not eat meat, eggs, does not drink milk, then he loses protein, which is so necessary for the body. But with the right approach to a lean diet, this is absolutely not the case.

And yet, before fasting, you should find out whether it will not be dangerous for the body, because not everyone can abstain from any products.

In Christianity, the days of fasting vary in the degree of severity. On one of the days, one may be allowed, on the second, another. And there are days in which you can not eat at all. The strictest post among Christians is the Great.

It lasts 40 days, in which any entertainment is prohibited. In addition, there are some canons to follow:

  1. It is forbidden to take any food on Fridays, as well as on the day of the beginning of Lent;
  2. The first and last week is marked by the permission to eat vegetables, fruits and bread. Water is allowed as a drink.
  3. On the other days, it is allowed to eat honey, nuts and any vegetable food.

What can you eat while fasting on slow days:

  1. Eggplant;
  2. Squashes;
  3. Fish;
  4. Lentils;
  5. Oatmeal;
  6. Any fruit salads, of course, not filling them with sour cream.

The main food in the post are vegetable products. Basically, these are cereals (buckwheat, wheat, barley and oat is best, of course, since these are native Russian cereals, besides, they are rich in fiber and minerals).

Of course, do not forget about the vitamins contained in vegetables and fruits. The main thing is that the post does not cause a violation of the diet. Do not skip breakfast, as well as you need to remember that in the post it is desirable to snack more often.

Due to the fact that there is no animal protein in the lean diet, which gives the feeling that a person is fed for a long time, I want to eat something significant, especially in the early days. But in that case you can forget about cleansing.

The best option here is regular food, as well as the inclusion in the diet of whole grains of cereals, and of course the beans.

It is important to remember that it is necessary to prepare your body for any food restriction. For him, it will be the most severe stress option, in which a person overeating daily, suddenly stops eating. There will be no benefit from such an attempt at purification.

Lean manna with apples is another baking option that is allowed in the post.

Try the recipe for Lenten carrot cutlets — they are very tasty and juicy. You can cook them not only in the post, they are very useful.

Some people think that even if the post is over, then you need to recoup for all the days and eat all at once, and even more.

At the same time, without thinking at all that in this case, not only will there be no benefit from abstinence, but, on the contrary, only one harm. How to eat after the end of the post?

The first days should be like a gradual «subsidence» of the post. It is not recommended to eat these days:

  1. Meat (with the possible exception of chicken, turkey, or fish);
  2. Mushrooms, especially pickled;
  3. You should not get involved in baking;
  4. High-calorie sweets, such as cake, cake with butter or butter cream;
  5. Sausages and smoked meats.

Since the organism, during the time while the fast lasted, withdraws from animal food, it is necessary to start eating it little by little, as if re-accustoming ourselves. Do not eat fried meat or fish. It is desirable that the food was boiled and should be eaten in small portions, little by little.

Salt in the first days after fasting is better to limit. Do not get involved in flour products in butter and egg. It will be much more useful to eat dishes from cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet or oatmeal — not a big deal) with fruits, in which it is desirable to add more greens. After all, the body needs vitamins during this period.

The sacrament of communion — how to prepare for it, what to eat?

The shortest fasting period before Communion is three days. It happens that a person cannot withstand these limitations due to illness or even hard, exhausting work, while the body needs a lot of calories.

In this case, at confession, which necessarily takes place before communion, you need to repent to the priest and in this sin. What cannot be done is to tell the father that he fasted if the fast is not sustained.

So what can be eaten in this post? Practically the same as in the days of other posts is allowed:

  1. You can eat vegetables and fruits;
  2. Cereal cereals;
  3. Boiled or baked fish;
  4. Bread;
  5. Nuts

You can also eat sweets, such as dark chocolate, gozinaki, but it is better to limit the consumption of these products. The main thing is to remember that in the use of even those products that are allowed, you need to know when to stop, do not overeat.

Lean nutrition in its essence normalizes the work of the whole organism, but its main use is this:

  1. Improve digestion;
  2. Disposal of dysbiosis;
  3. Cleansing the liver and normalizing its work;
  4. Complete cleansing of the body. Slags and toxins are removed completely;
  5. Meals by day will prevent weight gain.

Some people, fearing excess weight, do not touch, for example, the pies with potatoes, fried in oil, even vegetable. If you pay attention to the fasting days, then on weekends this food is quite allowed and completely unhealthy.

Why it happens? It’s simple. Even if on a day off you can afford to enjoy your favorite cakes, all the substances that the body does not need will be removed from the body in the next five weekdays.

Only those people who really held Lent, after its completion, can fully experience the pleasure of everyday food. In the first days, after forty days of abstinence, ordinary food tastes unusually «sweet.»

Those products that seemed to be commonplace before fasting seem to be the most delicate nectar. Not everyone can experience such sensations. Only those few who truly abstain from forbidden food are capable of that.

After all, it is no longer necessary to ask myself the question whether it is possible for me today, now. After all, no matter how hard a person tries, there will not always be enough time for cooking, and on fast days, tomorrow it will be impossible to eat what you eat today.

Therefore, it turns out that all food is often composed of water, nuts and dried fruit.

In any case, regardless of whether a person is fasting or not, in everything you need to know when to stop. After all, if you exhaust yourself with constant hunger, the body will not receive the substances it needs, it will use internal resources that are not infinite.

But in the end, just «tired» to work and stop. Is there any benefit from such a fast? The answer is obvious — no. The same can be said about overeating. Excess will be deposited in the body, and as a result — obesity, heart disease and other internal organs.

So to observe or not fasting is everyone’s business. The main thing is not to go to extremes.

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