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What you can eat at night, and what not to eat: a list of products

Can’t refuse dinner? Then you just need to know what you can eat at night. Every person knows the feeling of hunger, but not everyone feels it late in the evening or at night.

Of course, it is possible not to attach importance to what time period of the day it appears, but if you still pay attention to it, you can avoid a lot of health problems.

Why the feeling of hunger comes late in the evening or at night

First of all, it’s worth finding out what kind of night hunger you’ve encountered: false or real.

The first type includes:

  • Desire to eat while consuming alcoholic beverages. Alcohol, even in meager amounts, contributes to an increase in appetite, which has been proven by scientific research;
  • Evening idleness. Coming from work and sitting comfortably in front of the TV, you will be sure to visit the idea of ​​a re-dinner, while you will be absolutely sure of the veracity of the feeling of hunger;
  • Lack of sleep and rest. Scientists have proved that in the case of constant loads and a decrease in the amount of sleep time a person erases the boundary between the feeling of hunger and the feeling of fullness. Fortunately, this can be corrected by increasing the time spent on sleep, and additional hours of rest;
  • Availability within walking distance of tasty and sweet products. At the sight of them, even a well-fed person persuades himself to eat.

With the second type, everything is a bit more complicated, as the evening feeling of hunger can indicate health problems:

  1. Changes in the amount of hormones in the body: lepton and melatonin. It is extremely easy to calculate it: the perception of day and night often changes in a person: at night he is awake and, accordingly, eats, and in the morning, on the contrary, experiences fatigue and the need for rest;
  2. Violation of the secretion of gastric juice;
  3. Being a person in severe depression. In the daytime, the manifestation of hunger is quite usual, while left alone in the evening with a man’s thoughts, he tries to “seize” his experiences;
  4. Decreased blood sugar;
  5. Gastritis;
  6. Lowering the temperature of the air, which affects the human thermoregulation.

These reasons for nightly gastronomic journeys, regardless of the original source, threaten a person with overeating and subsequent consequences, if with no longer existing for health, for example, “night overeating syndrome”.

To get started is to understand the physiological issues of the body.

At night, the day begins the activation of the processes of regeneration and restoration of the body and slowing down occurs:

  • Processes of the digestive system: all that was eaten at dinner will remain until the morning. All the food that you consumed during sleep, can not be completely recycled by the body, with the result that it threatens the formation of toxins. And in the morning, when the body wakes up, and with it the digestive system, all this “fuel” is far from being the first freshness to flow into the blood and spread throughout the body;
  • Metabolism those. metabolism;
  • Hormone production. High evening meals lead to a decrease in melatonin, which affects the quality of sleep, and a decrease in cortisol and sex hormones are precursors to premature aging of the body.

In addition, after a hearty dinner, sleep deterioration is expected: a stomach full of food begins to put pressure on all other organs, resulting in a failure of nutrients and oxygen, which will undoubtedly affect the quality of sleep.

Is it possible to positively answer the question «Is it worth it for the night?». Yes, you can, but only if you want to have all the problems in your body that are described above.

And in this article you will learn what foods contain gluten and what is wrong with it, why it suddenly began to be avoided in food.

And then read about GMOs. What is it, is it not dangerous to eat foods with GMOs.

So what can you eat for the night? If, nevertheless, the feeling of hunger does not leave you, and it is precisely in the late evening and night time that the refrigerator begins to possess certain magical powers and attract you to itself, then that’s okay.

The common opinion that it is impossible to eat after 6 pm is more a stereotype than a conclusion from a scientific study.

There are a number of products that can be consumed in the evening and at night, but in reasonable quantities:

  1. Protein food. This includes low-fat kefir products, yoghurts, cheese products. An ideal evening snack is a few pieces of boiled chicken breast or lean fish, for example, tuna;
  2. Carbohydrate food. Yes, as mentioned earlier, it is better to eat it in the morning. But vegetables also contain carbohydrates, but only in smaller quantities. For a nightly snack, an ideal vegetable salad of tomatoes and cucumbers;
  3. Small portions of nuts. Ideal almonds (maximum ten nuts);
  4. Poor green tea.

Black list of products that can not be used before bedtime

  • Meat products (beef, pork, etc.);
  • Fatty fish;
  • Food from a fast food cafe (fast food);
  • Absolutely all products cooked in oil or in deep fat;
  • Sweets;
  • Mayonnaise products;
  • Walnuts;
  • Alcohol;
  • Caffeine;
  • Juices;
  • Carbonated drinks or drinks with the addition of sweet syrups.

How to protect yourself from night trips to the kitchen, so as not to eat something extra for the night:

  1. Make it a rule to eat at least 5 times a day. Let it be small portions, but for the body it is better than 5 times to get 5 servings of food;
  2. Calculate according to the formula the amount of water needed for daily consumption (male gender: body weight x 35, female gender: body weight x 31). Water will create the illusion of getting some food into the stomach, and at this time you will be able to forget about hunger for a while, and in combination with multiple daily meals, you will be full throughout the day;
  3. Exclude from the refrigerator all products containing serotonin. The desire to enjoy products with the “hormone of joy” in most cases prevails over reason and willpower;
  4. Every evening, plan a new business: ironing the linen, cleaning the apartment — it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that you are busy with something, and then the probability of thoughts to appear will be close to zero with every busy evening;
  5. Avoid stress during the day;
  6. Watch the day and rest regime, teach yourself to go to bed at the same time.

The feeling of hunger arises in all under different circumstances and at different times of the day.

But it can and must be fought: if it hit the day, there is nothing to worry about.

If in the evening, then you need to make a lot of effort to overcome it.

But it is worth saying, this whole thing is a habit. One has only to start and slowly introduce the rules of eating in action and night snacks will be a thing of the past.

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