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What to plant in April 2018

What to plant in April 2018. Calendar planting vegetables and flowers

Good all the time of day.

April is already hurrying gardeners to plant seedlings of their favorite garden crops. Just a little and the full season will begin, when thousands of summer residents will go to their sites with bags, baskets and other containers full of the most diverse seedlings.

After all, we have already grown and seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants. And also petunias have already become large and remontant strawberries are also pleasing to the eye.

April is the last month when you can still do seedlings. It will take quite a bit of time, and there will come the concerns of a completely different nature. Therefore, those who are engaged in planting in the open ground of seedlings, are trying to finish all the work of such a plan by the end of the month.

Let us today dwell on this topic.

Experienced gardeners know what and when to plant. For those who like to navigate the lunar calendar, traditionally, let’s see what it says about the time of planting on seedlings.

Lunar calendar planting seedlings in April 2018

For spring garden works, as well as the other months that we have already described, the lunar calendar also advises us to turn our attention to favorable and unfavorable lunar days.

In the first days of the month it is recommended to plant onion, garlic and greens seeds. In the second half, starting from the 20th, it is better to sow eggplants, sweet and spicy peppers. Although for the latter it will already be a bit late for this. They were sown on seeds in February and March.

But still, if you are late with this, the table below shows the most favorable days for sowing seeds for seedlings for these and other crops.

Do not forget about flower plants. Many gardeners give them much more attention than any other. From April 1 to April 13, it is best to do bulbous and tuberous flowers. This is the best period when plants can take root. In the second half of the month, after 18, annuals can be planted.

The following table shows favorable days for flowers.

In addition, it is already quite a warm month, when you can do more and shrubs and woody plants. This table shows the days when it is most favorable to vaccinate, grafting, and also to plant seedlings.

Naturally, apart from favorable ones, there are also unfavorable days when it is not recommended to engage in any work. So, in April those are the 15, 16, 17 and 30 numbers. These days it is better not to pick one in the ground, but to go into feeding or already planted plants, or destroying pests, if any.

So, we have decided on the landing dates, now let’s see what we land on these days.

As we all know, this is already quite a warm month, especially in certain regions of our country. Therefore, it is worth thinking about planting seeds already either in the greenhouse, or immediately in open ground. Including it can be done through seedlings, especially in the greenhouse. What many, by the way, do.

Thus, all landings are divided into two categories:

  1. Planting seedlings
  2. Planting in open ground.

Again, I remind you that this can be done subject to suitable weather.

Crocuses bloomed — you can plant on the beds and carrots.

There were leaves on the birch planting potatoes.

Daffodils bloomed — it’s time to plant in cabbage seedlings.

Where there is an opportunity to plant the plants already on the street, to a permanent place, April, this is such a month when digging and preparation of the earth begins. It is necessary not only to dig it up, but also to remove the roots and first weeds left after the autumn digging.

And also at this time in the upper layers of the soil may be the larvae of pests, which also should be removed from there. After that, the soil must be loosened. Thus, it will not only be better for planting, but also warms up faster.

I suggest you to elaborate on the fact that you can plant in the soil, which not so long ago freed from the snow.

For early plantings in still cool soil, peas are quite suitable. Morning frosts, which may still occur this month, are not terrible for its shoots. For planting, it is necessary to first take the seeds, place them in a frost and soak them in slightly warm water. Before soaking, they should be treated in water with the addition of boric acid. This will protect the plants from the invasion of weevil.

The processing procedure lasts no more than 5 minutes.

It is better to sow the already swollen seeds into the soil. They sprout faster and develop more easily. Peas should be planted to a depth of 4 cm. The best time for this is the end of the month.

If you are a lover of turnips, then the early varieties fit perfectly. As is well known, she has a very small vegetative period, only 60 — 80 days. And therefore, having planted the first harvest in April, you can collect it in two months. At the same time, plant a second batch a little later, in order to subsequently save the harvest for the winter.

Seeds should be planted with growth amplifiers, or aged for 6 hours in ash solution.

The seeds are sown in the beds prepared in advance from autumn, which have been fertilized after digging since autumn. It is necessary to sow to a depth not deeper than 2 cm. And if the soil is strongly clay, then 1 cm will be sufficient. The beds for sowing should be well shed with water.

Since garden crops are cultivated in different varieties in terms of germination, this month it is possible to plant all the same plants that are planted on seedlings in winter.

As you know, tomatoes should be planted on seedlings around March. What we are doing in general. Otherwise, they just do not have time to mature.

But anything happens, and if for some reason you did not have time to do it in March, then sow the seeds right from the very beginning of the month. But purchase only superdeterminant or ultra early seed varieties for this. In this case, the first harvest will be available around the beginning of July. This is of course under the most favorable conditions.

In the first week of the month it is recommended to plant on the seedlings also mid-season and late varieties. They will have time to ascend, grow and be ready for transplanting in a greenhouse, or on the street. And also at this time you can sow the seeds of tomatoes that we want to grow on our balcony, or even on the windowsill. For example, cherry tomatoes.

Very good for growing early ripening varieties are Gavroche, La-la-fa F1, Alaska and Boni-M. They have long been proven, give good yields and delight gardeners.

In this case, before planting them, the seeds can no longer be soaked. And to plant as usual — to make shallow grooves, if we plant in the general box, or we make holes, if we sow in separate cups. The depth of the wells with approximately 1 cm

The first shoots appear fairly quickly. So, if the air temperature is 25 degrees, the seedlings will appear within 10 days after sowing.

Seedlings need to be watered regularly, and the light day for them should be 12 hours. In this case, feeding or picks can no longer be done.

Seasoned gardeners say that they have germinated in the greenhouse seeds remaining from last year. Someone even conducts experiments and drops one overripe tomato in a greenhouse. In the spring covers this place with additional covering material, or glass. And rather quickly, these seeds germinate, of course, when it becomes warm and the time will come for them.

As a rule, such seedlings grow rapidly; they also quickly compare in size to seedlings that were grown on a windowsill. She is not sick, and copes with the transfer.

April is the time when all varieties of cabbage are actively sown on seedlings — this is our favorite white cabbage, beauty-red, as well as cauliflower, Brussels, Savoy and broccoli.

Sowing time depends on the variety and variety, and lasts, usually throughout the month. It should only be counted, again, depending on the variety, 40-50 days, and it can already be transplanted to a permanent place on the street.

If at home it is grown at a cool temperature of 12 degrees, then in April it can already be put up in a polycarbonate greenhouse.

The whole process of planting cabbage is described in great detail in a special article. Information can be fully applicable to today’s material.

I want to remind that this culture does not particularly like warm conditions, but on the contrary, it feels better when it is cool. This way, distinguishes it from other plants. And thanks to this feature, it is often planted in the ground, even at the end of the month. Without being afraid of those frosts, which will certainly descend.

Its growing conditions are similar to other garden crops. But make sure that after the emergence of shoots, immediately create for them cooler conditions of detention. Otherwise, the seedlings are pulled upwards and do not form a strong base. At the same time, the stem will be weak and underdeveloped.

If you are a fan of cabbages such as Peking or kohlrabi, then they land immediately in the ground. They do not require pre-sowing in boxes on windowsills.

Any cabbage requires planting in fertile soil. Therefore, it is worth taking care in advance. She does not like sandy and clayey places, and also develops very poorly and grows in acidic soil.

In addition, the soil should be watered abundantly before planting seeds. And this moisture must be kept permanently. Therefore, it is very good to use mulch for this.

But there is one rule, immediately after landing in a well-spilled bed, it should be covered with thin covering material, and do not water it for two weeks. Roots during this time must learn to extract moisture on their own. So the plant will be more robust.

When planting cauliflower and broccoli in the open ground, choose a place where the sun shines in the morning and a shadow appears in the afternoon.

For cabbage varieties such as white cabbage, savoy and red cabbage, on the contrary, the sun is necessary.

Plant cabbage next to crops such as onions, beets, various salads, beets, or flowers. Cabbage does not like to grow alone, so this neighborhood will only benefit her.

April is the month when it is best to sow cucumbers for seedlings. And first of all it is necessary to get seeds. Now many do not recommend using their seeds for this. Considering that growing them is a waste of time. On sale are many seeds of various hybrids that give excellent yields. Therefore, it is better to buy them.

Immediately decide when you want to plant cucumbers in open ground. For example, if you usually plant seedlings in a greenhouse, or under a film already in mid-May, then in early April they can be planted in seedlings indoors.

Seeds are planted in large plates, such as paper bags made from milk or kefir. Or you can use peat pots. But they will need special care. They need everyday watering, such pots quickly give moisture to the air and take it themselves. Therefore, it happens that they are additionally placed in a plastic cup.

For them, as in principle for others, they prepare the soil in advance. It includes garden soil and humus, in equal quantities. Two liter jars of treated sand, half a liter of ash are added to a bucket of such a mixture, and you can add a tablespoon of superphosphate.

Seeds are pre-soaked, or planted as is, that is, without soaking. Here, as someone like more. Usually after sowing, seedlings appear about a week later, and grow fairly quickly.

Sowing in a separate pot allows you not to pick the tomatoes later. And in this case it is very convenient to replant them — just dumping out of the landing tank along with a clod of earth, and planting it in a permanent place.

If, nevertheless, the seeds are soaked before sowing, then use a 3% saline solution for this. In this way, you immediately reject unnecessary. To determine this will be quite simple — empty shells will float, and full ones will sink to the bottom. So you can quickly and easily separate good seeds from simple ones.

After this procedure, they should be washed in water at room temperature. After that, wrap in a damp rag or a marlechka. Put in a saucer and put in a warm place for germination. Add some water if necessary. As a rule, the seeds will begin to peek for 2 — 3 days.

When small white sprouts appear, seeds can be planted in the wells to a depth of 2 to 4 cm. Then wait for them to germinate.

We reviewed the main garden crops. But besides them, there are still a lot of plants to which we have not paid attention, and which can also be sown in this last “seedling” month.

First, it is a different salad greens. For example, arugula, mustard, cilantro, dill, parsley.

During this period, you can already sow parsley in the ground, it is not afraid of frost. And you can sow and root and the one that is used for growing greens, that is, leaf. And when growing root parsley, in the summer we remove leaves from it in abundance, and the root can be left for wintering. And next spring, she will give us a fresh crop again, and a very early one.

At the end of the month you can plant spring garlic. Usually he winters in the garden, but you can plant him in early spring, he will also have time to give a good harvest.

We have already considered how to sow peas. But they did not note that other legumes can also be planted in a greenhouse. But it is better to do this when the air temperature warms to the minimum + 10 degrees.

Carrots are also sown in April — May, depending on the region where it is necessary to do this.

Not afraid of frost and radishes, so it is planted in the earliest warm periods, wrapping film cover, or simply planting in a greenhouse. And as a result, in May, enjoy the tasty and healthy first harvest.

And of course, do not forget about beets. It can be planted in common dies immediately in the greenhouse, and before emergence of shoots to cover additionally with a film. Do not forget that in this case it will be necessary to add deoxidizing agents such as dolomitic and bone meal to the soil.

All of the above cultures are sown as usual in the fertile land. They are provided with timely watering and additional shelter on cool days.

And finally, with regard to colors. April is the right time to plant many of them. The following is a sample list of the colors that can be planted this month.

  • Alissum
  • Malopa,
  • Lobelia,
  • Matiola,
  • Asters,
  • Annual dahlias,
  • Marigold,
  • Dimorfoteka,
  • Mirabilis,
  • Morning glory,
  • Sweet pea,
  • Amaranth.

The most favorite and common of all are, perhaps, asters. Their varieties and varieties there is just a huge set. What they just do not happen — high, low, needle, peony, pompon and similar to chrysanthemums. Colors and their shades are also not considered.

For seedlings, these annuals are planted in late March — early April. The soil for them needs loose and light. Sow the seeds best to a depth of 8 mm. It is best to sow them in the greenhouse on the edge of the ridge. In this case, they will not interfere if you decide to plant seedlings of pepper, or tomatoes.

In a week, the first shoots will appear. When you brought asters to the cottage and are ready to plant them in the ground, it is better not to plant them where the bulbous plants grew. Otherwise, the roots can damage the fungus, which often appears after these species.

Good for planting and a flower like a daisy.

Flowers are short, look great in a group planting. Bloom from the earliest spring to the very snow. This is a perennial, but if you need to sow the seeds, you can do it during the whole month. In about 10 days, shoots will appear.

And after two weeks the plants can be dive. Flowers can be grown at a temperature of from 20 to 25 degrees.

Video on how and what kind of flowers can be planted in April

Everyone wants to grow on their own land not only vegetables, but also to decorate their beds and flower beds. And therefore, women are always crowded in flower seed shops. They carefully read the information on the package and immediately figure out in their minds where they can plant one or another beauty.

The second spring month is the time to plant many flowers for seedlings. However, some of them are better to plant in pots on the windowsill, and some are no longer scary to sow in the greenhouse. For this you need to know the features of a particular variety. Namely, what is their term of sprouting, how fast they grow, and how much they are afraid, or are not afraid of frost.

In accordance with this, and sow much preferable.

The peculiarities of such sowing and varieties of flowers are described in this video. Look at it, it is quite informative. And everyone who grows flowers on the site, will find it useful.

Now it is only the beginning of April, and there is still snow behind the window. But every day, looking out the window, you see how he gives the earth more and more freedom. And we are all already impatient. I want to quickly arm themselves with a shovel and a rake and create my own little paradise. It is just a short time before this magical time.

I wish you a good garden season, dear friends! And great landings!

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