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What to plant for seedlings in February 2018

What to plant for seedlings in February 2018. Calendar planting flowers and vegetables

Good all the time of day! Today we will talk on a garden topic related to sowing seeds and preparing seedlings. If you think that it is still early, then you are deeply mistaken. Already in February, the planting of the main vegetable and berry crops begins. Yes, and many flowers are sown at the same time.

The timing of planting seedlings in the ground depends on when the sown seeds sprout and get stronger. Moreover, it also depends on the vegetation period of the plant. For example, if we plant it at the end of May, or in June, and its growing season is about 70 days, then it is necessary to plant the seeds as early as February.

Often, many use the lunar calendar data to establish a date for sowing seeds.

Lunar calendar of planting seeds for seedlings in February

Guided by the lunar calendar, you can determine the most favorable days for planting seeds in the soil. In addition, from it you can learn about the days when carrying out any work is not recommended.

For example, planting root crops is recommended from February 2 to February 13. A planting of vegetable crops, the fruits of which grow above the ground is better to carry out from 17 to 26 February. And the best days can be considered 6, 8 and 21 numbers.

But the undesirable days for planting the latter fall on February 1, 14, 15, 16, 27 and 28.

If we consider such a schedule separately for different cultures, we get the following:

Although it must be said that not all people strictly adhere to these recommendations. I know many gardeners who do not plant only on full moon days. And some of them do not work with the earth even in the days of the new moon. And on the other days, they freely sow, plant and transplant.

And there is such a national sign, in which the seeds are sown in the soil in the so-called «women’s days», that is, in those where at the end of the name of the day is the letter «A». This is Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. And many believe that such days are the most optimal for planting and transplanting.

But perhaps other people have their national signs, thanks to which they get good harvests.

For example, I believe that if a person is set up to work with the earth and does so with pleasure, then the plants will certainly respond to such an undertaking. And with the same good care, they will grow strong and healthy.

Let’s consider what is recommended to sow in February.

When planting tomato seeds, it is necessary to take into account such features as the climate of the area, the age of the seedlings at the time of planting it in open ground, as well as the duration of its cultivation.

For example, it is known that all varieties of tomatoes are divided into categories according to the time of their ripening. And the time of sowing seeds directly depends on this. There are three main categories of varieties of tomatoes, and all of them have a different period of growth of seedlings. Therefore, it is necessary to consider when landing. So the age of the seedlings at the time of its landing in open ground should be:

  • early maturing varieties — from 45 to 50 days;
  • middle ripening — from 55 to 60 days;
  • late ripening — 70 days;

Most often, sowing is done in wooden or plastic boxes. However, subsequently, seedlings will need to dive. However, tomatoes belong to such a vegetable crop, the seedlings of which are only getting stronger from the transplant. Painfully they love when they are engaged with them.

Although there are those who prefer to sow the seeds immediately in separate cassettes, and believe that in this way the plant grows stronger.

Many grow seeds in plastic or paper cups. This is a fairly common method.

And someone prefers to grow them in peat cups or tablets. They are good because the seedlings do not need to be pulled out of the tank during subsequent transplantation into the open ground, and planted immediately in a peat pot, or in the same tablet.

And it must be said that each of the methods and methods of sowing and growing have their followers. And each at the same time achieves excellent yields in their beds.

Sowing seeds in the soil, water them. After that, containers with future seedlings are covered with a film and placed in a warm and lighted place. How to grow tomatoes from seed is described in detail in a separate article. Follow the link, there you will find a lot of useful tips.

And I want to share one more advice of experienced gardeners. When the seedlings germinate, get a little stronger, and real leaves appear on them, they can be fed. And feeding for them can be quite nourishing and nutritious.

Well, firstly, the water for irrigation must be defended for at least a day. As you know, in apartments it contains a lot of chlorine, and plants do not like it. They like meat and fish. But frying and cooking it for this, of course, is necessary. It is enough to rinse these products in the separated water and water the seedlings with it. For them, this is the best feeding. This should be done once every two weeks.

Pretty quickly you will see that tomatoes will start to grow like yeast. And not just reach for the light, but really grow stronger and turn green. How else? After all, there are living vitamins, proteins and other organic compounds.

So take a note of the way. Maybe he will come in handy.

How to plant on the seedlings Bulgarian pepper

It is necessary to plant seeds of pepper for seedling also proceeding from terms of its vegetative period. On average, this period is about 140 days.

In addition, the temperature of the content also has a great influence on germination. So at 28 degrees the seeds germinate within 10 days. If the temperature is lower, then these periods increase. For example, at 15 degrees, germination can be about a month.

To sow seeds of pepper can be a variety of ways. Standard is seeding in general containers — boxes, followed by picking. If you want to do without one, then you can sow or in cassettes of 1-2 seeds, or in peat pots and pills. All methods are described in detail in the next article. In it you will also find ways to care for the seedlings until its landing in open ground.

Since the pepper does not tolerate the pick, it is better to plant it in separate containers immediately. In addition, without picking, he may have higher yields.

Eggplant sow on seedlings, based on the following terms of its vegetative period:

  • early varieties — 80-90 days;
  • average varieties — 90-120 days;
  • late varieties — 120-150 days.

By the time of planting seedlings in open ground, its age should be about 45 days. If by this time we add 5 days for the emergence of shoots and 10 days for strengthening the plants after picking, we will get that it is necessary to make seed planting in the soil two months before planting it in the ground.

And in cold areas, this period may be even longer. Affect the lack of light and cold air temperature. These factors must be taken into account. Also, as well as where you are going to plant seedlings later — in the open ground on the street, or in the greenhouse.

When planting plants in open ground, sowing must be done in early March. If you plan to plant eggplants in the greenhouse, then from the middle of February. And in a colder climate zone, eggplants are sown already at the end of January.

Strawberries are such a crop, which also requires a lot of time for growth and development. And so it’s time to sow it for seedlings in February.

It is best grown in peat tablets. Seedlings of this plant are easily vulnerable, so picking can damage them. But still, if you decide to dive it, then all the recommendations on this issue, as well as on caring for it from sowing seeds into the ground before planting in open ground, can be found in the corresponding article.

If you want to get a harvest of strawberries in the first year, then it is necessary to sow in February. However, it will have to take care of the light mode and heating. After all, the absence of both can affect the taste of the berry.

Although some gardeners sow seeds only at the end of March, and even April. The harvest, at the same time, will be only next year. But the plants really get stronger and gain strength.

When sowing, the most important thing is to stratify the seeds. This is the way in which the destruction of the protective shell of the seed for better germination. This is done with the help of snow. After filling the tank with earth, we put snow on top, and we sow seeds on it. Since the seeds of the plant are rather small, they will be better seen in the snow. So this way you can adjust the thickness of the landing.

You can leave the seeds, the snow will melt and lightly pin them down. And you can put the tank in the refrigerator for three days.

It can also be done without snow. To do this, spread the seeds on the surface of the soil, close the container with a lid and also put in the refrigerator for three days. And in fact, and in another case, in the future to put the container in the heat and wait for the emergence of shoots.

In this case, do not forget that you do not need to bury the seeds. The room temperature should be between 20 and 25 degrees. Light should be enough. If it is not enough, we put a fluorescent lamp.

Lid or film, depending on what you have covered the seeds, remove daily for airing and watering.

If done correctly, a maximum of a week after 4 will appear shoots.

If you are passionate about flowers, then in February it’s time to plant annuals, biennials and perennials.

You can start with the most popular garden plants — petunias. And it is also sown in the snow, as in the past description. In detail about all the ways of sowing seeds and growing seedlings of this delicate plant is described in the next article. In it you will find a lot of useful tips and advice. And also learn what types and varieties are used for planting in one or another place.

At the same time, sow and begonia. Just like petunia, begonia seeds sprinkled with earth is not necessary.

You can also do such flowers as lobelia, carnation. If you want perennials to please you with their flowers this year, also plant seeds in February. Pansies, primrose, lupine, daisies and chrysanthemums — all this is preparing for planting in February.

Here such a plate can help you determine the timing of sowing the seeds of various plants. And as you can see a lot of work is scheduled for February.

When sowing flower seeds, carefully read the instructions. Some of them are perennials, and although you plant them this season, they only bloom next.

Do not forget to sign the seedlings, to subsequently know when you planted it. This will make the necessary correction for the next year. And also you will not forget where there is a variety, and what plant you planted.

If you plant root or stalked celery on your plot, then in February you should also think about sowing it. There is no particular difficulty in its germination and cultivation. Everything is exactly the same as with the rest of the landings. Timely sowing of seeds, germination in the warmth and with enough daylight. Timely watering and fertilizing if necessary.

Also in February, a small amount of parsley seeds are sown. It rises long and grows long enough. Therefore, if you think about it in advance, then at the end of April you will be able to plant sufficiently developed plants somewhere in the corner of the greenhouse. And until the newly sown seeds germinate, and new seedlings grow, for a salad you can always pick the right amount of twigs.

It’s time to sow and seeds of onions and leeks.

The germination process is also not fast. In addition, now there are varieties that can be grown from seed to adult status in one season. But for this it is necessary to first grow the seedlings, which are then quite strong enough to land in open ground.

Recently, there have been a lot of complaints that the familiar onion sets give rather bad harvests, often rot, are ill and grow poorly. They say that they are selling already sick, or infected bulbs, often imported, which we have no climate at all. And to grow a good crop, many grow it from seed.

Therefore, when choosing a seed, carefully read the information on the package. It should be written in what time it is possible to grow an adult onion, and when to sow the seeds.

To be sure when to sow the seeds in February, let there be such a simple schematic table to help you. On it is quite easy to decide when to plant something.

The label is provided to us by the store «Merlin Lerya».

Tips for growing seedlings from seed in winter

Sometimes it seems that summer is still far away, and every day you postpone landing for tomorrow. But each culture has its time, and you need to know about it. You should also take into account the peculiarities of a particular plant. Some of the seeds are buried in the ground, some are left on the surface. Something is planted in the ground, and something in the snow.

Fortunately, that now you can easily find the answer on the Internet. But the most important condition for the cultivation of excellent seedlings, and therefore obtaining the same excellent harvest is the care of small and tender creatures, for seedlings.

In February, the apartments are quite cool, and all the plants need warmth. Also, they all need a sufficient amount of light, no less than 12 hours, and better than 16. Therefore, be sure to install a thermometer in the place where you have the planting, and if you can get additional lighting.

For example, if the room is quite warm, but the plants lack light, they will begin to stretch upwards. This is especially noticeable when the seeds are sown quite densely. Such plants have a thin, long undeveloped stem, and it may be of little use to it.

Such seedlings urgently need to be transplanted into separate containers in order to strengthen their root system, trunk and emerging new leaves.

The development of the whole plant as a whole depends on good developed roots. Therefore, feed them at the right time fertilizer for root growth. And once a week, water the plants with ash extract, at the rate of a tablespoon of ash per liter of water. Water moderately, but on time. And do not forget that in each tank should be provided with holes for draining excess water.

These are some simple rules that will help you plant and grow healthy strong plants on time. I wish you success in this.

And in this video you can see what is planted in February — early March. In it you will find extensive information about planting flowers. It includes a story about what varieties need to be sown at this time. As well as features of their landing.

And also we will touch on planting seeds of vegetables a bit, and what needs to be done at this time at your summer cottage.

This is our article today. I hope that it was useful for you! Therefore, reconsider your stock of seeds, bribe those that were not there, and hurry to sow. Spring is coming!

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