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What to do if the custard turned out to be liquid: Tips

Profiteroles, cakes, cakes, chocolate pancakes … all this is impossible to imagine without air custard. It is perfectly complemented by fresh berries and fruits.
Custard is just the common name for confectionery. Cooks and gourmets call him nothing but English Custard or Creme Anglaise.

Interestingly, in England it is considered only a base, on the basis of which, confectioners are ready to make a variety of pastry delicacies.
The main ingredients for custard, of course, are: granulated sugar, cream, but milk and chicken eggs are used by every culinary professional, guided by taste preferences.

1. Patiser — used as a layer in cakes or as profiteroles or eclairs;
2. Custard — prepared using chicken eggs. Often it turns out more liquid in consistency.
Custard is a magic wand in confectionery cooking. Remember, delicious Tiramisu or cheesecake desserts.

It acts as an indispensable link in the impregnation of cakes.
Sometimes it happens that the cakes are ready for the cake and the guests are on the way, and the cream turned out to be liquid and does not thicken. Before you there is a situation where you do not know what you can quickly do to correct the situation. We offer you the instruction with a recipe for preparing a classic recipe, as well as options for what you need to do in order to quickly correct the shortcomings and put it into a thick fluffy mass:


1. Cooking custard according to the classic recipe. Consider a recipe for cooking using eggs, the preparation of which raises many errors and questions.

The main rule when cooking this cream — beat and do not stop!
We will need 0.5 liters. heavy cream. We heat up.
Meanwhile, whisk 6 eggs with a whisk and add 6 tsp. honey and a little vanilla extract, rub the orange half of a orange on a fine grater.
We enter in the resulting mixture a heated cream in a thin stream. All this time we continue to beat, do not stop, because the eggs can curl at any time. Without stopping, you have to pour everything into the pan.

Whisk with a whisk until the mass is at room temperature. We put on the fire and here we can not stop again, it must be stirred again, not stopping, so that the eggs do not turn into scrambled eggs right in the pan.

As soon as the cream has thickened, you need to quickly shift it into another container and let it cool.
2. Stir chilled custard and lightly whisk.
If it turned out to be liquid, then it can be thickened by adding 2 tsp. starch. In order to evenly distribute the starch, beat the mixture at low speed for one minute, then fix the result, increasing the speed to the maximum, beating, thus, 3-4 minutes.

Put in the fridge for curing (25-40 minutes).
3. If the choux does not thicken, oil may also come to the rescue. The taste will get creamy notes, but will remain the same delicious.

Fresh butter must first be removed from the refrigerator, it must be at room temperature. In the meantime, make a warm sugar syrup and gently enter.

Beat the butter at low speed with a blender and enter 1 tbsp. l custard. Beat the combined mixture at high speed for a minute.

Put the cream in a cold place, it is necessary to mix it several times during freezing.
4. If the cream turned out to be very liquid, and there is no time to wait, then you can get from the resulting mass of soufflé by adding gelatin. The soufflé will be airy, it will be well combined with finely grated chocolate.

Pour gelatin into a container in which you will warm it later. Fill with cold boiled water and let stand 7 — 10 minutes (carefully read the instructions on the package).

When gelatin increases in volume, put the container on slow fire. Stir with a wooden spatula until the cream thickens.

Be sure to make sure that the gelatin is completely dissolved. Remove from heat, cool, add to custard and beat with a mixer at low speed for 1 minute, refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Put the resulting soufflé on cakes, it is recommended to lay it with a hot knife or a wooden spatula.
5. If a lot of liquid is added, add the sifted flour in small portions. All the time constantly stirring to eliminate the appearance of lumps.
In order to avoid shortcomings in the preparation of custard, please listen to our advice. Then the result will bring only pleasure in its preparation.

Cooking recommendations:

1. Use only fresh produce for cooking.
2. For cooking cream try to use a double bottom container. Pans of this design evenly distribute heat and have a non-stick coating;
3. For stirring, arm yourself with a wooden spoon or spatula. Your movements should be as if you are drawing eights. Then the mass will warm up evenly;
4. If you use a recipe for cooking using eggs, then it is better to add only yolks to the cream. Boil better for water baths.
If you use proteins and cook rather than a hob, they can curl up to form lumps.
5. If you use a smaller amount of liquid (milk, water), the cream will be thicker;
6. Readiness is defined by a tablespoon. If the cream envelops him, then it’s done.

Remove the container from the stove and place in ice water.
7. If you want the cream to be very tender, pass through a sieve.

Diversify classic cream recipes with all sorts of delicious additives: nuts, berries, citrus peel, grated chocolate.

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