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What to do if the custard turned out to be liquid — remedies

Depending on what is needed for this custard and its composition, errors are corrected by different options. If the protein cream turned out to be liquid and cannot be whipped in any way, then perhaps you were whipping proteins in a wet bowl or there was fat on the walls.

Salvation protein cream

Ideally, protein cream after proper preparation should keep its shape well, but there are situations when the mass has not thickened to the required consistency and floats in all directions. To save protein cream is almost impossible without damage to taste.

Most often, the hostess just throwing protein cream, which is immediately clear that it did not work out.

You must follow some rules when preparing this type of cream mass. If on the dishes, in which you whip whites get even a drop of fat.

Protein custard can only be saved in one way. To do this, put a bowl of cream in the fridge or even in the freezer.

If you wait a little, the squirrels will grab and you can continue further beating. If such resuscitation did not help, then we can assume that the mass is hopelessly flawed and to make a cream out of it, which would keep the shape for sure, will not work.

At the same time, the mass in the freezer should not freeze into the bone, but only slightly grasp.

In order for the protein cream to thicken and keep its shape well, it is necessary to initially prepare it according to the instructions, without a step away from it. At the same time remember that most dyes thin the cream mass.

Before buying any food dyes, it is necessary not only to read reviews about all types of dyes, but also ask the consultant at a specialized outlet where you are going to buy this or that type of culinary supplements.

Do not forget that the protein cream is quite insidious — one mistake and everything is spoiled.

But you can add a little agar-agar and cover the cake on top. Get like a bird’s milk.

But protein decoration cream will have to make a new one, as this is one of those types of jewelry that do not forgive mistakes.

Some tricks will not hurt you when making:

  • To degrease the dishes in which you are going to whip proteins, wipe it with a slice of lemon;
  • Do not separate the eggs over the cup in which whipping will occur — a drop of yolk will kill the cream irretrievably. It is better to degrease another mug, over which the division will occur and pour proteins into the bowl for whipping one by one from the mug. This option will save you from extra costs for eggs. If the yolk mass gets into one protein, then immediately pour it out and proceed to the next one.
  • Bowl with proteins pre-cool for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator;
  • Do not use eggs from under the chicken — if you have your own farm, then take a chicken gift five days ago;
  • When cooking syrup, check it often for a soft ball — put a saucer with cold water next to the saucepan in which the syrup is brewed;
  • Protein cream does not tolerate alcohol, therefore staining with alcohol dyes is completely excluded;
  • If the syrup still gurgles, then put it down for a couple of minutes to calm down and only after that pour in proteins;
  • If the whites are not whipped, then cool them down a bit and try the whipping procedure again.

But if you don’t save it, prepare a new protein cream, and put this mass into glasses, put it in the fridge, grab it, later decorate it with fruit and serve as a separate dessert. You can sprinkle with grated chocolate and crushed nuts instead of fruit.

Salvation custard impregnation

But not only cream on proteins can flow or not whip, there are plenty of opportunities to save the liquid classic custard. As a thickener, a small addition of flour or starch can play.

It all depends on which of these ingredients you used during the initial cooking.

The main reasons why custard does not freeze:

  • Too much liquid — add flour and add;
  • Initially, we didn’t take it — put it back on fire and bring it to the desired state;
  • Perederzhali butter, it is not so much softened, how much melted — return the oil in the refrigerator, and then try to beat it.

If the mass, especially oil, you like the consistency, but in the process of decorating it turned out that it does not hold the form, then send it in the fridge, and then beat again.

Do not expect that the flowing out decorations will harden beautifully, it is better to immediately put the mass in the refrigerator, wait a little and cool not only the fudge, but also the kitchen itself. Most of the problems arise due to the fact that they first prepared cakes and immediately began to decorate them.

The temperature in the kitchen is still high, and the layers of the cake did not have time to cool down, the cream will surely float. For this reason, it is necessary to put off the decoration until complete cooling, both the layers of the cake and the room in which you decorate.

When you have tried all the options to save a mass that does not thicken under any circumstances, then spread the cakes with this cream, and use a regular oil for decoration.

So the problem can be solved by dissolved gelatin or agar-agar.

The mass will become a hike on a souffle, but it keeps its shape well and you can also make decorations from it. Only when you see that the mass is getting thicker, immediately decorate the cake, because later it will be very difficult to do.

The main way not to spoil your mood before the holiday — is to purchase a double volume of products for the preparation of jewelry.

Just think over the moment that the cream is not thickened, and there is no way out. There should be a fallback option that will fix the situation.

In addition to butter cream with condensed milk, which is done in just 10 minutes, the raw impregnation on the cream also holds its shape well.

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But you can cook only a small amount of mass for decoration, and trust the impregnation of the cake layers to a non-thickened cream. By the way, this way any dry layers are better soaked.

In any difficult situation it is better not to get upset, but try to correct the situation first. If nothing helps, then make the second portion of the decoration, and remove the previously prepared fudge in the fridge and find a use for it the next day.

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