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What can you eat with food poisoning for adults and children

Food plays an important role in our life. In order for food to bring maximum benefit to our health, you need to be very careful about its choice and preparation.

However, the likelihood of food poisoning can never be completely excluded. No matter how unpleasant it may be, it can still happen to us and we must be ready for it.

Note that the correct diet in this situation is the second most important issue. First, it will be necessary to neutralize the symptoms and detoxify the body.

One of the most important questions is the correct diagnosis in a similar situation. First, it is necessary to establish the fact of poisoning. Secondly, the reasons for it may be different. Relatively speaking, food poisoning can be divided into the following main types:

  • One that is not contagious;
  • Infectious food poisoning.

Consider these things in more detail. So what is this phenomenon?

We are usually talking about an acute disorder in the digestive system of the body due to the penetration of pathogenic substances or dangerous microorganisms.

If we are talking about poisoning non-infectious nature, then it can have several varieties.

  1. Stale food;
  2. The action of alcoholic beverages;
  3. Use of certain types of mushrooms;
  4. Ingestion of harmful chemicals;
  5. Hit poisonous plants inside the human body.

The most common causes of such situations are as follows:

  • Uncritical attitude to the choice of their food;
  • Use of expired or spoiled products.

If we talk about infectious poisoning, here the reason is the ingestion of pathogenic microbes. In this case, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Rules of nutrition during the course of unpleasant symptoms

What can you eat with food poisoning? We will answer later. First you need to determine the signs of poisoning. They usually appear during the first day after it happens. Briefly list them:

  1. A strong increase in body temperature, It can in some cases reach forty degrees;
  2. Loss of appetite, insomnia and physical weakness;
  3. Sharp abdominal pains, which are accompanied by frequent stools, as well as vomiting.

In addition, increased fluid intake partly compensates for the loss of moisture associated with severe vomiting or diarrhea. The process of drinking in such a situation is not the same as usual.

  • It is necessary to consume liquid sips, but at the same time, it is necessary to drink often. This is due to the fact that if you drink a large volume of water in one gulp, then the stomach can reject it under the influence of intoxication;
  • You can regularly take breaks in this. They can be an hour or a half. At one time you need to drink water in a volume of not less than 200 milliliters;
  • Drinking in this situation can not only clean water. Certain medications are also provided for this. An example is the rehydron. It is not only able to quench thirst, but also is capable of having a beneficial effect on the salt and electrolytic balance, which is an important support in the recovery of the body;
  • If this drug is not at hand, then you can independently prepare the following therapeutic solution. One liter of pure water + half a tablespoon of salt + one and a half teaspoon of sugar. In this solution it will be normal if you slightly increase the proportion of salt content;
  • It is not recommended to eat in the first day or two, the stomach is still very irritated at this time.

Food creates strong discomfort.

During this period there will be a gradual improvement.

You can eat on the second, but it would be better on the third day.

Any fish, meat or dairy food at this stage is categorically excluded.

It is recommended to eat only diet food.

What can you eat with adult food poisoning?

We list what foods are allowed to eat on the second (preferably the third) day after poisoning.

  • Lenten crackers, as well as biscuits;
  • Some soups are allowed. In particular, you can eat vegetable vegetable soups, you can also cook soups with rice;
  • Various vegetables, boiled or ground in mashed potatoes;
  • A little later, on the fourth or fifth day, it is allowed to slightly expand its menu by, for example, boiled lean fish. A good choice in this situation would be lean fish cakes;
  • And from the fifth day you can pamper yourself with cottage cheese casserole;
  • From the third day you can allow yourself buckwheat or boiled rice;
  • Egg omelette steam on the fifth day, you can eat without fear. after the third day, you can afford to drink both green tea and even fruit jelly.

Unfortunately, not only an adult, but also a child can get poisoning. If it is not easy for an adult to overcome the consequences of what happened, then it will be doubly difficult for the child to do so. After all, his body is much weaker than the body of an adult.

If this happens, the need to go to the doctor becomes even stronger. If illiterately cure child poisoning, the consequences can be much worse than for an adult.

If we are talking about a very small child, it will be problematic to get information necessary for treatment from him. Therefore, first of all, you need to understand exactly what signs of poisoning in him dominate.

First of all, the child must provide plenty of drink. In this case, it will be useful to use appropriate medicines, such as rehydron, for example.

The required amount of fluid must be calculated based on the age of the child and the weight of his body.

A baby from one year should be given at least 150 to 200 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight for the first three days. These drugs are sold in the form of powders that must be dissolved in water.

They already contain all the necessary substances for effective assistance.

Now we will tell in more detail about what kind of food is recommended to use in such a situation. What can eat a child after food poisoning:

  1. We need to take care that there is enough protein in it. Especially useful in this case is the milk protein, known for its lipotropic action. This will support the liver in restoring the body;
  2. The amount of fat should not exceed the normal physiological norm, since in such a state it will be difficult for the body to digest them. All types of fats are permissible to offer only in the composition of ready meals;
  3. Carbohydrates should also be a moderate amount. This is due to the fact that they are able to increase the fermentation processes in the stomach;
  4. As the healing process proceeds, the diet should be expanded, gradually moving to the child’s usual diet.

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We give a short list of products that are forbidden to eat in the process of recovery after poisoning. Recall that over time, these requirements gradually become less stringent.

  • Biscuits of various kinds, or fresh bread or, for example, pies;
  • Boiled or smoked sausage;
  • Rich meat broth;
  • Fried meat or patties;
  • It is not allowed to use both raw fruits and vegetables;
  • Scrambled eggs, soft-boiled eggs are excluded, also cooked hard boiled;
  • Too sour or sweet compotes.

The first day is worth nothing at all.

During the second day, you can afford up to 200 milliliters of broth. This should not be drunk in one gulp, you need to do this in 3 steps. It is also fashionable to eat two crackers and 200 grams of vegetable puree.

On the third day, it is recommended to eat rice liquid porridge (up to 300 g). You can eat up to four crackers and as many galetny cookies, as well as 200 milliliters of healthy vegetable broth.

The next, fourth day — vegetable casserole, which is cooked without eggs, made on the basis of semolina. A serving is 200 grams. Plus, 150 milliliters of chicken broth, 100 grams of fish cutlets, 3-5 crackers, 4-6 pieces of cakes biscuits.

The fifth day is the last day of a therapeutic diet. On this day, it is recommended to eat up to 400 grams of chicken broth with meatballs, 250-300 g of cottage cheese casserole or souffle, 250 g of boiled rice and 5-6 crackers.

Here’s what you can drink with food poisoning:

  1. If you drink water, then it is desirable that it be purified or, at least, boil it;
  2. Mineral water is also suitable, but only if it is without gas;
  3. At first, it is not recommended to drink even such healthy drinks as green tea or rosehip broth. During this period of time, they can become an overload for the stomach. This can be drunk no earlier than one day after poisoning;
  4. However, there is a drink that is suitable for the body in this state. This is definitely a decoction of dill. Do it as follows:
  • Take one liter of water, a teaspoon of dill seeds;
  • You can instead take the crushed plant in the same volume;
  • Boil the mixture for 2 — 3 minutes;
  • Let stand for 15 minutes and cool.

Of course, in the simplest cases of food poisoning, when there is almost no pain, the symptoms are mild and health is restored fairly quickly, there may be an illusion that you can not go to a doctor. In rare cases, it is.

However, poisoning are different. In some cases, not only severe pain, but also death. Examples of such well-known diseases as botulism or salmonellosis.

When the first symptoms are found, it is very difficult to make a correct diagnosis. And a lot depends on it. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

If you do this, a correct diagnosis and competent medical care will help you regain health with the lowest possible losses.

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