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Wedding cake with fresh flowers: ideas with photos

Wedding cake with fresh flowers is the trend of the culinary season of 2018. He will look great at a celebration dedicated to the marriage.

In this case, the flowers will be really alive, not artificial. For the design of mini-bouquets for the cake, you can contact the florist or create them yourself.

Also experienced confectioners have developed options for sugaring flowers in order to preserve their beauty for a long period. And the last exquisite design solution is the creation of sweet flowers that will resemble real ones.

But the main rule that the pastry chefs adhere to is minimalism in design and emphasis on blue, pastel pink and red shades.

Chocolate Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

Wedding — this is not a reason to deny yourself a favorite treat for the sake of guests or classic traditions. World-famous chefs pushed into the background the usual wedding cakes with cream flowers, replacing them with live ones. And also came up with many interesting desserts with chocolate.

You can make such a cake at home. It is enough to arm yourself with a bag with nozzles and practice a little with the cream so that the design is beautiful and neat.

Ingredients for shortcake:

  • butter — 540 g;
  • Wheat flour / s — 540 g;
  • fat sour cream — 300 g;
  • cocoa powder — 80 g;
  • hot water — 1 cup;
  • coffee granules — 1 tbsp.
  • cane sugar — 2 glasses;
  • chicken egg — 6 pcs .;
  • salt rock — ½ part tsp;
  • baking powder — 2 sachets.

Ingredients for Chocolate Cheese Cream:

  • dark black chocolate — 180 g;
  • cream of high fat content — 150 ml;
  • butter 82.5% — 250 g;
  • powdered sugar — 120 g;
  • cocoa powder — 2 tablespoons l .;
  • cream cheese — 0, 5 kg.

Ingredients for decoration:

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  • dark dark chocolate — 150 g;
  • cold pressed vegetable oil — 1 tbsp. l .;
  • live red roses — to taste;
  • Candurin dye — packaging.

Cooking cakes:

  1. Turn on the oven and set the temperature to 180 degrees. While preparing the dough, she will have time to warm up. It will save time.
  2. To make the finished cake soft and tender, you need to sift the flour through a large sieve, and then through a fine sieve. Then mix it with baking powder and cocoa. We do this with the help of a whisk, lifting air products from the bottom to the edges of the bowl.
  3. Dice butter and add sugar and salt to it. Beat with a mixer at medium speed until smooth.
  4. Without stopping the technique we introduce sour cream. No need to add everything at once. It is important to introduce the ingredients gradually so as not to spoil the dough.
  5. Transfer the mixer to a slow mode, add eggs and beat until smooth.
  6. Then we introduce chocolate flour in two steps to prevent the formation of lumps. We continue to work as a mixer at minimum speed. The dough for the wedding cake with flowers will be viscous and thick.
  7. Pour the coffee with boiling water and pour into the brown paste. Mix until smooth.
  8. Divide the dough into two forms with a diameter of 20 centimeters and put in the oven for 50 minutes. Check the readiness with a toothpick.

Preparation of cream:

  1. Chocolate and cream set in a water bath and carefully knead on the bottom until everything has melted.
  2. Cool to room temperature by stirring regularly with a spatula.
  3. Slice the butter into pieces and whip until white at high speed.
  4. Add in two doses of icing sugar. Stir.
  5. We enter cocoa and we process the mixer to uniformity.
  6. Add cheese and whisk again.
  7. Last pour in the oil glaze and again pass a mixer.
  8. Ready cream put in the fridge for 2 hours so that it is better frozen.

Cake decoration:

  1. We measure with the help of a ruler proportions and make labels on the entire diameter of the cooled cake layers. On the ready-made sketches we cut off the tops.
  2. Cakes turn out equal and beautiful due to correct cutting of the cake layers. Therefore, it is important to cut them in circular motions along the marks. Then the main dish on the table at the newlyweds will be beautiful and smooth.
  3. Sugar poured water in a ratio of 1: 1 and put on a slow fire. Cook the syrup for impregnation for 40 minutes. Cool at room temperature and brush half of the cake with a silicone brush. For such a small cake, 1 cup of sugar will suffice.
  4. We put half of the cake on a special substrate, which can be ordered in the online store or purchased in the store for pastry chefs. Pass a layer of syrup.
  5. We spread the cream and stretch from the middle to the edges. At first it will spread very slowly, but then it will turn out to be well distributed.
  6. Align with a spatula so that the layer is even.
  7. Put the other half of the cake and gently squeeze it around the edges, so that he exactly sat on the position. Then we press it with the palm in the middle of the future cake.
  8. Repeat with all cake layers and cover them with the first draft of a thin layer of cream. Leveling, to avoid sudden transitions. We put in the fridge for an hour so that everything is well frozen and soaked.
  9. We put the second layer of cream on the top of the cake and smooth it smoothly. We do the same with the sides, distributing the mass in a circular motion.
  10. Level with a spatula, creating a perfectly flat surface.
  11. If you accidentally starred an extra piece of cream, you can always add it and re-level it.
  12. We remove the cake in the fridge for 2 hours so that everything will freeze.

Creating a decor for the cake:

  1. Chocolate breaks into squares. We drown in a water bath, constantly stirring the bottom of the spoon, so that the glaze does not burn.
  2. Add vegetable oil and mix thoroughly.
  3. Apply icing to the surface of the cake with a silicone brush. Smears should be chaotic with irregularities.
  4. You can imagine that you are playing crosses on the surface of the cream, but without zeros.
  5. Similarly, we pass along the sides so that they become completely painted over the glaze.
  6. We remove the cake in the fridge for 30-40 minutes so that the chocolate froze.
  7. Cut the buds of roses and clean the stems of leaves and thorns. Then we walk a little with the knife, removing the partially green part where there are irregularities.
  8. Wrap the leg of a living flower in cling film. Repeat the process of processing and tight winding.
  9. We collect gold dye on a fluffy brush and distribute it over frozen chocolate, as it were, put powder on the face.
  10. Pierce the place of entry of the flower with a wooden skewer and insert a rose.
  11. In the same way, we insert two more volumetric flowers and finish with an unopened bud.
  12. Add live decorations to the side of the cake.
  13. Here is such a modest, but elegant cake decorate a festive table. If desired, it can be supplemented with other interesting decorations.
  14. Presented in the recipe cakes and cream are classic. They are used for making any wedding cakes. It is enough to add the necessary dye to the cream or to eliminate cocoa if you need a white sponge cake. Further nuances of cooking depends on the desired decoration.

Wedding cake with blue flowers

If you want to bring a special highlight to the solemn event, you can make a wedding in blue style. Wedding cake with flowers from mastic or cream will look unusual and elegant. It is not necessary to make the scenery yourself.

They can be purchased at a pastry shop and simply placed on a cake made according to the classic recipe.

If you want to create something of your own, it is better not to load and dainty, which will be served additionally with mastic. It is better to create a white wedding cake with blue flowers from a gentle cream on your own.


  1. The finished cake, covered with mastic, is decorated with decorations using a pastry bag with a round nozzle. You can draw patterns or create a bead scatter on mastic. It all depends on the individual preferences of the pastry chef and future newlyweds.
  2. We create roses from oil or any other cream using a nozzle with a narrow spout.
  3. Put the spout to the mastic and draw a scattering of petals. To do this, blue cream must go to the waves.
  4. To create a rose, you need to use the nozzle to draw the letter “C”, creating petals until the flower becomes voluminous.
  5. The leaves for such a cake are best drawn in white, forgetting the traditional green. This will require a special nozzle with a flattened spout.
  6. It will not be superfluous to add to the blue roses placers of other flowers. You can make them yourself or buy. To make it look spectacular, you need to use blue cream to paint the pestle.
  7. The finished cake will exceed all expectations and will be relevant at the wedding of any year.

American wedding cake

Confectionery fashion has made adjustments not only in the decoration, but also added a trend of negligence. Now, creating a wedding cake with flowers and berries, it is important not to close the layers of biscuit, leaving them almost intact.

And the top of an amazing solemn delicacy in fashion 2018 is decorated with lively sweet-smelling roses.

To go to the decoration, you need to bake a classic sponge cake and stock up on a basin of delicate cream of pastry cream. You will also need a special food glue, which the berries will bond when decorating the cake.


  1. With the cakes cut the tops, cut in half. The first half will be creamy, and the second we grease with any fruit or berry jam to taste.
  2. Turn the cake so that both fillings are connected.
  3. We press the substrate and fix the cakes with special skewers so that they do not disperse under the weight of the ingredients.
  4. Repeat the process of lubrication and fixing, collecting multi-tiered cake.
  5. We pass over the berries with icing to make them especially beautiful.
  6. Cover the edible decorations with confectionery glue, linking them together.
  7. We spread the berries in line, so that they cover the cakes from the bottom to the top, fastening them. You can do it slowly, since it dries out not instantly and there is enough time to decorate the cakes beautifully.
  8. We decorate the gaps between the berries with leaves and sprigs of beautiful greenery, using all the same glue.
  9. Cut flowers and put them in a special flask for decorating cakes. If you fail to purchase such devices, you can wrap the green stem of the flower in cling film.
  10. We make punctures in the biscuit with a special skewer and insert live decor into the holes.
  11. Ready cake shifted to the stand. In the same way you can cook a wedding cake with any fruit and flowers. To do this, instead of jam, put canned peaches, pineapples or fresh fruit between biscuits.
  12. Then we decorate on the same principle as the berries. The cake will be very fragrant, juicy and tasty. After all, following the European fashion, the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment. Because any cake made according to the new trend produced an incredible sensation among the guests.

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