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Wedding cake figures: 6 best ideas with photos

It has long been established that the apogee of a festive wedding table is a wedding cake, which everyone is trying to turn into a masterpiece of cooking. To coincide with the event, usually the wedding cake figurines are set on the top tier. They personify the great power of love.

Cakes are most often ordered in cooking or pastry departments, and depending on the wishes of the spouses or the style of the wedding, figurines are also chosen.

Funny wedding cake figures can be made from both edible and inedible materials. Next, we will talk about the materials from which wedding figures can be made on the cake.

  1. Caramel;
  2. Chocolate;
  3. Mastic;
  4. Dough;
  5. Marzipan;
  6. A mass of candy;


  1. Porcelain;
  2. Ceramics;
  3. Plastic;
  4. Polymer clay;

If the newlyweds want to keep forever in their newly formed family the memory of this unforgettable day, then it is best to prefer figurines from inedible materials. Well, if you want to share with the guests how the best piece of the wedding cake is eaten, decorated with figures of the newlyweds, then you should choose edible materials and hold this ritual for the final of the wedding evening.

And the wedding cake figures themselves should be made in accordance with the concept and theme of the celebration.

Figurines Bride and Groom

The classic choice for decorating a wedding dessert is the statuette of the bride and groom. They can be depicted in an embrace, kissing, dancing, riding in a car or any other form of transport. Such figures represent the interests, character or lifestyle of the young.

Quite often, figurines have a visual resemblance to the heroes of the occasion, and sometimes made in the caricature form of the bride and groom. Sometimes they depict a bride who caught the groom “with a bait” or when she drags the groom to the registrar office by force.

Particularly extravagant newlyweds choose unique figures with a hanging bride and groom from the upper tier of the cake or help someone from the newlyweds to climb to the upper tier.

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Stylized cake figures

Not every couple wants to decorate their cake in a pair of classic black and white suits. Many people want to stand out from the crowd and approach this with a certain amount of imagination and imagination, making the long tradition look new and interesting. So you can crown the cake with a figure of the newlyweds in original costumes, in the main colors of the wedding, in the form of two swans, pigeons, Adam and Eve, little Cupids and many more other options.

Young people also want to decorate their cakes with classic hearts, wedding rings or pigeons cooing.

Funny cartoon wedding cake figures

Representatives of animated or animated films also often decorate wedding cakes. Those who are already overfilled with classical figurines choose animal figures: bears, birds, kittens, fire-birds, dogs and cartoon characters: Gloria and Melman, Minionov, Prince and Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Eugene and Rapunzel, Mickey Maus and Minni, Eric and the Little Mermaid, Shrek and Fiona.

These unusual figures will not leave anyone indifferent, turning the wedding ceremony into a fairy tale.

Materials for the edible figures decorating a wedding cake

Depending on the material of manufacture, the figures are also prepared according to different methods. White or black chocolate can be a wonderful decoration for the newlyweds’ cake, as well as neatly decorated marzipan figures. By mixing the cream and sugar, you can make a unique composition on the cake.

Well, if the choice of the newlyweds stopped at the statuette of the swans, then it is best to prepare them from the snow-white meringue, which melts in the mouth.

Marzipan and mastic decorations are especially popular for decorating wedding desserts.

Wedding Cake Figurines

Mastic is the most common material for making desserts. It is used not only to decorate wedding cakes, but also to make ornaments, inscriptions, of course, newlyweds figures and more cumbersome compositions.

Mastic is a homogeneous adhesive viscous texture, which can not only contemplate, but also to eat. You can cook it yourself at home or buy ready-made.

If it was prepared using the correct technology, then it will be similar to clay.

There are several options for making mastic:

  • Honey. Prepared with the addition of honey. Its distinctive feature is that. That it does not crumble and fray;
  • Dairy. It is prepared on the basis of condensed milk;
  • Flower. This method is used to prepare petals and flower arrangements;
  • Gelatinous mastic is used to prepare serious structures;
  • Industrial mastic can be made only at specialized enterprises in workshops, while the taste is similar to the SS with ordinary sugar mastic, which can be prepared independently at home.

Marzipan figurines for wedding cake

Like mastic decorations, marzipan can also be made at home. Unlike mastic, marzipan has more viscous properties, therefore, it adheres much better and is easier to mold. The composition of marzipan includes crushed almonds with added sugar, and then poured syrup.

If desired, marzipan figurines can be made at home by yourself or purchased in a shop. To give the desired color wedding decorations, you can use food coloring.

Humorous figurines for wedding cake

Repeatedly, psychologists have said that jokes based on self-criticism and self-irony look the most ridiculous. Using ironic figures, you will show your guests that you have a wonderful sense of humor and can joke not only with someone, but also on yourself.

Having installed funny copies of a real bride and groom on the cake, you will be able to cheer everyone up.

For example, a few ideas:

  1. A bride who bears the bridegroom in her arms;
  2. Drunken bride and groom;
  3. The bride who caught the groom on the hook;
  4. The fallen bride and groom, stepping on the veil;
  5. The bride who pulls her fiance down the aisle;
  6. The groom helping the bride to get on the top tier of the cake.

How to make wedding figures by yourself

  1. For the preparation of the beautiful half of the newlyweds need to prepare a frame made of wire.
    The first point twists the wire in the shape of a circle. The diameter of the circle will be the base of the dress, so you need to decide on the size of the figurine.
  2. The rest of the wire must be bent so that a right angle forms and one end remains in the center of the circle. White mastic wrap the cone to get the effect of the dress. One of the wires should be wrapped across the frame. She will serve as the hands of the bride. “Hands” and “shoulders” need to be wrapped in beige to make it look like skin.
  3. The head also makes them flesh-colored and is fixed on the shoulders. Do not forget to give the bride pleasant roundness and stick two balls in the chest, and cover with a white layer on top.
  4. Depending on the hair color of the bride, choose the appropriate color and put it on your head. Since each bride should be with a weightless veil, you need to roll out the mastic almost to the cobweb layer and gently fix it on the “hair”. Thanks to food colors, you can draw facial features, shadows, highlights and folds on the dress.
  5. The figure of the groom is molded according to the same principle.

Phased preparation method:

  • Based on the video, we turn the wire and form a prototype of a human figure;
  • “Torso” envelop with white mastic.
  • For open areas of the «body» (face, hands, neck), apply skin-colored mastic.
  • We color the face features and each fold of the costume with the food dyes.
  • For a tie or butterfly, take a thin mastic piece and arrange accordingly.
  • The extra pieces of wire need to be cut off.
  • At the final stage we complete the composition and set the bridegroom in the hands of the bride.

Now the edible figurines of the bride and groom are fully prepared to decorate the wedding cake and collect the delights of the guests of the celebration.

Five helpful tips

  1. It is worth remembering that the wedding cake is not only a dessert, but also part of the wedding ceremony, so it should correspond to the concept of the event, the chosen color scheme and the style of the celebration.
  2. Inedible figurines for the cake can make you happy for a long time with memories of this beautiful day, and the edible ones can pleasantly surprise you with their unique taste.
  3. Mastic requires special storage. It should be kept wrapped in plastic wrap in a closed container. If you store it in a room, you should use it for 3-4 days, the time in the refrigerator is extended to 12-14 days, and it should be stored in the freezer for about 2-3 months.
  4. It is worth getting the figurines out of the fridge a few hours before the event and set it on the wedding cake just before serving.
  5. Make sure that the figurines are firmly fixed on the cake to avoid disrupting the whole construction and the fall of the figures on the floor.

Another interesting way to stand out the newlyweds from the crowd and show originality. Experienced pastry chefs will be able to embody your fantasies, and especially persistent ones can make figures with their own hands at home.

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