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Useful properties of mountain ash red: unique properties

From the ryabushka where you come up — for the body’s blessing and peace of the soul you will find …

Mountain ash.

Unpretentious, very common cute tree, which can be seen everywhere: in a modest village garden, in a shady city park, on the sunny forest edge and on the side of the highway.

How often does it occur to us, but what do we know about him?

We know that it is growing everywhere in Russia.

In spring, it blooms with inconspicuous white tassels, and in autumn, right up to the snow, reddens with fragrant ripe clusters.

But bright berries are suitable not only for birds looking for treat.

In Russia, mountain ash red has become popular and beloved for many centuries ago.

They revered it as food, as a medicinal, and as an ornamental plant.

They endowed with magical power and made jewelry-amulets from berries.

Useful properties of mountain ash red, known for a long time and confirmed by modern science, due to its rich composition.

If we consider it from the point of view of a healthy diet, it is impossible not to note the especially valuable properties of the fruit.

Tart, slightly bitter and especially tasty after frost berries differ:

    high content of amino and organic acids (sorbic, malic, citric, tartaric, succinic);

the presence of essential oils, pectin and tannins;

rich vitamin composition (PP, E, B2, K, P, provitamin A — more than in certain varieties of carrots; C — more than in black currants);

the content of macro — and micronutrients (salts of calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium);

  • low in protein and 8–13 percent presence of sugars (glucose, fructose, sorbose, sucrose).
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    Berries are widely used as a vitamin raw material in the confectionery industry (syrups, jelly, marmalade, jam, candy, candy).

    In addition, used in the manufacture of liqueurs, vodka, liqueurs, multivitamin soft drinks.

    Often added when canning.

    At home, traditionally consumed fresh, frozen or dried fruit for the preparation of fruit drinks, decoctions, syrups, tea.

    The inclusion of this valuable product in your diet by a modern person also has a lot of positive effects, due to the wide range of useful properties of mountain ash red.

    What exactly?

    The high content of vitamins A and C makes it possible to successfully use the fruits of mountain ash in the prevention and complex treatment of various diseases, including cancer, to increase blood clotting, lower blood pressure.

    The value of vitamin P is the ability to eliminate manifestations of insomnia, irritability, strengthen the nervous system and the body as a whole.

    Due to the low content of protein and sugar, rowan berries are shown in diabetes and metabolic disorders.

    Broths and drinks on the basis of fruits, in addition to good taste, have pronounced preventive and curative properties: anti-inflammatory, capillary-strengthening, hemostatic, astringent, diuretic, diaphoretic, astringent.

    For a long time, healers used rowan berries and juice from them for the successful treatment of scurvy, anemia, hemorrhoids, “stomach diseases”, kidneys, and liver.

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    And right now, on the eve of virus attacks and colds, one should not neglect this most valuable and accessible natural source of health.

    Rowan is considered the most female plant not only for health, but also for beauty.

    Juice berries — an excellent cosmetic.

    If ice cubes frozen from it once a day to wipe the skin of the face, it will certainly help to narrow the unattractive type of blood vessels.

    The mask from a mixture of crushed rowan berries, lemon juice and kefir in equal proportions effectively whitens the skin.

    Lotion from part of glycerin, part of cologne and two parts of rowan juice will help to return a fresh, radiant look to a withered face.

    And to eliminate an unaesthetic warts, fix a half of fresh rowan berries on it with adhesive tape.

    There are many more ways to use fruits for cosmetic purposes.

    In addition, they successfully help women cope with the unpleasant manifestations of menopause.

    It should be noted that not only fruits, but also flowers, leaves, and even the bark of mountain ash have useful properties.

    Gruel of crushed berries and leaves will help with fungal skin diseases and eczema.

    It is also a good external styptic.

    A decoction of a mixture of leaves, unripe berries and bark has an astringent effect in diarrhea.

    A bunch of fresh branches contributes to the disinfection of indoor air, thanks to its phytoncidal properties.

    As a ritual, magical plant, mountain ash red was revered by the ancient Scandinavians, Slavs, and Asian peoples.

    It was believed that she removes damage, protects against the evil eye and evil spells, and in the first place — women.

    Rowan beads were used as talismans and amulets. They asked for help from this tree for women’s diseases, infertility, unrequited love.

    Used as part of love potions and bridal drinks.

    Branches with leaves and fruits cleaned the home for purification and decoration.

    Rowan groves, in which magical rites and rituals were performed, were strictly forbidden to cut down.

    Ancient sanctuaries were often surrounded by plantings of mountain ash, which was considered godly and conducive to communication with higher powers.

    As is the case with any means and preparations, one should certainly remember about contraindications to the use.

    It is hardly necessary to be overly fascinated by the use of fresh rowan berries, containing parasorbic acid, both for food and for medicinal purposes.

    Acting as an antibiotic, it also has side effects.

    However, as a result of cooking and drying, the acid is destroyed, and the antibiotic properties are lost.

    It is also necessary to be very cautious for people with low blood pressure, a tendency to allergies, increased gastric acidity and blood clotting, suffering from coronary heart disease and have suffered a heart attack or stroke.

    Only the purity and reliability of the collection site will provide any plant raw material with useful and healing properties.

    Use environmentally friendly, no doubt in their origin products and be healthy!

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