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Useful properties of chokeberry: cooking recipes

Chokeberry: useful properties and contraindications

In the 21st century, medicine is subject to virtually any disease.

Pills and drops, injections and powders, syrups and capsules — all this comes to the aid of modern man in the case of illness or simply to increase immunity.

But is it necessary for any reason to turn to drugs?

Indeed, in addition to the healing properties, they have many side effects.

And besides, they give a considerable load on our liver.

A great alternative to “factory pills” is proven and time-tested variety of medicinal plants.

And there are a huge amount of such “magic berries, roots and leaves”.

Half a century ago, almost everyone knew what a yarrow was intended for, and what a rosehip would cure it from.

Now this knowledge has faded into the background.

And it is time to fill them!

Let’s talk about one of these medicinal plants — chokeberry.

Chokeberry has several names: black ashberry, chokeberry and chokeberry.

Such a mountain ash looks like a bush or a small tree (no more than 2.5 meters high).

Its fruits are round and black, and the leaves look like cherry leaves. The taste of black chokeberry berries is sweet and tasty, albeit a bit tart.

Chokeberry healing properties, which are simply indisputable for our body.

But what exactly?

First of all, pay attention to those substances with which aronia is rich:

  • vitamins P, C, E, K, B1, B2, B6, beta carotene;
  • macro- and microelements (namely iron, fluorine, boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum);
  • sucrose, fructose, glucose;
  • tannins and pectins.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Now let’s see what the black chokeberry is useful for: what it contributes to and what prevents, what normalizes and what strengthens.

So, black chokeberry has useful properties:

  1. removes from the body of radioactive substances and heavy metals;
  2. retains (or removes, depending on the need) various pathogenic microorganisms from the body;
  3. normalizes the bowels;
  4. eliminates spasms;
  5. has a choleretic effect;
  6. normalizes blood pressure;
  7. lowers blood cholesterol;
  8. improves liver function;
  9. boosts immunity;
  10. positive effect on the endocrine system.

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If you experience the following diseases:

  • allergic reactions;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • bleeding;
  • rheumatism;
  • diabetes;
  • disturbances in the blood coagulation system.

Recipes cooking chokeberry for medicinal purposes

There are many different recipes for cooking black chokeberry.

And each of them is designed for a specific disease or its prevention.

So, consider the most common ones.

As a tonic to raise immunity (especially in winter), drink an infusion of dried fruits of chokeberry.

To do this, 2-4 tablespoons of berries should be poured over with 2 glasses of boiling water and allowed to brew for 24 hours.

Drink the infusion for half an hour before meals 3 times a day for half a glass.

When hypovitaminosis or anemia is recommended to eat daily 250 grams of fresh chokeberry 2-3 times a day.

An excellent addition to the berries will be a decoction of rosehip, black currant or ascorbic acid.

People suffering from hypertension, perfect juice from the berries of black rowan.

Drink it should be 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Volume — not more than 50 grams.

This “course of treatment” continues for 10 days.

Not only berries, but also black chokeberry juice is used in folk medicine for more than one century.

But in official medicine it began to use not so long ago.

Today, a number of biological additives and pharmaceuticals are made on the basis of black chokeberry.

It has long been known that with the help of black chokeberry juice it is possible to lower blood pressure.

And before it was believed that it was not recommended to drink it under reduced pressure.

But recent studies have shown that chokeberry juice is also useful at low pressure.

It turned out that due to the beneficial properties of black rowan juice, any pressure is normalized.

Therefore, to use this juice is recommended for any violation of blood circulation.

In addition, black chokeberry juice cleans the blood vessels of cholesterol plaques, promotes the healing of injuries as soon as possible, and also, provided that they are regularly consumed, normalizes blood circulation.

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Chokeberry is considered one of the few berries that is allowed to people suffering from diabetes.

But in spite of this “permission”, it is necessary to use the juice with caution, because it is very concentrated (and the sugar concentration turns out to be high), which means it can be harmful in diabetes.

But do not despair, because the solution is very simple.

The sugar concentration will decrease, and such juice will not lose its beneficial properties.

Chokeberry juice will help get rid of problems with the gastrointestinal tract

Thanks to pectin and tannins, which are part of chokeberry, the juice from these berries perfectly cleanses the liver, stimulates intestinal motility, has a choleretic effect, promotes the secretion of enzymes necessary for normal digestion, and also reduces spasms.

Juice of chokeberry juice is used in case of diarrhea.

This tool is natural and safe, so it can be used both for adults and children.

But for people suffering from gastritis or gallstone disease, it is necessary to consult a doctor before using this juice.

Juice of black chokeberry is recommended for use in case of disorders of the thyroid gland, as the juice helps to restore and normalize its functions.

This happens due to the unique property of the juice of black rowan berries to display heavy metal salts and radionuclides.

This is especially true for residents of industrial cities with unfavorable environment.

Such juice neutralizes the effect of anthropogenic pollution on the body.

The healing properties of chokeberry are not only in the use of the fruits of this plant, but also in its leaves.

To prepare the “magic remedy,” it is enough to take 1 tablespoon of crushed and pre-dried leaves of black rowan, pour it with 1 cup of boiling water, and leave for at least 40 minutes.

Then the broth should be filtered and consumed before meals 3-4 times a day, 50 ml.

By the way, this infusion can be used for outdoor purposes.

Aronia leaves will also come to the rescue if you have:

  1. reduced immunity;
  2. prostration;
  3. bile stasis;
  4. skin allergies or inflammation of the skin;
  5. bleeding;
  6. accumulation of excess fluid in the body.

As you can see the leaves of the rowan chokeberry are not less useful than its fruits.

Chokeberry is a very useful plant for the human body.

But, despite the many benefits, it has contraindications.

They should pay special attention.

So, chokeberry is not recommended for people who have the following problems:

  • increased level of blood clotting;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • gastritis (with high acidity);
  • ischemic disease

There are no other contraindications for this tasty and healthy berry.

But in any case, if you decide to be treated with the help of chokeberry (and any other means), do not forget to consult your doctor.

This will help avoid unnecessary consequences, and such therapy will only benefit and bring pleasure.

See, recommendations on the use of chokeberry Aronia for prophylactic purposes, and as a treatment for many known diseases.

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