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Useful properties: hazelnut nuts, leaves, shells, contraindications

The benefits of hazelnuts for men and women, the harmful effects on the body

Hazelnut, known to many since childhood, has not only a wonderful taste, but also a set of the most valuable biological substances for the body.

Hazelnuts eaten grow on thin sprigs of cultivated hazel, the plant is unpretentious in its content and therefore some of its species bear fruit well in the climatic zones of Russia.

Hazel fruits are recommended to be used during the recovery period after serious diseases and during diets, the universality of its use as a food product is explained by the composition that is unique and most beneficial to the body.

Nut kernels consumed for a greater half consist of oil, which is the accumulation of all healing substances under the shell.

The composition of hazelnuts include:

    Useful glycerides of stearic, oleic and palmitic acids. Their presence in the nuclei helps to normalize the level of cholesterol and prevents its excessive formation in the body;

A large group of vitamins B creates the conditions for functioning in the right volume of all muscles, including the heart;

Hazelnuts are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, iodine, sodium, copper. All these trace elements are necessary for the muscular, nervous and skeletal systems, their normal amount in the body ensures the full value of the reproductive and hormonal systems;

  • A special substance paclitaxel has been identified in the kernels of the nut, its main feature being the prevention of the development of cancer cells. Vitamin E, also in hazelnuts, also has anticarcinogenic properties.
  • For nutritional value, tasty hazelnuts are equated to fish and meat, its preparations have allowed many nations to survive the lean years on cereals and vegetables.

    Hazelnuts are used not only as an additive to main dishes, but also used separately.

    Nut use is recommended in the following conditions:

      During the recovery period after a severe illness;

    As an additional source of minerals for problems with the cardiovascular system. Introduction to nutrition nut improves the elasticity of blood vessels, prevents the formation of blood clots, reduces the level of pressure;

    Pounded with milk nuts are useful for chronic bronchopulmonary diseases;

    Hazelnut with honey or raisins increases the hemoglobin content in the blood;

    Constant use of hazelnuts improves brain function and prevents the development of senile dementia;

    People eating hazelnuts are less susceptible to stress;

    Hazelnut is advised to enter into the diet with thrombophlebitis and varicose veins;

  • With the help of walnut kernels, the liver cells and the whole body are cleaned of accumulated slags.
  • The hazelnut is useful to people at any age.

    Women use it is necessary for:

      Prevention of cancers of the genitals and breasts;

    To enhance lactation;

  • The enrichment with valuable trace elements has a positive effect on the appearance — the structure of the skin and hair improves, the face is effectively saturated with moisture.
  • Men are advised to use hazelnuts:

      During intense physical exertion. The constant use of a nut in a certain amount helps build muscle mass, this is due to the high protein content — in the kernels of the nut almost 20%;

    Hazelnut stops an increase in the prostate gland in adulthood;

    Walnut, used with goat milk, saves men from impotence;

  • Both women and men nut will bring invaluable benefits during the planning of pregnancy. Enrichment with biologically active substances improves reproductive function and saturates the cells of the organism of the future parents with the necessary microelements for the normal development of the fetus.
  • Due to the fact that the hazelnut is the minimum amount of carbohydrates, its use is not contraindicated for patients with diabetes, as well as during diets.

    Read this article and be aware of how to take Echinacea tincture to children. Be healthy!

    Useful snack suppresses hunger and saturates the organs with all chemical elements.

    Hazelnuts must be included in the nutrition of children and adolescents, it contributes to good growth, development of mental abilities, forms a strong immunity and affects the stable state of the nervous system.

    A nut is also necessary for vegetarians who, because of the refusal of meat and fish, do not receive protein in the quantity necessary for the work of all organs.

    Not only are the kernels of nuts useful, but also its outer shell and dried leaves, they have particularly beneficial properties.

    Due to its beneficial properties, water decoction is prepared from hard shell, useful for hypotension, periodic dizziness, hemorrhoids.

    Powdered shell helps with multiple diarrhea.

    Tea and decoction of hazel leaves is used in the course of treatment:

    • Diseases of the stomach, liver, intestines;
    • As a fortifying and anti-inflammatory agent;
    • Walnut leaves have a diuretic and hemostatic effect;
    • The healing leaf drink is good for asthma.

    As you can see, grown hazel can be used almost completely, any part of the nut will help with various diseases, and regular consumption of fruits serves as a preventive measure against many of the most dangerous diseases.

    From the fruits of hazel are excellent in taste and easily absorbed by the body nut oil.

    The main composition of the oil is represented by vegetable polyunsaturated fatty acids, oils from other nuts contain them in much smaller quantities.

    Hazelnut oil remains fresh for a long time, does not dry out, and also retains all the necessary amino acids and its beneficial properties.

    The use of nut butter is shown:

      To normalize the functioning of the heart;

    As a source of essential nutrients during puberty;

    Walnut oil has antiparasitic properties, its use allows you to get rid of ascaris;

    Hazelnut oil mixed with whipped protein has been used as a safe and effective anti-burn agent since antiquity;

    Its use is necessary with increased mental and physical stress, especially for professional athletes;

  • Hazelnut oil is often included in cosmetics. It is useful to apply oil on the hair, prone to the formation of acne and cellulite skin.
  • Despite the obvious beneficial properties of hazelnuts, its excessive use is not recommended, as a result of which, it has a number of contraindications.

    A person needs up to 50 grams of nuts per day; an increase in dosage is possible only during the recovery period after an illness or within a few days.

    Exceeding the amount of edible butter or nuts leads to:

    • Spasms of cerebral vessels and, as a consequence, headache;
    • To overstrain of the intestines, liver and stomach;
    • To severe allergic reactions.

    In this video, you will be told what useful properties hazelnuts contain, how to use it better in food.

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