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Tsvetaevsky apple pie: recipe with photos step by step

In the vast culinary sites you can find dozens of options for how to cook Tsvetaevsky apple pie. The recipes are completely different, but the taste of this dessert is really unique. As the legend says, this dessert was prepared in the twentieth century, in the original it is used Antonov apples, which have a tart taste.

This delicacy includes a large number of sweet apples, as well as sour cream.

These products are necessarily present in the dessert. Making this cake is very simple, and we will provide some simple cooking options.

Additives such as fresh berries and cinnamon powder can be used to complement the dessert.

Traditional cooking option

For short pastry:

  • sour cream with fat content of 15-20% — 120 ml;
  • cream margarine — 145 grams;
  • vanilla powder — 1 spoon;
  • flour of 1 grade — 265 grams;
  • baking powder — 1 pack.

For filling:

  • apples «Antonovka» — 4 pieces;
  • granulated sugar — 245 grams;
  • sugar with vanilla — 1 package;
  • sour cream with fat content of 15% — 255 ml;
  • flour of 1 grade — 2 spoons;
  • chicken eggs — 1 piece.


To prepare Tsvetaevsky apple pie, in this recipe with a photo, you need to prepare shortbread dough, which will be kneaded on the basis of sour cream. For a start, we need margarine, if it is not at home, you can use simple butter.

This product is put in a bowl and dissolved to a liquid state in a microwave oven. You can also use the steam bath.

To such a liquid mass is placed about one glass of sour cream.

Products are mixed, and then poured into the mass of ten grams of baking powder. Sift the flour to eliminate excess lumps and make it more airy, gradually add this free-flowing product to the butter and sour cream.

You can knead the dough, which should be very light and tender.

Also, do not forget to add to the mixture a little sugar with the addition of vanillin. The consistency of the finished dough should be soft, but not sticky to hands.

If the mass will stick, then bake a sand cake out of it will not work, since it will be too fat.

Cooking toppings:

Now we need a form for baking dessert, it is better to use a round and not too deep capacity. Bottom and sides are oiled, and then spread the dough there and spread it over the bottom with your fingers, creating small sides.

You can also prepare apples for Tsvetaevsky apple pie, according to the presented recipe with a photo.

To do this, the fruits are washed and cleaned of excess seeds, the prepared fruits are cut into thin slices and laid on the surface of the dough.

You can put pieces of fruit randomly, or create an unusual pattern with them.

Fill preparation:

The next step is to prepare the pouring for such a cake. We need sour cream and sugar, these products are combined and mixed, and then a chicken egg is laid on them.

This mass is whipped with a whisk for no more than three minutes. Next, add to the mass a couple of spoons of prepared flour, a pack of sugar with the addition of vanillin, and the resulting composition is again whipped.

Lined apples are poured over the prepared mass of sour cream.

Baking cake in the oven:

The cake is sent for baking in the oven, preheated to a temperature of 170 degrees. The cooking process usually lasts 40 minutes.

It is necessary to check the readiness of the cake for the test, if it is browned, you can take out a treat, but if not, then continue the process of baking for another ten minutes.

The finished cake is removed from the oven, covered with a towel and allowed to cool. Of course, this dessert can be served hot, but in this case the cream will be liquid and can spread.

After cooling, the sour cream will grab and the cake will keep its shape well. To speed up the process, it is worth removing the cake into the refrigerator chamber for one hour.

Tsvetaevsky apple pie with cottage cheese

In this case, we are cooking at home the Tsvetaevsky apple pie, according to the indicated recipe with a photo, using a multicooker. This device is very useful in the kitchen, it is very easy to prepare various desserts with it, because the device has the necessary temperature, and the cake is baked on its own.


  • baking powder — 1 pack;
  • semolina — 215 grams;
  • cream with fat content from 30% — 105 ml;
  • high-quality oil — 95 grams;
  • soft cheese 5% — 510 grams;
  • apples are not large — 6 pieces;
  • flour of 1 grade — 1 cup;
  • granulated sugar — 340 grams.


The first thing we do is prepare the basics for this dessert. For this we need first-class flour, which is sifted through a sieve. Next, baking powder is added to the bowl to the flour, around a glass of granulated sugar, and these components are mixed together.

Now the finished mass is poured into the prepared multicooker bowl. It is necessary to make a thin layer of such a dough so that it is evenly baked.

Next, you will need cream, in our case, only the product is used, with a fat content of at least 30%, if there is no cream at home, they are replaced with fat sour cream. Cottage cheese is mixed with cream, and then sugar is added to the mass of sand.

The resulting composition is thoroughly whipped with a blender to obtain the most uniform filling.

Prepare the filling:

Apples are washed, and then they remove the middle with pits, immediately after this fruit can be rubbed finely on a grater. Now the third part, from the received apples, is placed on the dry ingredients in the bowl.

A thin layer of flour and sugar sand is again poured over the fruit. Already put him curd mass.

Thus, continue to alternate apples, curd mass and bulk ingredients. The last is necessarily a thin layer of dough.

A piece of butter is rubbed on the last layer, it is imperative to use it so that the cake is soaked and more juicy. If there is a desire, then additionally sprinkle the cake with ground cinnamon and simple vanilla.

The device set the temperature at around 150 degrees, and leave the dessert to bake for at least 90 minutes. As soon as our dessert reaches readiness, the lid of the device is opened and the dessert is allowed to cool.

Only after this delicacy is removed from the bowl and served to the table. You can sprinkle apple pie with powdered sugar.

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