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Toppers for cupcakes: do-it-yourself, photo

Cupcake toppers are decorations that are inserted into desserts. On any holiday such delicacies will not go unnoticed.

Special interest in toppers occurs in children. Kids are happy to see colorful decorations, share their impressions with friends.

You can make toppers with your own hands. They can be anything.

If a theme party is scheduled, then decorations can be made in the same style. This will give the holiday a piece of magic.

Original toppers for cupcakes

Jewelry is most often made for the New Year’s table. They are in perfect harmony with festive dishes. Making toppers is easy.

Even children will cope with the task.

Materials for work:

  • cotton buds;
  • White paper;
  • markers;
  • colored pens;
  • pictures from magazines;
  • twine;
  • glue.

The sequence of execution:

  1. To make toppers for cupcakes, you need to prepare the necessary materials. They should be at hand.
  2. Take thick paper, draw 2 circles. For convenience, you can use a compass or circle a round object. The line should be barely noticeable.
  3. Circle the received circles with decorative lines. You can draw a line with teeth or wavy. The result will be 2 circles with decorative edges.
  4. Cut circles.
  5. To draw with a felt-tip pen in a circle 2 wide strips.
  6. Take cotton buds, clean them from cotton wool.
  7. Stick circles on thick paper where stripes are drawn. Attach the sticks, cut with scissors in a circle.
  8. Take the old magazines, cut them interesting pictures. Paste the image into the white circle. In the center to glue the silhouette of a female head.
  9. White edge paint over the color marker. Black pen draw patterns, lines. To make the composition more festive, circle the pattern with a silver handle.
  10. Turn the toppers for the cupcakes with the other side, circle the edges with a felt-tip pen. To pick up interesting pictures for the background, to paste.
  11. Cut a strip of colored paper, write a festive inscription on it, attach it to the decoration.
  12. Make a bow of twine, attach. Such toppers are beautiful, festive. Excellent decorations for the New Year’s table. With them, desserts will seem extremely tasty.

Such toppers can be made not only for the New Year, but also for any celebration. If you do not have the right materials, you can replace them with others.

Instead of thick paper, you can take color, the ribbon will be an excellent substitute for twine. Pictures can also be chosen at your discretion.

Instead of cotton swabs, suitable skewers or toothpicks.

Tender carnations

Many young mothers are fond of needlework. Doing your own hands can make toppers for cupcakes.

How they are made is especially interesting for beginning masters. The process is quite simple.

Using the minimum set of materials you can get an amazing decoration.

Miniature and delicate carnations fit perfectly into the festive atmosphere. They give the desserts attractiveness and unusual charm.

Such sweet dishes will not go unnoticed, will attract the attention of everyone.

Materials for work:

  • crepe paper of different shades;
  • scissors;
  • figured scissors;
  • glue;
  • toothpicks.

The sequence of execution:

  1. Prepare pink crepe paper. Cut a strip 40 cm long.
  2. Take the prepared strip, fold it in half 3 times.
  3. Scissors trim the top edge.
  4. Normal scissors to make longitudinal cuts. The result will be a fringe.
  5. Expand the strip, fold it.
  6. Apply glue to the bottom edge of the paper.
  7. Take a toothpick, wind a paper strip on it. It is important to ensure that the edges are smooth.
  8. From the green paper cut leaves, attach to the flower.
  9. Straighten the clove, topper for cupcakes with your own hands is ready. You can use it to decorate the holiday table.

To make the sweet table not only tasty, but colorful, you can make bright flowers. The main thing is that the shades are well combined with each other. It is not necessary to wait for special occasions, you can turn an ordinary day into a holiday.

Enough to prepare desserts, decorating them with unusual toppers. This will help raise your spirits and charge with positive emotions.

Candy Bar Toppers

Candy bars are gaining huge popularity every year. They are a buffet table, which is elegantly decorated.

With the help of jewelry will be able to emphasize the style of the holiday.

Original fakes will decorate the interior, photo. Both children and adults are happy to plunge into the magical atmosphere.

Desserts will acquire individuality, and guests will be able to recharge themselves with positive emotions.

Materials for work:

The sequence of execution:

  1. Toppers for cupcakes can be anything, it all depends on the fantasy of the needlewoman. On the Internet you can find various templates. It is important to consider their shape and size. Pictures should fit harmoniously into the overall design of the holiday. The selected templates are printed on the printer.
  2. Take the paper, stick to it prepared images.
  3. With a marker to make a festive inscription. You can come up with original phrases in advance and write them on toppers.
  4. On paper to make parallel cuts, fasten a toothpick.
  5. Decorations are ready, you can insert them into desserts, cakes, cupcakes.

Such toppers can be made even by children. However, creating fakes with the whole family is much more interesting.

It is best to connect all family members to the work, for everyone there is a work for everyone. Both adults and children will be happy to take part in the creative process, prepare decorations for the upcoming celebration.

Party Toppers

To make toppers for cupcakes, it is not necessary to wait for the holiday. You can have a party and make dessert decorations with your own hands.

These can be original flags, round items. It all depends on the master’s imagination.

Materials for work:

  • template;
  • scissors;
  • toothpicks, skewers;
  • glue gun.

The sequence of execution:

  1. Do design layout. Find matching pictures online. Preference is desirable to give pictures with stripes, geometric shapes. You can pick up images with emoticons.
  2. Print the selected images to the printer.
  3. Cut out paper flags, circles, any shapes.
  4. Take a toothpick, put glue on it, put a cut out figure on top. Turn the toothpick over, glue another shape on top.
  5. Fake is ready, you can use it for decoration. Colorful toppers will give a regular dinner a bit of a celebration.

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Cupcakes with toppers look quite original. Desserts take on a solemn look, and the festive table attracts special attention. Children are particularly interested in colorful decorations.

However, adults do not mind to eat unusual desserts.

Making jewelry is easy. It is enough to show imagination, prepare all the necessary materials and you can get to work.

Children will gladly take part in the creative process, creating their own hands decorations for sweet dishes.

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