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Tiramisu cake, with greetings from Italy

After watching the programs in which this dessert is prepared by world-famous chefs and pastry chefs, it seems that cooking is not so difficult. Italian pastry chef Buddy Valastro even gives lessons on making.

And no less famous chef who currently holds 14 Michelin stars, Gordon Ramsay very often offers to make this dessert in his shows. Ramzi himself shows on the air how to make tiramisu in two and a half minutes.

What is the reason why this recipe has become so popular that it is prepared in almost all countries?

Firstly, for its delicious and unique taste, and secondly, many people want to try aristocratic dessert. But to eat this type of delicacy is not safe for the figure, since Tiramisu is quite high in calories.

Tiramisu recipe from famous confectioners

The classic recipe presented by Buddy Valastro states that you need to take to prepare:

• Mascarpone — 0.5 kg .;
• Egg whites — 3 pcs .;
• Egg yolks — 6 pcs .;
• Sugar — 100 gr .;
• Freshly brewed coffee — 3-4 cups;
• Liquor — 50 gr .;
• Savoyardi cookies — 1 pack;
• Fatty cream at least 35% — 200 gr.
In this recipe, it is not indicated how many servings can be obtained from all the ingredients, but by the total weight — a rather large volume.

Cooking begins with the separation of eggs into whites and yolks.

Then the yolks are whipped with a mixer with 6 tablespoons of sugar to a white foam. After that, in a separate container there is a queue of proteins, which also need to be whipped into a thick foam and check their readiness by slowly turning the bowl upside down.

If the squirrels remain in place, they are ready.

Now we need to start beating fat cream to the thickness and also in a separate container.

After which it is necessary with great care to combine the contents of all three bowls. But first, add Mascarpone cream cheese to the yolks, mix gently, and then introduce whipped cream and proteins.

The last will go to a common cup of Kahlua liqueur.

After making this cream you have to boil sweet coffee, cool it and add Amaretto liqueur.

It is worth collecting dessert,

put the cream in a glass, then dip a couple of Savoyardi cookies in the cooled coffee and also put in a glass. Top cover with another layer of cream mass and sprinkle with cocoa or grated bitter chocolate.

What is the difference between tiramisu cake and this dessert?

Yes, by and large — nothing. The only difference is how to decompose the cake. For this cookie dipped in coffee, and lay out in a form very tightly to each other.

Carefully cover the first layer of cookies with a creamy mass and begin to spread the second layer of Savoyardi. After which the cream will go again evenly.

Then, using a pastry bag, squeeze out small domes over the whole cake from the remaining cream and sprinkle with bitter chocolate.

Tiramisu must be cleaned in the refrigerator for better impregnation of the biscuits and cream hardening. Some advise to do it for 2 hours, but the classic recipe says much more time.

So that everything is completely soaked — the cake should rest in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

How to cook Tiramisu in the form of a cake in our country

Probably, Russian hostesses are the only women of their kind who will not be confused if they do not find suitable ingredients. Our ladies will always find a substitute for some components of the cake and prepare a delicacy of those products that they find.

At the same time, the taste of the treat will not deteriorate, and sometimes even surpass the original dessert.

What did our hostesses come up with, for which Mascarpone is an unaffordable luxury.

Tiramisu cake without cream cheese.

This recipe allows you to see what can be replaced and how to save a little on the preparation of the world-famous dessert.

Firstly, the “Lady’s chopsticks” are replaced by ordinary sponge cakes, and secondly, the cream cheese in our country is replaced by cheaper fat cottage cheese.

We start the preparation of our cake, which requires:

• Eggs — 6 pcs .;
• Butter — 75 gr .;
• Sugar powder — 165 gr .;
• Flour of the highest grade — 225 gr.

• Fatty cream 33-35% — 0.5 l .;
• Curd cheese 9% — 0.5 kg .;
• Eggs — 4 pcs .;
• Sugar sand — 200 gr.

For syrup:

• Strong coffee — 3 tablespoons;
• Sugar sand — 110 gr .;
• Water — 1 cup;
• Cognac.

First you need to make a sponge cake on which a delicious cream will fall.

To do this, first sift the flour and set the oven to heat up to 180 degrees, since the dough immediately after cooking should go into the oven. It is also necessary to include the lining of the cake mold with baking paper and greasing it with butter.

Further production will take place in a water bath, it is necessary to mix the eggs with powdered sugar and put the bottom mixture in a water bath. When the mixture is boiled, it should be whipped with a whisk or a mixer for 8 minutes, then removed from the heat and beat for another 3 minutes. After that we add flour and butter and beat again.

Pour the dough into the mold and set it in the oven. Biscuit should prepare 20-25 minutes.

At this time we will be engaged in a cream.

As in the classic recipe, separate the proteins from the yolks and beat them separately. First, yolks with half sugar, this can be done on the steam bath, in this case the process will speed up somewhat, as the mass will start to thicken faster.

Then whip the whites with the remaining sugar and in the third container, whip the cream with cottage cheese. Combine the contents of three bowls, first add curd and creamy mass to the yolks and mix, then gently inject proteins and also mix.

At this point, you should try not to destroy the airiness of all components and mix them with a spatula, and not with a whisk or a mixer.

Now about the syrup.

All ingredients except cognac, mix and cook until thick, but not strong. It can be compared with the first stage of boiling, when sugar syrup is first cooked, and later berries are added.

Syrup cool and add brandy.

We take out the finished cake biscuit from the stove and cool it right in the form.

After the cake has cooled, cut it into 3 equal, horizontal pieces and collect the entire cake.

Each layer is impregnated with syrup, covered with cream and put the next layer. Everything is repeated, as with the first cake.

Next will the third layer. Then let our cake stand in the fridge, and before serving, sprinkle the top with grated chocolate.

The recipe is somewhat more complicated than the preparation of a classic dessert, but in no way inferior to the taste.

About some features of the classics

Since any tiramisu cake contains alcohol, its taste and degrees are preserved, and you should not offer food to a person who needs to get behind the wheel of his car.

To get well soaked, many advise you to keep classic tiramisu in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. But this applies only to the cake, the recipe of which contains cream cheese.

If you are trying to save a figure, then replace it in Mascarpone cream with a lighter Ricotta.

Try to prepare different versions of the cake, and you can choose the right one not only to your taste, but also according to the budget.

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