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Tiramisu cake classic recipe with photos, step by step

Cake tiramisu in a classic recipe is one of the most popular Italian recipes among girls and women. Its origin, this delicacy takes from Italy, but it is known today throughout the world.

Most recently, when one of the main ingredients of mascarpone and savoyardi cheese appeared on the store shelves, many began to cook in their kitchens. When the necessary products were not on sale, they were replaced with a biscuit and curd cream.

It was a fairly simple cake, but because of its simplicity, it did not become less appetizing.

Below are the recipes for the Tiramisu cake in a classic recipe with step-by-step photos prepared at home and a slightly modified recipe with alcohol. In some variations of this delicacy, nuts or fruits are also added, for example raspberries.

This can be noted and build on your own taste preferences. Described below it will not, but this does not mean that fantasizing is prohibited.

Classic Tiramisu Cake


  • egg — 5 pieces;
  • powdered sugar — 175 grams;
  • cream 33-35% — 250 milliliters;
  • Mascarpone — 500 grams;
  • coffee — 500 milliliters:
  • Savoyardi biscuits — 500 grams.


Make coffee a little sweet. In addition to the sweetener, nothing more is needed, it should be without milk.

Leave it to cool.

Separate the whites and yolks. In the yolks sift through a sieve of powder and mix everything until a homogeneous mass.

Beat with a mixer until cream peaks.

Put the cheese in a cup and pour the mixture of sugar yolks into it, mix well until complete unification.

Put the cream in portions in a cream and mix with a silicone spatula from bottom to top from the edges to the center so that they do not settle.

Put the cream in a pastry bag and on the edge of the form in which tiramisu will be formed and pour a little cream.

Dip the savoyard biscuits in the cooled coffee and put it over the entire diameter of the mold. After the fence is formed, soaked biscuits are placed tightly on the bottom.

Next, pour the cream and smooth the cookies. The thickness of the cream should not exceed two centimeters.

Next on the cream just as tightly lay out a new layer of soaked biscuits. And then repeat everything with the cream.

The whole cake should not consist of more than three layers.

Decorate the top with cocoa powder. In order to evenly distribute it, it is better to use a fine sieve.

Next, the cake can be removed for 10-12 hours or overnight in the fridge so that it is well soaked and cooled.

After the time has passed, you can remove the wall from the split form and cut the dessert.

This was described a classic recipe tiramisso with step by step photos of mascarpone cream. Next will be presented a recipe where the process of self-baking cookies with the original name Savoyard will be described in detail, but most often today you can hear that it is called ladies fingers.


For savoyard biscuits:

  • flour — 250 grams;
  • baking powder — 1.5 tsp;
  • sugar — 270 grams;
  • 10 yolks;
  • squirrels — 7 pieces;
  • powdered sugar — for sprinkling.

For cream:

  • cream 30% — 350 milliliters;
  • yolks — 5 pieces;
  • sugar — 120 grams;
  • Mascarpone cheese — 350 grams;
  • Marsala or other sweet wine — 120 milliliters;
  • strong coffee — 100 milliliters;
  • cocoa powder — 20 grams.


  1. The first stage is the independent preparation of baking. Proteins and yolks divided into different cups, preferably those that are designed to work with a mixer. Pour the sugar into the yolks and whip this mixture on high power until the fluffy cap of foam appears.
  2. Put proteins into another cup and beat with a mixer on medium power until the largest foam appears. After that, increase the speed to maximum, and add sugar in portions. Beat until a fluffy mass of white is formed.
  3. Combine these two masses in several stages, interfering with a silicone spatula from the bottom of the cup upwards and the edges towards the center. It is necessary as much as possible to ensure that the mass remains the same lush.
  4. Mix flour and baking powder and sift into sugar mass. As in the previous paragraph, knead everything. It should be a homogeneous mass.
  5. Next, cover the baking sheet with parchment paper and form sticks about 5-7 centimeters long with the help of a pastry bag. Dust the icing sugar on top of each stick.
  6. Preheat oven to two hundred degrees and send cookies there. Approximately 15 minutes is required.
  7. Next stage of the work on the cream. Whip cream with a mixer. It should result in dense peaks and put them in a cold room for a while.
  8. Put 5 yolks separately, add sugar and pour in wine. With the help of a bath on the water, heat the mixture, with continuous mixing, bring to a temperature of 75 degrees.
  9. Remove the cup from the stove and until the mixture is completely cool, beat and take a fluffy white shape.
  10. Separately, put the mascarpone cheese and in small portions pour the mixture of eggs, constantly stirring from the bottom up. Next, pour the cream and remove the resulting cream for 20-40 minutes in the refrigerator.
  11. The next stage and the final is the collection of the cake. To make the cake easy to take out, it is better to take a split form.
  12. The first thing is laid out cookies that soak in the coffee, it should fit snugly to each other, to the maximum should not be empty places. Dip cookies in coffee should be neatly, it quickly soak, breaks and turns into a mess. Next, lay out 1/3 of the cream and distribute it evenly. So you need to do with all three layers, the final layer should be a cream.
  13. Cake left in the refrigerator at night, and you can for less.
  14. Cake Tiramisu biscuits for this recipe with step-by-step photos, like the previous classic dessert, you can decorate by putting a fence and make cocoa powder on top.

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