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Sunberry berry — beneficial properties and contraindications

Recently, gardeners love to discover unusual, exotic plants.

One of these — the “sunny berry” comes from South America — Sunberry.

This plant is a hybrid product of breeding, created by crossing the African and European nightshade.

As a result, the new species received high yield and resistance to adverse growing conditions from the first plant, and useful properties from the second.

Sunberry reaches a height of 1.5 meters, has a rather large tetrahedral stem.

The berries resemble blueberries in color, but they are much larger in size, roughly like a large cherry, ripen in clusters, 10-15 pieces each.

The taste has a specific, but rather bland, therefore it is practically not consumed fresh.

Sunberry is just beginning to gain popularity in the CIS countries.

In this regard, there is a lot of controversial and often unreliable information about the properties of this berry, about the features of use.

Therefore, many who have tried these berries refuse this product.

And indeed, it is difficult to disagree with this, because Sunberry is a storehouse of useful elements.


Sunberry berries are rich in vitamin C, which is the so-called «vitamin of youth.»

This vitamin supports human immunity, promotes the production of collagen, ensures the health of blood vessels and the endocrine system, and also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

In addition, the berries contain provits A — carotene, which is quite a serious antioxidant and helps our body fight toxins.

As you can see, sunberry can not boast a variety of vitamins, but this is easily offset by the huge amount of other useful substances that make up.

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Micro and macro elements.

Berries contain potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, as well as more rare elements.

For example:

  • manganese, which has a positive effect on immunity and blood formation process;
  • zinc, which provides the pituitary and pancreas;
  • copper and nickel, normalizing the synthesis of hemoglobin and promoting the formation of red blood cells;
  • chromium, which activates glucose metabolism;
  • silver with antibacterial properties.

That is, we can safely say that the sunberry contains almost the entire complex of elements necessary for the human body.

Physiologically active compounds

Among them are chlorophyll, a complex of bioflavonoids, anthocyanins and tannins.

They have an antibacterial and wound-healing effect, remove free radicals from the body and provide strong support to the immune system.

Nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates (galactose and fructose)

In addition to all of the above, the fruits of sunberry contain pectins, which also help cleanse the body, and selenium, which slows down the aging process.

The energy value of this berry is 220 kcal per 100 grams, so the fruits are not recommended for people who are struggling with excess weight.

Obviously, due to such a rich composition of useful elements, the fruits of Sunberry can be classified as a product with therapeutic and prophylactic properties.

These berries help to treat diseases of the joints, increase visual acuity, contribute to the improvement of blood composition, normalize digestion, appetite, sleep, and simply give life energy.

Consider the healing properties of the fruit of sunberry in more detail.

The benefits of sunberry for the treatment of colds and viral diseases.

The berries are rich in vitamin C and substances with antimicrobial properties, so they are so effective for the treatment of acute respiratory infections and SARS.

Juice Sunberry, diluted with water 1: 3, it is recommended to gargle with sore throat.

And the juice of the leaves is effective for the treatment of rhinitis, even chronic.

Berries have a positive effect on the digestive system.

Fruits help maintain normal liver function, especially after consuming heavy and fatty foods.

When food poisoning, they act as a natural sorbent, because the berries contain pectin.

In addition, the regular ingestion of sunberry relieves constipation and relieves spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, juice is recommended for the treatment of gastritis and colitis, and the leaves increase the acidity of gastric juice.

The use of sunberry for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system

The beneficial substances and elements contained in the berries contribute to the renewal of blood and the improvement of its composition.

And the use of fresh berries or jam from the fruit of a sunberry normalizes blood pressure.

In addition, this plant favorably affects the vessels, increases their elegance and prevents «fragility.»

Vision benefits

Vitamin A contained in fruits has a positive effect on vision, maintaining its sharpness.

Therefore, those who already have vision problems or constantly keep their eyes on their toes are encouraged to take the extract from the sunberry berries.

External application of this berry, has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps to treat skin diseases.

In addition to all this, the berries and leaves of sunberry slow down the aging process of the body, lower blood sugar levels, relieve insomnia, and even prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Like many foods rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, as well as useful properties, the fruits of sunberry can cause an allergic reaction in the form of redness and rash on the skin, so it is not recommended to use these berries, fresh or processed, in large quantities, therefore there are a number of contraindications to use .

Also, excessive consumption of fruits can cause upset stomach, because they contain a natural laxative — pectin.

You should know that sunberry causes drowsiness, so it is better not to eat these berries before you get behind the wheel.

In addition, the fruit is not recommended for pregnant women, since taking them for food can cause a contraction of the uterus.

Given the usefulness and medicinal properties of Sunberry, we can safely say that these exotic berries deserve to take a place in our diet.

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Never heard to be honest about such a berry. Thanks for the info, it was interesting to read.

Berry is very useful, but where to get the seeds?

I have �� and more …

Raisa, good time of day. I grow sambury is not the first year. I can send seeds — germination 99% I live in Kirov, where do you live?

Last year the neighbor gave me 7 of these berries. I waited a bit until full maturity, took out the seeds and dried them. Spring sowed along with the tomatoes on the seedlings. And now I have 5 bushes — they grow very much. ). So look for berries and grow!

Please tell me how to get the seeds of sunberry. I have 8 berries.

Cut the berries in half and squeeze the berries on the newspaper by moving them over the paper with a knife. Moisture will be removed, wash the berries, dry and in a bag. Very simple!

Robert, I think, if dried in a whole, the seeds ripen.
This is my logic.

You just need to put the berries one by one in the open form, you can resemble a matchbox, each berry can be separated from the other so that they do not touch and the box is not completely closed. they dry very long. In spring, crumble a berry just above the ground. It is desirable to separate from the seeds of tomatoes. Will be a bunch of their seedlings.
I am writing from my own experience. They gave me only three berries, when they grew enough for the whole district.

Just today I heard from a neighbor about sun berry, she was treated by a friend. Neighbor also did not know what it is. You have learned a lot of interesting things. I’ll get it myself. Thank.

This year I have grown 5 bushes of this berry. The plant is very large, all the bushes are literally dotted with large berries. Today, for the sample cooked a little jam. Took 1 glass of berries and 1.5 cups of sugar. Cooked for half an hour. (I don’t know how to cook these berries correctly! Can anyone share their experience?) The taste of jam is pleasant. I liked it

I cook like this: I will blanch the berries (in boiling water I will hold for a couple of minutes to become soft);
grind (with a mixer then the jam will be tender);
add lemon juice, grated ginger and sugar (all to taste),
I cook on a slow fire not for long …
keep in the fridge.

Jam is very tasty, but before cooking the berries, you definitely need to blanch it until soft. Look for a recipe on the Internet.

They were treated with grated berries with sugar, very tasty especially with curd or oat-flakes, but I heard that they can be frozen like black currant and then wiped with sugar for a whole year just before use.

Very tasty is obtained if you twist a raw berry with sugar and add lemon. You can sprig of mint.

You can still cook with lemon.

Raised 10 bushes of this berry Frozen Eat 2-3 berries

I’ll try to cook with lemon and leave for seeds, a beautiful berry)))

The mother-in-law has been planting at the dacha for more than a year, so we don’t eat, it’sn’t tasty, but jam, just… ….

Hello! I have been growing this berry for the third year, I make juice in the fall and I drink it all winter, it helps with hypertension, pancreatitis,
biliary dyskinesia. Improves blood formation

From the summer I make jam, just read about the properties that are useful, the jam turns purple, and the taste and color are nice) should be added with jam or orange, or lemon, then it will be tasty) I recommend.

This year, planted this berry for the first time (bushes 15). I’ll make jam. But where am I going to spend the rest? can anyone need? I am pleased to share.

how to buy seeds from you

I grow 3 years. I add some pears. I like the taste of jam and the ink color very much.

A pregnant jam, too, can not yes.

We were treated to jam — delicious.

Friends gave 4 bush. They say that they did not eat more delicious jam. Let’s try.

There are many recipes on the Internet for every taste. I have been growing this berry for many years. Only it is necessary to prevent large bushes, the stepson as well as tomatoes, I do not allow above 60 cm to grow. Closer to the fall, I remove both flowers and green berries, constantly following it. Berries are large, we really like. I like only one recipe: I pour berries with boiling water, they will stand for 5 minutes, pour it into a colander and immediately rinse with water from a tap, then spread it on a towel, let it dry. And then I skip the berries in a meat grinder, immediately add 1 lemon, green apples. (1 kg of berries, 1 kg of green apples, lemon and 2 kg of sugar). I mix all this well and leave for 6 hours at room temperature, stirring constantly with a wooden spatula. Then in a well-washed Pasteur. cans and fridge. And the day you need to eat 100g. no more.

Hello ! Could you send me the seeds and how much will they cost? Thank you in advance ! I live in the Lipetsk region

I planted 10 bushes. So it’s not tasty, I’ll try to cook the jam. I haven’t even gathered it yet, it’s freezing and it’s snowing outside.

Delicious jam with orange.

A friend gave the seeds, planted for the sample, I liked it, now I share it with all my friends, first I give it to try the jam, and if I like it, I share the seeds. There is a lot of seeds in every berry! Colorado beetles, especially leaves.

I want to add to all comments. Growing sunberry since 2003 year. To collect the seeds, one is enough, even unripe berries. Very productive plant. We live in Yakutsk, summer is short. I tried to plant in the garden and in the greenhouse. Since it is a solanaceous plant, otherwise it is called, the black-fruited nightshade is very thermophilic. In the greenhouse grows heavily and barks a big crop. From 4 bushes I collected 12-liter bucket. On the street less bushes. It is important to collect ripe berry. It should be not only black, but when pressed soft. We gather before frosts, unripe we do not take, directly in clusters in a cardboard box. And he stands with me for another two weeks, the berries are dosed, like tomatoes. That’s when the berry becomes soft, ripe, from it and the jam is delicious. I always blanch the broth’s taste, leave, drain and boil it sah. syrup like jam — five minutes 3 times. You can add any sour berry, lemons or fruits. Cooked with lemon, red, black currants, with lingonberries, with apples. Never twisted, the whole berry in the jam resembles grapes.

Before planting, it is necessary to dry the berries naturally, soak in water for a few hours. Then you can easily remove the seeds. Jam is just lovely.

Chi є obezhennya in kіlkostі when implanted?

and children can have a cold with a sore throat

Yes! I also grow sunbury, I like jam or jam very much, if I need seeds I can share

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