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Stuffed tomatoes: a recipe step by step with minced meat, cheese and garlic, carrots, in an oven and a slow cooker

Tomatoes — one of the most beautiful and healthy vegetables. They are added to salads, first and second courses, pickled and salted, make juice and juice from the pulp. In addition, large fruits can be used as «baskets» for salads.

This quick and easy-to-prepare snack is ideal for the festive table. Therefore, stuffed tomatoes — a recipe that you definitely need to add to your home cookbook.

Features Vegetable «baskets» stuffed with shrimps — a delicacy for seafood lovers. Preparation will take no more than an hour.

The appetizer goes well with light wine.

  • tomatoes — ten pieces;
  • shrimp — 400 g;
  • chicken egg — three pieces;
  • canned pineapples — half a can;
  • cheese — 100 g;
  • mayonnaise — 80 g;
  • greens — one bunch;
  • lemon juice — 40 ml;
  • salt.
  1. In the boiling water, throw the peeled shrimps and cook for four minutes. Then drain the water and add lemon juice to it. Leave for a while to insist.
  2. Cut the large tomatoes into halves, remove the pulp with a teaspoon. Let the excess juice flow out.
  3. Boil eggs and cut into thin strips.
  4. Pineapples chop into small squares.
  5. Grate the cheese.
  6. Finely chop the greens, skip the garlic through a press.
  7. In a separate container, mix all the ingredients, season with mayonnaise, add spices to taste.
  8. Start the “baskets” with the finished mixture. Shrimp put one thing on each tomato.
  9. Clean for half an hour in the fridge.

Features If you like spicy and spicy snacks, then you definitely need to cook stuffed green tomatoes in Georgian.

These crispy and juicy «baskets» are suitable for meat, fish, cereals and potatoes.

  • green tomatoes — 800 g;
  • garlic — nine cloves;
  • parsley — one bunch;
  • dill — one bunch;
  • hot pepper — one pod;
  • hop-suneli — one teaspoon;
  • bay leaf — four pieces;
  • coriander — 15 g;
  • black pepper peas — 15 g;
  • water — 1 l;
  • salt — 20 g
  1. Finely chop the peeled garlic and greens.
  2. Chop the pepper.
  3. Mix the ingredients, add the hops-suneli. Mix well.
  4. On the tomatoes, make a cut crosswise, extract the pulp, salt it inside.
  5. Carefully stuff the “baskets” with the green mixture.
  6. Throw bay leaves, coriander and black peppercorns on the bottom of the cans.
  7. Make a pickle. Boil water in a saucepan, add salt and boil for a few more minutes.
  8. Put the prepared tomato “baskets” into the jars.
  9. Fill them with hot pickle.
  10. Cover the jars with lids and leave for four days to ferment. Then store them in the refrigerator.

Features Stuffed tomatoes with crab sticks — a quick and budget cold snack.

As decoration, you can use corn or peas (canned). Olives are also appropriate.

  • tomatoes — eight pieces;
  • crab sticks — 250 g;
  • chicken egg — two pieces;
  • garlic — four cloves;
  • cheese — 100 g;
  • mayonnaise — 70 g;
  • greens — one bunch;
  • salt.
  1. Cut off the «caps» of tomatoes, extract the pulp.
  2. Crab sticks chop cubes.
  3. To grind the cheese and boiled eggs, take the grater.
  4. Crush garlic in the press, and chop the greens.
  5. Add mayonnaise, salt (if necessary) to the prepared ingredients and mix well.
  6. Stuff the tomato «cups» and place on a tray.

Features Making tomatoes stuffed with carrots is a snap.

If you replace mayonnaise with olive oil in a standard recipe, then the dish will turn out to be lean, dietary.

  • tomatoes — eight pieces;
  • carrots — 350 g;
  • garlic — four cloves;
  • walnuts — 70 g;
  • mayonnaise — 80 g;
  • greens — one bunch;
  • salt pepper.
  1. Cut the top of the tomato along with the stalk.
  2. Carefully remove the pulp and seeds.
  3. Grate carrot, add chopped garlic, chopped nuts and greens to it.
  4. Season with mayonnaise, add spices, mix.
  5. Tomato «cups» fill the resulting mixture, leave to soak for a while and serve to the table.

Features This is perhaps the easiest recipe for stuffed tomatoes. “Kegs” with cottage cheese is a light and dietary dish with a savory taste.

  • cherry tomatoes — 20 pieces;
  • cottage cheese — 200 g;
  • natural yogurt — 40 g;
  • garlic — four cloves;
  • dill — one bunch;
  • salad leaves;
  • salt pepper.
  1. Cut the caps off the cherry.
  2. Carefully remove the pulp and seeds with a teaspoon.
  3. Make the stuffing. Mix cottage cheese, natural yogurt and chopped garlic.
  4. Add to the mixture finely chopped herbs, spices. Stir.
  5. Put the stuffing in a plastic bag, tie and cut the tip. If there is a pastry syringe, use it.
  6. Fill tomato baskets with filling.
  7. Serve chilled on lettuce.

Features Baked stuffed tomatoes in the dough are well suited for a quick breakfast or a hearty snack.

Inside the «baskets» ham is assumed. But you can use meat or fish mince.

  • tomatoes — four pieces;
  • dough — 300 g;
  • ham — 100 g;
  • cheese — 100 g;
  • mayonnaise — 40 g;
  • oregano — 20 g;
  • salt pepper.
  1. In tomatoes, cut the top part together with the stalk.
  2. Remove the pulp and seeds with a spoon, let the juice drain.
  3. Roll out the dough and cut out four circles with a glass. They must match the diameter of the tomatoes.
  4. Each basket gently wrap a circle of dough.
  5. Cut ham and cheese into cubes, add spices and season with mayonnaise.
  6. Put the stuffing in the «baskets» and sprinkle with oregano.
  7. Grease the baking dish with butter and place the stuffed tomatoes on it.
  8. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 ° C.

It is not necessary to bake stuffed tomatoes in the oven. You can use the microwave oven.

Here is a recipe for bachelors. Start the «kegs» with the following mixture: sausages roasted with cubes, tomato pulp, chopped cheese and garlic, mayonnaise and spices.

Bake for ten minutes at 900 watts.

This dish is rather an amateur. Personally, I do not like baked tomatoes. but in my family, everyone is delighted with this dish, and the taste and ease of preparation.

Tomatoes are prepared very simply: the tomatoes are cut in half, the flesh is taken out. In each half a tomato is poured over an egg, sprinkled with chopped cheese and breadcrumbs.

Tomatoes are laid out on a greased baking sheet, on top of each tomato they put a piece of butter and bake it all in the oven.

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A simple and very tasty appetizer — stuffed tomatoes. You can stuff them with what your heart desires — directly with minced meat with onions and greens, rice, salad, and if the tomatoes are small, then it is very tasty to fill them with cheese and mayonnaise stuffed with garlic.

This is a good decoration for any table and quick to prepare dish.

Girls, the recipe is good, but I make with minced meat stewed or with liver (beef or chicken) already cooked and stuffed tomatoes and covered with sour cream or garlic mayonnaise, but not baked tomatoes. They are fresh, dense and on top you can cover with a cut off top beautifully, and with greens it turns out like a bast basket.


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