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Sponge cake with butter cream — the perfection of taste

It only seems that it is too difficult to make a sponge cake with butter cream. If you know that the standard set of products for classic sponge cake consists of only three ingredients, then baking becomes somewhat more real. But how to cook a classic sponge cake with butter cream, we have already told on the pages of our site in the article «The secrets of cooking delicious sponge cake.»

Therefore, in this story we will focus on more complex desserts, and as an example, at the beginning, take a chiffon sponge cake with butter cream.

Chiffon sponge cake covered with whipped cream

What is the difference between a chiffon sponge cake and a classic one? First of all — a set of ingredients.

In chiffon, they are somewhat larger, and the taste of this baking is more saturated, and the texture is softer. By the way, chiffon sponge cake is almost never smeared with cream and is not divided into cakes.

That is why the decoration of light cream, suitable for this biscuit, as well as possible.

It is also worth noting that this type of dessert is prepared with a large amount of vegetable oil, so this product should be taken without smell and good quality.

So what will you need to make a classic chiffon sponge cake:

  • Wheat flour of the highest quality — 200 gr .;
  • Chicken eggs — 5 pcs .;
  • Egg protein — 1 pc. additionally;
  • Baking powder for dough — 2.5 tsp;
  • Sugar sand — 210 gr .;
  • Fine salt — 0.5 tsp;
  • Boiled water — 135 ml .;
  • Sunflower oil, olive or corn — 90 ml .;
  • Citric acid — 1/4 tsp;

For the cream will need:

  • Butter — 200 gr .;
  • Chicken eggs — 2 pcs .;
  • Sugar — 4 tablespoons;
  • Vanilla sugar — 5 g .;
  • Milk — 100 ml.

Chiffon biscuit is a somewhat capricious cake and it is necessary not only to cook it correctly, but also to cool it so that it does not fall down and turn into a thin plastic. Therefore, we will start from the very beginning and tell you in detail how to make a biscuit and butter cream to decorate it.

Immediately remove the butter from the fridge so that it softens enough when the cream is prepared.

We start making dough for biscuit with the separation of eggs into whites and yolks. The dishes in which you will lay out the proteins should be dry and clean, since with the slightest ingress of water into the whipped proteins you may not achieve the desired result.

Now let’s do a dry mix.

Sift flour, salt, baking powder into a large cup and add 160 gr. Sahara. The whole mixture is thoroughly mixed. We make in the dough a small mouth of a volcano and pour prepared yolks, oil and water into this cavity.

First, mix gently so that all the liquid is distributed evenly over the dry mixture, then take the mixer and beat the mass. It should be uniform and not have any lumps.

The proposed choice of oil, you do not limit what you like, then pour. But if it seems to you that the taste may turn out to be oily, then add 5 gr to the dry mix. vanilla sugar.

Then get a vanilla biscuit cake, and the smell and taste of vanilla will kill the taste of vegetable, or any other oil.

Once you have prepared the basis for the test, we begin to engage in proteins. First, beat them separately, adding nothing. If you have selected eggs, then you need to add just one extra protein, if the lower category of eggs, then the additional protein should be a little more.

This is necessary to ensure that the biscuit does not fall off, since there is a lot of vegetable oil in it, which makes the dough heavier. Beat whites when they stop increasing in volume, pour out citric acid and continue to beat until soft peaks.

The rest of the sugar, which can give the proteins a more dense texture, will be used further. Beat whites with sugar until hard peaks and then in 3 steps add to the base of the dough.

When proteins begin to enter the cake blank, they will have to be mixed only with a spatula, so that the air bubbles in the proteins will not be destroyed.
Now prepare the baking dish and set the oven to warm to 180 degrees. The form is simply covered with parchment and at the same time only the bottom.

If you have a split form, then put the parchment on the bottom, and fasten the side part over it. To lubricate the form can not in any case. Pour the dough into the prepared form and put in the oven for 50 minutes.

It is also impossible to open the oven for the first 20 minutes so that the dough does not fall.

You can tidy up the kitchen during baking, prepare glasses of the same height in order to cool the sponge cake in the future. Since the cream should be used for decoration within 30 minutes after preparation, it is better to wait for the cooling of the biscuit and only after that do cream.

When the cake is ready, take the cake out of the oven, check the readiness with a match, and if it comes out dry and clean, then turn over the form with the finished sponge cake upside down and set it on the prepared glasses. Such a device is necessary, as protection against falling off the cake.

When you are able to touch the finished biscuit with your hand, this will signal the beginning of the time to prepare the decoration for the cake.

Cream also prepared in accordance with the following recipe.

Beat the softened butter, then begin to deal with the rest of the decoration ingredients. First, beat the eggs with sugar to a high foam. Put the milk on a low heat and heat, but do not boil.

We pour vanilla sugar into warm milk and heat a little more. Now eggs will be beaten with sugar into the milk. It is necessary not only to mix the mixture well, but also to warm it up a little more, stirring continuously.

It will take about 5 minutes in low heat of the burner. Then you should strain the blank for decoration and cool it to room temperature.

Pour the cooled billet into butter and beat well. The cream is ready, take out the cooled biscuit from the mold, very carefully separating it from the walls, and begin to decorate.

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You can first cover the top of the sponge cake with butter cream, and then put the rest of the mass into a pastry bag and decorate it with various patterns.

Chiffon biscuit is also suitable for covering with curd cream, but keep in mind that it has a heavier structure and does not hold the shape of jewelry as well as cream.

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