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Sour cream cake: ten recipes and tips for cooking at home

In the Slavic confectionery business, a large role is still played by cream made of sour cream, the recipe of which, with seeming simplicity, has an amazing taste, as well as useful properties. Sour cream cake, besides the taste and the fact that the recipe is pretty simple, we can say that the best cream in terms of impregnation of the cake layers. Also, this product is safe due to the absence of dyes, preservatives, and raw eggs.

It should be noted easy food digestibility of the cream. This option can be used for biscuit, sand cakes, and for wafer rolls.

The question of how to make sour cream at home from the classic version to the cream with the addition of mascarpone, this article is devoted.

Rules for making sour cream

How to make sour cream competently, without spoiling the components in vain?

Consider the basic rules and requirements.

Sour cream cake should meet the following requirements:

— in appearance it should be of a uniform texture, thick and in no case should it spread;

— the taste of the product should be balanced sweet and harmoniously combined with other components of the dessert.

The correct recipe for sour cream is based on using rather high fat content as components of sour cream, and it is also better to use powdered sugar instead of sugar. It should be noted that the use of powdered sugar will give the product a more delicate, and you can say melting texture.

In order to get a thick cream it is necessary to focus not only on the fat content of the sour cream product, but also on the absence of serum in it. Therefore, before starting to prepare it, it is better to hang it over some container with gauze and allow the serum to drain for 3-4 hours, which will make it possible to use neither cream nor thickener in the preparation process.

Sometimes creamy soy cream is used to make a creamy creamy product — in fact, it is a soybean version of regular sour cream.

Ten recipes for your cookbook

Classic cream

The recipe for the classic version is quite simple.

In order to make a tasty cream cream, only two ingredients will be needed: 500 grams of cream product (thick cream or soy cream) and 1.5 cups of sugar or powdered sugar. For cooking using chilled sour cream. At the initial stage, ordinary or soy sour cream is mixed with sugar or powdered sugar and must be whipped with a mixer.

It is necessary to strictly control the density of the cream. It is necessary to finish whipping the cream with its consistency at the level of oil.

If you miss the moment the product may begin to stratify, and it will already be unsuitable for impregnating the cake.

If all of you have purchased sour cream, which is not fatty enough, and the creamy substance turned out to be quite liquid and spread out because of this, the thickening agent containing starch, together with sugar, can fix the situation.

Cream of sour cream with mascarpone

The recipe for mascarpone cream came into use recently.

But it can be said that the product ends up with a very light and refined taste. With mascarpone, you can make a creamy substance with cream, chocolate, condensed milk, but the most relevant is the combination with sour cream. Sour cream sponge cake with the addition of mascarpone will not leave you indifferent.

Also, this product can be used not only for the layer of cake layers, but also for cakes, muffins, and wafer rolls.

The process of making a creamy substance with mascarpone does not take much of your time. To do this, you need only three ingredients: 700 grams of 25% sour cream product, 250 grams of mascarpone, 1 cup of sugar or powdered sugar.

Initially, to prepare a cream product, it is necessary to remove the whey as much as possible. For this we need a sieve and a towel. The towel is spread over a sieve and sour cream is laid out in it.

After that, it is covered with the edges of the towel and placed for several hours in the refrigerator. During this time, the fabric absorbs the serum, and part of it flows into a sieve, leaving the product with the desired consistency for making the cream. After that, sour cream is laid out in an enameled bowl, sugar is added, whipped with a mixer using the maximum mode until a homogeneous mass.

Mascarpone is added to the sweet mass with sour cream and whipped again, but in slow motion.

So, the mascarpone cream turned out to be quite thick, lush and easy to apply on the surface of the cake. Sour cream sponge cake with mascarpone will make your dessert unique and help you surprise guests at the holiday table.

Protein and almond cream

The recipe will be able to diversify sour cream biscuit cream and give your dessert a unique taste.

For the preparation of protein-almond cream product from sour cream you will need:

about three glasses or 750 milliliters of sour cream, about half a cup of granulated sugar, two glasses of almonds and 3 chicken eggs.

Three chicken eggs are pre-taken and the whites are separated from the yolks. Proteins are refrigerated and cooled.

It should be noted that only proteins will be used in the proteinaceous creamy product.

Sour cream is poured into an enamel bowl and whipped with a mixer, along with proteins and sugar. In parallel, the nuts are roasted and then crushed in a blender.

After that, you need to mix almonds and protein-cream mass.

Protein-almond cream made from sour cream can be used not only for a layer of biscuit cakes, but also for wafer rolls, as well as a separate dessert.

Yoghurt cream with sour cream

The popularity of yogurt in the preparation of cake creams is based mainly on the fact that it has a refreshing pungent taste and texture that resembles pudding.

The recipe for this product does not require special skills.

Even a beginner can prepare a light yoghurt cream on sour cream basis. At the same time, it will turn out thick and can be used for both sponge cakes and wafer cakes.

For its preparation you will need the following ingredients: 400 grams of 25% sour cream product; one glass of sugar with a slide; 100 milliliters of home-cooked yogurt; two tablespoons of cocoa; 1 pack of gelatin and half a glass of boiled water.

At the initial stage, dissolve a pack of gelatin in half a glass of boiled water and leave for a few minutes. Simultaneously, the cooled sour cream must be whipped with a mixer until an air foam is formed.

When preparing the product from the store sour cream with a towel and a sieve, remove the whey from it. Next, do not stop whipping, add sugar in sour cream.

Gelatin is heated on the fire, but it must be ensured that it does not boil. Before adding to the cream mass, it is necessary to cool it a little, and then pour it out, also whipping.

Separately, yogurt is altered with cocoa and added to the resulting mass. After that, the yogurt product from sour cream is placed in the refrigerator for an hour, and it is ready to use.

Cream of sour cream with gelatin

The recipe is not particularly difficult, but it will allow you to get a thick, non-spreading cream.

It will require:

one teaspoon of gelatin, half a glass of milk, about 300 grams of sour cream, four tablespoons of powdered sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla sugar and 3 drops of flavored almond-flavored essence (or any other at the discretion of the pastry chef).

At the initial stage, gelatin is poured with milk, put aside before swelling (approximately forty minutes, and if you use the quick-dissolve option gelatin, then for five minutes). Then heat it up with the use of a water bath until the grains are completely dissolved, but it must be avoided that it boils.

Subsequently, gelatin set aside and give him the opportunity to cool to room temperature.

In an enamel bowl mixed sour cream, powdered sugar and vanilla sugar. Mix this mixture with a mixer.

Not stopping to beat the cream mixture, slowly pour a cooled gelatin mass into a thin stream. At the very end, fragrant essence is added and the readiness of the product can be stated.

Cranberry Cream

This recipe will appeal to lovers of sourness.

To prepare this option will need:

about 200 grams of sour cream, 150 grams of sugar, and 75 grams of cranberries.

Chilled sour cream is mixed with sugar and whipped with a mixer until the grains completely disappear. Prepared and washed cranberries are rubbed through a sieve and added to the cream.

All this is thoroughly mixed and whipped.

Curd cream with sour cream

The recipe of cooking does not take you much time, but the result will be an airy and at the same time healthy cream product.

To make it you need:

250 grams of 20% sour cream, 200 grams of cottage cheese, 100 grams of powdered sugar and one cup of nuts.

Fresh curd mass and sour cream are taken, they are whipped with a mixer until a homogeneous mass is formed. After that, without turning off the mixer, powdered sugar and walnuts, previously crushed in a blender, are added and all this is very well mixed and whipped until the cream substance thickens.

Honey cream with sour cream and sea buckthorn

To prepare this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

One liter of 25% sour cream, 1 tablespoon of natural honey and 300 grams of sea buckthorn jam.

For cooking, you need sea buckthorn jam to pass through a sieve. In it add sour cream and honey and mix it all up using a mixer until a homogeneous mass is formed.

After that, the creamy product must be cooled using a refrigerator.

Cream with sour cream and raisins

For the manufacture of cream for this recipe, we need:

150 grams of 25% sour cream, 300 grams of sugar, 40 grams of gelatin powder, 300 milliliters of water, 50 grams of raisins, a choice of cherry or apricot flavored sauce and vanilla.

First, the gelatin powder is soaked in water, set aside before swelling (about forty minutes). Then it is heated in a water bath until the grains disappear completely.

Subsequently, the gelatinous mixture is cooled.

Pre-cooled sour cream whipped with sugar or powdered sugar and vanilla. Parallel raisins are crushed with a blender and mixed with a mass of sour cream, and gelatin is slowly added to it. All this is whipped.

After applying to the cake directly on the cream of sour cream sauce is applied with the taste of cherry or apricot. This cream can be used as a separate dessert.

Cream with sour cream, butter and condensed milk

For cooking you will need:

about 200 grams of 25% sour cream, 200 grams of butter, half a can of milk with sugar or condensed milk in common people and 300 grams of pre-chopped nuts.

At the first stage, butter is whipped with condensed milk. When cooking, you can use as usual pasteurized milk with sugar and condensed milk boiled.

It all depends on the taste of the pastry chef. Then sour cream is added to the mixture and everything is whipped to a magnificent state.

Roasted shredded nuts are added to the cream of sour cream and the whole mass is mixed thoroughly.

Good luck and enjoy your meal.

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