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Sherbet at home: step-by-step recipes with photos and videos

How to make sherbet at home: recipes with photos

Sherbet belongs to the eastern sweets, which is well established in Europe and quickly became popular around the world.

This oriental sweetness has several forms: a drink that is made from fruit juice and spices, ice cream, which has a liquid and cool texture and a tasty candy, which has dried or dried fruit, condensed milk and some nuts.

Some interesting information about eastern sweets.

The variety of forms, types and tastes of sherbet allows sweet teeth to pamper themselves every time with a new sweetness.

In Russia, the most popular was sherbet in the form of fudge or a large and sweet candy, in which you can often find nuts, dried fruits and other additives. And the taste of condensed milk is familiar to every Russian since childhood.

Sometimes sherbet is even scolded for its excessive sweetness, saying that due to the high content of sugar and milk, its taste becomes too sweet, almost cloying. But here, as they say, a matter of taste.

Your attention is invited to several unusual and at the same time simple recipes that even beginner chefs can realize.

And a few important, useful tips that will help to cope with the difficulties encountered in the preparation and finally get a tasty, useful and appetizing product.

Pour milk into a small non-stick pan and add sugar, but not all, leave a little for the future, it will be useful to us for caramel. Cook milk on the smallest fire and stir all the time so that it does not run away. Boil milk until half an hour, until the sugar is completely and irreversibly dissolved.

Then, fry peanuts in a pan. Understand that it is roasted is very simple: the husk is easily removed, and the seeds have become golden. The main thing — do not overcook, otherwise it will be bitter. Separate the peanuts from the husk and return to the pan, where the remaining sugar is poured.

It is best to turn off the stove, because the sugar will quickly melt and, at the exit, we will get peanuts in caramel.

Peanuts in caramel add to the pan with milk and cook for about 1 hour. After that add a piece of butter.

Now we need a form for sherbet. You can choose a curly or regular shape, cover it with parchment paper and pour the resulting sorbet into the prepared shape.

It is best to put it in the fridge or take it outside (in winter) so that it cools faster and hardens. Hardened sherbet cut into portions and serve with tea.

For the preparation of this option sweets, we need:

  • 1 can of condensed milk;
  • A little butter (1-2 tablespoons);
  • 2 glasses of sugar;
  • Honey (optional);
  • Nuts of different types (cashews, hazelnuts and others);
  • Raisins (optional).

We start cooking by mixing condensed milk, sugar and little in a saucepan, and then turn on the stove and cook on low heat until the mass becomes thick, about 30 minutes. If you use honey, then it can be poured into this mixture and boil a little, constantly stirring.

And now the development of events can go in different ways:

  1. Put nuts and raisins on the bottom of the form, covered with parchment paper and pour liquid sherbet. Then the delicacy will turn out to be layers: below — nuts and raisins, on top — sweet fudge made from condensed milk and honey;
  2. Add nuts and raisins to liquid sherbet, mix everything and pour into cooked form.

How will you do, choose yourself, each method is good in its own way.

After the sherbet is in shape, cooled, it is ready to eat. Cut it into portions, and top it with nuts, fresh berries or powdered sugar. Delicious treat for tea is ready!

This ice cream will be indispensable for sweet teeth, who watch their figure and can not afford too much.

The interest of this type of chilled desserts is that the composition of the products can vary, and each time a unique taste is obtained that everyone will surely like.

For the preparation we need:

  • A pound of fresh or thawed berries;
  • 1 orange;
  • 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar (for lovers of sweeter can be more);
  • Coconut chips (optional);
  • A few medium walnuts (optional).

So, we should start with the fact that thawed berries, finely chopped orange pulp, powdered sugar, coconut chips and ground nuts are loaded into a bowl.

Now the resulting mixture should be whipped, it is best to do it with a mixer or blender.

It is not necessary to take the mixture out of the bowl, you can send the sherbet into the freezer directly in it, but do not forget to mix it periodically, otherwise you will get fruit ice.

To get the consistency of ice cream you need 6-8 hours of freezing.

You can lay out the prepared dessert from the bowl with the help of special tongs for ice cream, forming it into balls and sprinkling with the remnants of berries and coconut flakes.

Alternatively, liquid chocolate or berry (fruit) syrup can be used as another option for decorating, watering it with a cherry.

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  1. When cooking any kind of sherbet, try to use only fresh products, and remember that the shelf life of Eastern sweets prepared at home is much lower than that of purchased ones. Indeed, in its preparation is not used preservatives and chemicals;
  2. The amount of sugar can be changed at your discretion;
  3. From the berries and fruits, remove all bones in advance; pre-peel the nuts and fry them; As for dried fruits, for example, raisins, they must first be washed in warm water so that small particles of soil or other garbage do not get into the dessert with them;
  4. Spices such as cinnamon or vanilla can be added to each recipe as desired;
  5. And for gourmets, there will be an extra pair of spoons of brandy, whiskey or Amaretto.

Thank you for the interest and attention shown to the recipes of our site, and bon appetit!

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