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Shawarma at home: cooking recipes with photos

Photo-recipes Shawarma at home: maximum pleasure without effort

Traditionally, shawarma is a dish consisting of fatty meat, fried in a special way, with the addition of spices, sauce and fresh vegetable salad. All this is wrapped in pita bread, some countries use pita instead.

If you follow the original recipe, you should use in the preparation of lamb or chicken. Beef or pork is much less commonly used.

The meat is fried on a vertical skewer, then cut into thin pieces with a sharp knife.

There are different versions of the origin of this wonderful dish. The history of the Turkish military campaigns is considered the closest to reality.

Legend has it that the Turks adored meat in all its manifestations, but during the war it was dangerous enough to stop and waste precious time on eating. That is why smart people came up with wrapping meat cooked on fire in pita bread and enjoying it on the go.

Some adhere to a similar version, with the only difference being that instead of the Turkish military, it includes Arab nomads.

The names used for shawarma are different in different countries. For example, Azerbaijanis call it “döner”, Lebanese prefer the name “Kubba”, and for the French meat, wrapped in a flat cake, becomes “kebab”.

Traditionally, for shawarma is preparing a special sauce based on dairy products. Kefir or yoghurt is used for it, to which is added paste from wiped sesame (aka tahini) and a huge number of different spices.

It is seasonings and spices that give a special oriental taste and flavor to the dish.

Over time, the recipe has been modified. Modern chefs often cooked garlic sauce based on mayonnaise, less often used sour cream.

In Israel, however, the dairy and meat cuisine is divided, so the residents of this country invented a special version of the chickpea sauce.

The most popular spices are all kinds of pepper, sesame, nutmeg and garlic. Rarely add the seeds of anise, marjoram, cloves and cinnamon.

Sometimes, along with spices, meat is rubbed with olive oil, it is also added to the sauce to give a special flavor.

To make the dish not only tasty, but also nutritious, various vegetables are added to it. Most often, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and lettuce are used. Some fans add there more mushrooms.

Often the dish is complemented by french fries, but this makes it more nutritious and heavy for the stomach, this option is not suitable for every organism.

Recipe shawarma at home is unthinkable without pita, and in any other conditions. Pita bread is an unleavened dough cake.

In many countries, this flour product is an excellent alternative to bread and is combined with meat products, cheese, vegetables, and even sweet. As a rule, wheat flour is used for production.

Most often there are two types of recipes: Georgian and Armenian. The first type of pita is rather thick and soft, it is used as a substitute for bread, and also various variants of pizza, pies and other famous dishes are prepared on this dough.

Armenian lavash is very thin, for shawarma it is preferable to use it.

These thin tortillas are baked in special ovens or ovens, but they can, if there is a great desire, be replaced with an ordinary frying pan, preferably with a non-stick coating.

The last requirement is due to the fact that during cooking it is not recommended to use butter.

To prepare traditional Armenian lavash at home you need to take the following ingredients (for six portions):

  • Flour — 300 gr;
  • Water (hot, almost boiling) — 75 ml;
  • Salt — 0.5 tsp;

Initially, it is necessary to pour flour into a bowl, a small depression is also made there. Then gradually hot water, already mixed with salt, is poured into it. All this substance is continuously stirred, ideally the mixer will cope with this task.

After all the water is successfully poured into the flour, kneaded dough is recommended to leave in a warm place, so it infused. Usually one hour is enough for this.

Then pita bread should be finely rolled out and cooked on an average fire for no more than 15 seconds each portion, depending on the level of hot pans.

Classic shawarma contains only the most delicious and important ingredients. During its preparation, attention is paid primarily to taste, not quantity. That is why the recipe does not contain “volume-increasing” components, such as cheese, Korean carrots, mushrooms, and others.

After collecting all the products, let’s start preparing a wonderful dish — shawarma — at home according to the recipe from the photo.

Mutton must first roast on a grill or pan.

The finished steak is cut into small pieces: the smaller they are, the tastier the shawarma will turn out to be.

Cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers are also cut into thin strips or cubes, slightly kneaded with their hands.

For the sauce, kefir, sour cream and mayonnaise are mixed, greens and spices are added to the same place.

In the meantime, the pita bread needs to be greased with sauce (it should cover about half of the surface), vegetables and meat are laid on top.

All this quickly collapses and goes to a pre-heated pan.

Frying shawarma on each side is worth no more than a minute.

Another version of the classic shawarma (another name for shawarma) in the video below will conquer all lovers of this glorious snack:

The initial recipe for shawarma included lamb, but modern chefs are increasingly cooking it with chicken meat. In addition to the classic recipe, there are many others, including different ingredients and methods of preparation.

One of the most delicious is the recipe for shawarma with chicken and carrots in Korean style in pita bread. To prepare four servings of this dish at home you will need the following components:

  • Chicken fillet — 400 gr;
  • Pita bread — 4 pcs .;
  • Tomatoes — 2 pcs .;
  • Fresh cucumbers — 2 pcs .;
  • Onions — half the head medium size;
  • Ketchup;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Korean carrots — 200 gr;
  • Vinegar;
  • Spices (nutmeg, paprika, cardamom and others to taste).

Before cooking shawarma, you should leave the meat overnight in a marinade of vinegar and spices.

The next day, it is cut into small pieces, lightly fried and put in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Onions, tomatoes and cucumbers should also be cut into cubes.

Mayonnaise and ketchup are mixed in a separate bowl.

Then pita bread is coated with this mixture, vegetables are laid on it (you can start with meat).

Onions are fried until golden brown and also placed on tomatoes and cucumbers. Next, lay meat on top of vegetables (or vice versa, if you started with meat).

Korean carrot completes the picture, you can add a little green.

This procedure is done with all the pita bread.

Then the pitas are rolled up and fried in a pan on both sides for a minute.

See another recipe for chicken shawarma in the video below:

Pork is less commonly used in shawarma recipes, but some love just such a combination of flavors. Interesting is the combination of pork with garlic, cheese and Chinese cabbage.

To prepare two servings of this dish you will need:

  • Marinated mushrooms (champignons or mushrooms) are ideal — 200 g;
  • Pork — 200 g;
  • Hard cheese — 100 g;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Tomatoes — 2 pcs .;
  • Garlic — 3-4 cloves;
  • Fresh greens;
  • Chinese cabbage;
  • Lavash — 2 pcs.

To achieve the ideal result, the meat should be finely chopped and fry without oil in a hot frying pan. Then it is mixed with sauce and infused for a while (no more than half an hour).

As a sauce for pork shawarma use a mixture of mayonnaise, garlic and fresh herbs. While the pork is infused, chop and fry the mushrooms in a hot frying pan.

Cheese must be grated, tomato and cabbage cut into cubes.

After the meat has absorbed the flavor of the sauce, you can stack all the contents on the pita.

Usually the ingredients are laid out in this order: meat, tomatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, cheese.

The final stage of cooking here is no different from other recipes: pita is rolled up, then fried on both sides.

At home, it is possible to retreat from the usual preparation of shawarma and experiment with the fillings. Recipes fillings for pita for every taste. Or maybe you come up with your exclusive option?

This culinary article presents a step-by-step recipe for Adzhar-style khachapuri. Delicious tortillas continue to gain attention. No wonder, because they are so delicious!

And here you can find out how to quickly and tasty marinate chicken for kebabs. Only proven methods!

Below are tips that will help beginners in preparing home-made shawarma, some of them may be useful for experienced chefs.

It is very important to “catch” the appropriate temperature of the pan. Do not worry if the first cakes are not very presentable look, they are training and adjusting the level of heat.

The degree of readiness of pita is easily determined by the characteristic bubbles that appear during frying.

To flatbread were smooth and smooth, they should be laid out on wet towels. It will also help them not to break, not to soak under the influence of the sauce and securely hold all the stuffing.

There are so many varieties of shawarma sauce. Unfortunately, chefs are very reluctant to share secret cooking recipes.

In conclusion, it can be said that cooking shawarma at home is not such a difficult task. If desired, you can make pita bread, stuffing and even unique garlic sauce at home.

Many people underestimate this dish because of prejudice and the low level of sanitary security in trays where shawarma is usually sold. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that meat and vegetables in pita are very nourishing and tasty. That is why it is worth cooking shawarma at home, getting pleasure from it and delighting your family.

Finally, we offer to view the video plot on cooking homemade shawarma with turkey. This option also has the right to exist. It turns out delicious!

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