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Sage: beneficial properties and contraindications of the plant

Sage is widely known in folk medicine for a long time.

Ancient Greek and Roman physicians called it a sacred grass.

Hippocrates, Pliny the Elder, Galen and Dioscorides wrote about this medicinal plant.

This genus of plants includes about a thousand species, however, the most famous of their representatives are sage and nutmeg.

All sage species are essential oil plants.

Like the plant itself, its essential oil also has beneficial properties.

Of all the species of the sage Sage its useful properties different sage medicinal.

It is widespread in Greece, Italy, France.

In the wild form almost does not occur, in contrast to the meadow.

Sage refers to the heat-loving plants, in the winter with a lack of snow cover freezes.

If you are going to grow it in the garden, for the winter you have to carefully wrap.

Also, when growing sage, it must be remembered that it is very light-requiring and does not tolerate excessive watering.

In this case, this useful plant will always be within reach.

In addition to useful properties, there are also ornamental plant species.

Collect sage during flowering, up to 3 times a year, preferably in the morning.

Dry it in a dark, well-ventilated place. Store dried raw materials preferably in glass jars. The shelf life of the dried plant is 2-3 years.

In folk medicine, flowers and leaves of sage are used, most often in the form of decoctions and tinctures.

To obtain an infusion for rinsing the mouth, take a spoonful of sage for a glass of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes.

For decoction, the proportions of plants and water are the same.

Sage is used for sore throats, stomatitis and gum disease in the form of rinsing.

This rinse will help with toothache.

The plant has bactericidal properties, therefore rinsing with its infusion is useful and simply for the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity and colds.

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For the treatment of pharyngitis an infusion of sage and hypericum is prepared.

Herbs are taken in the ratio of one to one, per 100 g of water you need 5 g of the mixture, that is, a tablespoon per glass of water.

This infusion is used for rinsing, and inside for half a cup 3-4 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

For rinsing also used alcoholic tincture of sage.

It is very simple to prepare it at home — the proportion of grass and alcohol is one to ten, the strength of alcohol should be about 70%.

To rinse two spoons of tincture diluted in a glass of warm water.

Alcoholic infusion of sage in its pure form is used to treat wounds.

Inhalations with sage help against the inflammatory processes of the respiratory system of the body, help with cough and runny nose.

They are also useful for blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis, strengthen the walls of the lymphatic and blood vessels.

Inhalation is an indispensable procedure for recovery after a serious illness or after surgery.

Salvia officinalis is known for its hemostatic and disinfectant properties, which makes its decoction a good tool for treating wounds and preventing the formation of pus in them.

Infusion or decoction can be used to treat purulent wounds, frostbite, burns and inflammation of the skin.

To do this, use gadgets with sage, as well as local baths.

Also, water infusion can wash the wound after treatment with alcohol or even instead of it.

They are also useful in arthritis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis and arthrosis.

Such baths are also shown to reduce post-traumatic effects and against any diseases associated with the joints.

Foot baths prevent fungal diseases and help with fatigue.

They are especially useful for those who often have to walk or stand.

Decoctions and infusions of sage are used inside for the general strengthening and healing of the body.

They should be drunk either in the morning before breakfast, or at least half an hour before meals.

Also, this plant contributes to increased appetite, development of gastric juice and increase the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Helps to get rid of gastritis, is part of gastric teas.

He copes with liver disease, is useful for viral infections.

Tea with sage is useful for purulent tonsillitis, dental diseases, shortness of breath, any disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and inflammatory processes of the liver.

He is also known for his antidiabetic action.

The ability to lower blood sugar makes sage a very useful medicinal plant for diabetics.

Water infusion of sage helps to cope with diarrhea and intestinal infections.

It is also used to reduce sweating in fever or tuberculosis — the effect appears after a few minutes and lasts for several hours.

Infusion on vinegar is used only externally for gynecological diseases, as well as for the prevention of pressure sores in bedridden patients.

Contraindications to the use of drugs with sage

It is not recommended to be treated with sage during lactation, as it helps to reduce the amount of milk.

You should not use it during pregnancy, because of the high content of estradiol in the plant.

Increased content, which can lead to contraction of the muscles of the uterus, and cause miscarriage.

Also do not eat sage, in such cases:

  • acute kidney inflammation;
  • very strong cough;
  • pregnancy;
  • mastopathy;
  • oncology.

Sage has many useful properties for the female body, due to the content of the corresponding phytohormones.

Their action is similar to that of estrogen.

In addition, it is used for gynecological diseases.

In particular, in the treatment of thrush can be used a mixture of sage broth and vinegar in a ratio of three to one.

The mixture is used as a lotion.

Broths and infusions are used for douching and sedentary baths for female diseases and for their prevention.

In antiquity, it was believed that the regular use of infusion of this useful plant prevents skin aging.

This is partly true, since the appearance of the skin depends largely on the state of the body.

It cures from frigidity, increasing sexual desire in women due to the content of phytohormones in it.

Linden has similar properties, which is often used in infusions against sexual indifference in women along with sage.

To do this, mix sage leaves and linden flowers in a ratio of one to one and prepare a water infusion: for 1 tablespoon of the mixture a glass of water.

On the day you should drink two glasses of infusion.

Sage tea for the treatment of frigidity was used even by the ancient Romans.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that tea from this plant helps to increase fertility.

An infusion of its seeds a century ago was used as a remedy against female infertility.

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A wine with sage was also used to cure it — an infusion of a plant on white wine.

In modern reference books, sometimes there are similar recommendations regarding sage tea, as well as alcoholic infusion.

It is believed that even the frequent use of sage as a seasoning increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

Water infusion and juice from fresh leaves are taken orally to reduce sweating, especially during menopause and during puberty.

Sage extract is also useful in menopause.

Sometimes it is advisable to drink tea from sage to all women over 35 years old, it helps rejuvenate the body and brings great benefits to it.

Lemons, honey, sugar, as well as other herbs that may be useful can be added to tea.

This tea will help to normalize the menstrual cycle and reduce the symptoms of PMS.

It is impossible not to draw attention to the use in professional cosmetology, as well as in the manufacture of home cosmetics.

Sage helps with dandruff, acne, its infusion is used for washing sensitive skin, and steam baths for the face are useful for any skin type.

A strong half of humanity is more susceptible to baldness. Men are much earlier than women begin to lose hair.

Infusions and decoctions, as well as the enrichment of shampoos with sage essential oil can slow baldness, and in some cases stop it.

For male infertility, an infusion of seeds is used.

The course of treatment is about 3 months. Between courses should take breaks in 2-3 months.

Sage is useful for men because it is effective in treating prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

It is included in the fees and teas intended for the treatment of these diseases, as well as used separately as a decoction.

Sage preparations improve memory and prevent its deterioration, which often threatens the elderly.

Infusion prevents shaking hands, strengthens the nervous system.

It is indispensable during the restoration of health after a stroke, as a general tonic.

Baths with the addition of sage help with radiculitis, osteochondrosis, thrombophlebitis, arthritis and arthrosis.

It contributes to longevity and health promotion, which makes preparations from it almost indispensable for the elderly.

Fresh sage leaves are applied only externally. They find their use in the treatment of tumors, wounds and skin diseases.

For medicinal purposes, squeeze juice from fresh leaves.

It is applied internally from excessive sweating and as a rinse for dental problems.

Juice is also good for exhaustion.

Fresh and dried sage leaves are also used in cooking as a seasoning, which has an extraordinary spicy taste.

Infertility with sage is treated in our time, and frequent use in the role of seasoning is also useful in this.

Sage is usually seasoned with meat, first courses, as well as side dishes and salads of rice, cabbage and eggs.

It is added to a mixture of herbs that are used to make sausages, ham, and cheese.

It is also added to herring.

The main use of clary sage is the treatment of gynecological diseases and eye inflammation.

It also has soothing and relaxing properties, which makes sage tea useful for emotional disorders in women.

With infusion of clary sage make lotions for inflamed eyes.

As a tea, it is useful for women who suffer from frigidity, sterility, hormonal problems, PMS.

Useful in menopause, especially in its initial stage.

Oily infusion of clary sage helps with varicose veins and blood circulation disorders.

It is used as an ointment or massage oil.

It is easy to prepare it — pour sage with vegetable oil so that it slightly covers the plant, and leave for 2-3 weeks.

Otherwise, this type of plant is used for the treatment and healing of the body as well as sage.

They have similar composition and properties.

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