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Red Velvet Cake — Original Recipe

In our country, delicious American desserts have become extremely popular. It should be said that such treats like not only children, but also adults.

In almost every cafe you can see delicious desserts of American origin, it can be the usual cheesecake, pancake or brownie. In the pastry you can see dozens of unusual and tasty cakes, at the most diverse prices. One of the most beautiful and exquisite cake is called «Red Velvet».

This confection looks festive and expensive, while you can make a “Red Velvet” cake according to the original recipe with a photo from Andy Chef yourself, without spending money to buy it.

The name of the delicacy speaks for itself, the dessert has a bright red tinge of the cake. With the proper preparation of the dough, the biscuit turns porous and shiny.

The cakes themselves end up with a delicate flavor, and thanks to the impregnation, the cake comes out not dry and very tasty. The pastry chefs do not know where this cake recipe was brought from, some say that the first delicacy was cooked in Canada, but at the moment the dessert is considered to be American.

It is important to follow all the instructions for preparing the dough for biscuit, if done correctly, the finished cakes come out very tender and airy. And since there is cocoa in the composition, the cake can really surprise with its taste even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Below, we will tell you more about how to make a Red Velvet cake with your own hands according to the original recipe from Gordon Ramsay.

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Cake «Red Velvet» — a classic recipe

This option of making a cake has a not quite original recipe. The fact is that in the American dessert ingredients are used that are extremely difficult to get in our regular stores.

For this reason, pastry chefs slightly changed the recipe, replacing the inaccessible ingredients with more familiar ones, which makes it possible to get an incredibly delicate and tasty cake.

Ingredients on cakes:

  • food red dye — 30-40 grams;
  • chicken eggs — at least 4 pieces;
  • sunflower oil — 2 cups;
  • sugar — half a kilogram;
  • cocoa powder — no more than 30-40 grams;
  • kefir — 370-390 grams;
  • wheat flour — 600-700 grams;
  • fine salt — 5 grams;
  • Table soda — 40 grams.
  • cream of high fat content (not less than 30%) — one and a half cups;
  • powdered sugar — 5 large spoons;
  • cottage cheese and cream — 400-450 grams.

Cooking method:

  1. To begin, proceed to the preparation of sponge cake for cake «Red Velvet» according to the original recipe from Ramsay, since the cake should be cooled before applying the cream on them. To begin with, a deep bowl is taken into which five large chicken eggs are smashed. Add the amount of sugar specified in the recipe to the mass, and mix everything up to obtain a rather thick white mixture. Next, take the required amount of soda and kefir. Bulk ingredient is added to the drink. At the same time, it is not necessary to quench the soda with vinegar, since kefir has its own acidic environment.
  2. The resulting composition is well mixed, and then poured there liquid food red dye. If the shade is too pale, then the amount of coloring matter increases. A small amount of vegetable oil is poured into the already colored kefir, the product is used without the smell, so as not to spoil the taste and aroma of the future cake.
  3. Now flour is taken, it is sifted twice through a sieve to saturate it with air and rid it of lumps. Add cocoa powder and a little salt to flour, mix everything thoroughly. Cocoa flour is transferred to the egg mass, and colored kefir is immediately poured there. Using a mixer, beat the dough until a homogeneous structure. It is very important that the dough is completely colored in red.
  4. For baking cake «Red Velvet» according to the original recipe with a photo step by step, the hostess will need two forms having a diameter of not more than 25 centimeters. Both containers are smeared with butter, and then the dough is poured there. To make the sponge cake easy to separate from the form. It is necessary to use special paper for baking, just enough to lay with the help of the bottom of each of the forms.
  5. Baking containers are moved to an already heated oven, the temperature inside should not be too high, and the cakes will be baked for half an hour. When the allotted time has expired, you can check the readiness of the cake layers. To do this, use a toothpick to pierce the biscuit in the middle, if the stick is dry, then the dough is well cooked. The containers with the cake layers are removed from the oven and allowed to cool at room temperature. Thus, we get a ready-made semi-finished product for the cake «Red Velvet» according to the original recipe with a photo, it will be further used to assemble the dessert.
  6. Cold biscuits must be cut into two equal parts horizontally, so that the hostess will receive four cakes at once.

Preparation of cream:

To begin with, the cream is taken, they must be well cooled, since in the form of heat they cannot be whipped well enough. The cream is poured into a large bowl and whipped with a mixer in a resistant foam.

Next, take a separate cup, which put the powdered sugar and cream cheese, both ingredients are lightly whipped with a mixer to get a soft homogeneous mass. Now the cream cheese is mixed with the prepared cream.

In this case, the cream should be mixed with great care, it is better to do it with a wooden spatula from the bottom up.


For a start, the hostess will need one large flat dish, one cake can be placed on it. Next, spread a small amount of cream on the sponge cake and spread it well over the surface of the cake. Top layer of cream covered with the following cake, and repeat the process of lubrication cream.

When the assembly is complete, you can lubricate the upper part of the dessert with the help of the remaining cream mass, and also use it to decorate the sides of the treat. Since “Red Velvet” doesn’t look so attractive without decoration, you can use decorations made of chocolate or multicolored sprinkles.

Mint leaves or any kind of fresh berries can be used. The finished cake is sent to the refrigerator, at least for three hours for impregnation.

«Red velvet» — option number 2

This is another simple variant of making the “Red Velvet” cake according to the original recipe, which even a novice hostess can do, as delicacies are prepared quickly and easily. It should be noted that in this recipe the amount of products used is changed, which will certainly affect the taste of the dessert.

And if at home there is no cream cheese for making cream mass, then it can be replaced with fat sour cream.

Ingredients for cake layers:

  • cocoa powder — 50-60 grams;
  • chicken eggs — 2 pieces;
  • butter — about 220 grams;
  • sugar — 240 grams;
  • table soda — 5-7 grams;
  • flour of the highest grade — 310-330 grams;
  • vanilla or vanilla extract — five grams;
  • liquid dye red — 5-10 ml;
  • medium-fat yogurt — 230-250 grams.

For cream:

  • sugar powder — 280-300 grams;
  • any soft cream cheese or sour cream — 230-250 grams;
  • butter — 220 grams.


  1. To make a “Red Velvet” cake according to the original video recipe, you need to take cocoa powder and flour, mix both ingredients and leave for a while.
  2. Next, take two eggs, beat them with a mixer in a deep bowl with sugar. As soon as the mass becomes lush enough, you can stop beating.
  3. Kefir is poured into a glass, the same amount of red food coloring is poured in and soda is added. It is necessary to mix the fermented milk drink thoroughly so that the coloring matter disperses.
  4. To the eggs add a little vanilla extract, put the butter, pour the prepared flour with cocoa and pour the colored kefir. Whisk the mixture until the dough becomes a smooth consistency.
  5. The resulting dough is divided into two parts, and then poured into molds, two round baking containers are used, the diameter of which is 22 centimeters.
  6. Bake the cakes for about 20 minutes, then allow them to cool and cut into equal layers to make four cakes. While the cakes will cool, you can cook a creamy mass for our dessert. For this, cheese curd is combined with butter, and then sugar powder is added there.
  7. The resulting mass is whipped to a magnificent state, then collect the cake «Red Velvet», as in the first recipe.

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