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Puff pastry and its recipes

There is nothing tastier than puff pastry products, because as you know, Homemade Baking has an incomparable taste and aroma. Among the variety of recipes, it is very easy to choose the one that suits you and your family, and most importantly, it does not give you a lot of trouble during cooking.

Puff pastry is unique. Start cooking all sorts of culinary masterpieces that will delight your loved ones. Stuffing in the recipe, you can use any.

It is worth trying to make not only sweet baskets with berries, but also a fish closed cake.

Puff pastry was invented in the first half of the 17th century by Claudius Gele. Claudius set a goal to invent a new recipe, to prepare a diet bread, consisting only of water, oil and flour. Kneading dough on a cutting board, he decided to wrap fresh butter in it.

Inspired, he did it 10 times. When he extracted fragrant bread from the oven, which had increased several times, there were no limits to surprise.

This recipe is used in our time. The main leaves from the XVII century for puff pastry remained the same.

Many housewives consider lemon juice or alcohol to be a necessary component of the recipe.

The secret to making puff pastry:

  1. proper use of salt will make baking quality. Please note that if you use salted oil in cooking, then you need to use less salt.
  2. lemon juice will make your product more elastic in the classic recipe to use only cold water
  3. Before delivery to the oven, the formed product is kept cold in order to avoid baking out of the oil.
  4. the baking tray on which is baked is filled with a small amount of cold water
  5. It is recommended when cutting dough to use a very sharp knife, a dough cutting disk or a form so as not to flatten the layers in the cut edge, otherwise the product will not turn out to be flaky. For the same reason, when forming pies, the dough is pressed down around the filling, and not from the edges, and the products are smeared on the egg only from above, and the edges are not touched. product.
  6. bake should be in a very hot oven / 240-260 ° C /, so that the product quickly covered with a crust, which prevents leakage of oil. During the first 5 min. you cannot open the oven door or move the baking sheet — then the products will fall off and a raw layer will appear.
  7. a greater layering gives the dough the cold temperature of the products from which it is prepared, a cold knife, a cutting board and proper processing in a cool / + 17 ° C / room, and in the absence of such — periodic cooling.
  8. wheat flour only. Use only dry flour. Before adding it to the rest of the ingredients, it is desirable to sift. This process allows the flour to be saturated with oxygen. The product will be lighter and airy.

The recipe for classic puff pastry is the basis for most recipes for making delicious cakes and fluffy puffs.

Homemade hot pastries will become an indispensable dish on your table. Prepares easy. The main thing is to have in the piggy bank proven recipes.

In the quality of dope add jam, berries, nuts and raisins.

Classic recipe:

Stage 1: Mix the main ingredients (flour, water, salt, acid). Knead the dough, it should get elastic.

Stage 2: in a softened butter / it is the most plastic at 14-17 ° C / 4-5 st. spoons of flour. Without this, the layers will be non-uniform.

Stage 3: roll out the “dormant” in the cold dough, trying to shape the square. The layer of rolled dough should be larger than a piece of butter.

Roll out as thin as possible on each side.

Here is the golden rule: the thinner and more layers you make, the better. The volume of the product depends on it. Butter performs one of the main functions when baking.

The moisture contained in the dough turns to steam, the oil fills the space, giving your product a unique flavor.

Stage 4: the oil mixture is placed in the middle of the rolled dough. Fold the edges inward and press down.

Try to make the butter and dough you get the same consistency. If the butter is solid, it will affect the amount of your baking.

When baking, it will leak out and destroy all the layers, puffy puff pastry will not work. If the butter is soft, then you will be able to notice when rolling, it will be squeezed out and absorbed into the dough.

Step 5: Give the oil envelope a rectangle shape. Fold it several times, cover with a paper towel and leave in a cold place for half an hour.

Do this several times. Please note that the flour should try to use as little as possible when rolling.

And when folding it is necessary to shake it between the layers.

Yeast dough requires baking powder or yeast for raising, but for puff pastry it is not required. It becomes several times higher than its original thickness due to its multiple layers.

This is one of its unique features!

This recipe should be kept on hand when there is free time and good mood.

The process is quite time-consuming and lengthy. But, it is worth it.

Homemade puff pastry never compares with the store, you will feel the difference immediately after you try.

If time is sorely lacking, and for breakfast, I want to please my family with something delicious, there is still a way out. Comes to the aid of a simple recipe for the preparation of puff pastry, which is done very simply.

The advantage of puff pastry — the minimum being in the oven.

A quick test recipe:

  • Flour — 250 gr.
  • Butter — 200 gr.
  • Cold water — ½ cup
  • 1 tsp sugar without top

Flour is sifted into a large plate. On top of the tiny pieces of butter.

Pound all with a knife. Salt and sugar dissolve in water.

Connect all the components. Bring to hand the elastic consistency.

Cover the dough with a napkin, putting it in the refrigerator for several hours. Fold the puff pastry several times before sending it to the oven.

We offer you a few more puff pastry recipes:

Recipe for cooking cakes, cakes

  • 300 gr. flour
  • 150 gr. butter (chilled)
  • 100 gr. cream
  • 3 gr. baking powder (pre-mixed with salt (0.25 gr.))

Mix the flour with baking powder, then add the butter, pre-chopped into small cubes. Pour in the cream slowly.

We form a ball formed from dough in a cool place. Do not forget to cover with a damp cloth.

Bake should be at a minimum, otherwise the finished product will turn out with bitterness.

The recipe for making delicious cookies with all sorts of dope; baskets, which can be filled with fresh berries or cream.

In equal proportions, knead the stiff dough of curd mass, butter and flour. Take the baking powder (for every 250 grams — 0.5 tsp) and add salt to the flour.

Last but not least add butter.

If you use cottage cheese, wipe it through a strainer on the butter. Having formed a ball of dough, cool it and form the product that was conceived.

Recipe for croissants, cake «Napoleon»

  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 pack of dry yeast (5 gr.)
  • 8.5 Art. l flour
  • 2 tbsp. l Sahara
  • 1 tbsp. l milk powder
  • 15 gr. melted butter

Dry yeast dissolve in water (27-35 ° C). In flour, pre-sifted, add powdered milk, salt and sugar. Knead the dough to make it not too soft.

Cover with cling film and leave at room temperature for 1.5-2 hours. When it rises several times, flatten the dough and send in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Again we crush and put in the cold for 30 minutes.

Roll the workpiece in the form of a layer. Part of the piece of grease with butter, and cover with the second half of the remaining dough, then for 30 minutes again put in the freezer.

Next, the dough is oiled, i.e. all previous actions are repeated.

Recipe for puffs

  • Butter — 250 gr.
  • Flour 4 tbsp. spoons
  • Beer — 0.5 glasses

Add flour and beer to melted hot butter. Knead the dough. We pack in a plastic bag and ship in the freezer for 1 hour.

After defrosting, thinly roll out, trying to shape the rectangle. Fold in a strip, for this we cover the middle with a layer of dough right and left.

Strip down three times, in total should get a square. Roll.

Puff crispy dough is ready.

Quick breakfast recipe

We take a layer of finished dough without yeast and slightly roll it out so that it can be cut into triangles. Spread triangles on baking sheet.

Beat in a homogeneous mass 1 egg and 1 tbsp. a spoon of milk. Brush carefully grease triangles.

Sprinkle with sugar. Sent to the oven.

Meanwhile, we are preparing the filling: 2 apples are cut into eight pieces. In a frying pan with a thick bottom add a tablespoon of butter. Add sugar to butter (5 tsp) to make caramel.

You can add cinnamon or vanilla to make it more fragrant. When the sugar is dissolved in oil, add apples. To the apples add orange or lemon zest, rub on a grater.

The apples should get poached, not soft. At the end add orange juice.

Cooking the sauce for our breakfast. And for this we need 2 tbsp. spoons of sour cream, a small amount of powdered sugar (1 tsp) and a little vanilla.

Triangle lay on a plate. Spread apples on the triangle, pour the sour cream sauce on top.

Recipe for making cake with berry jelly

Puff pastry according to any of the above recipes — 2 layers

For jelly: any berry (300-500 gr.), Sugar (100 gr.), Gelatin 1.stl.

for cream: butter (150 gr.), condensed milk (1 can), cream 33% (20 ml), cinnamon

  1. We put the berry with sugar on the fire and cook until the sugar is completely dissolved. Cool and bring the puree to consistency.
  2. Prepare 4 thin layers. We bake cakes separately (7 minutes), total should make 4 cakes.
  3. Gelatin diluted in water according to the instructions on the package. After it swells, warm up and slowly add the berry mixture.
  4. Beat the butter in a blender / mixer with cinnamon. Continuing to beat, we introduce condensed milk. In parallel, whip the cream, gently enter into the cream.
  5. Put one cake in the form, cover it with cream (1/3) evenly.
  6. Close the next cake, spread berry jelly and set in a cold place for 10 minutes.
  7. We lay out the remaining jelly mass. We close the third and fourth cake, the layer between them will be a cream. You can decorate with crumbs and jelly residues, chocolate. To freeze the cakes take 2-3 hours in the refrigerator.

If you stick to the recommendation, then the result should be a puff pastry, which rises when baking several times. The finished product will turn out to be crisp and crumbly.

Bon appetit and successful baking.

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