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Polysorb: instructions for use, reviews, price and analogues

Polysorb for weight loss: instructions for use, reviews, price

Polysorb is a light white powder with a blue tint, forming a suspension when interacting with water.

Proper weight loss is in diets based on a comprehensive cleansing of the body. And in getting rid of harmful substances (toxins, slags) will help effective and safe drug Polysorb.

Only natural products, such as silicon dioxide, are involved in the manufacture of the drug. As for the absorbing properties, thanks to silicon particles, they are 150 times larger than the usual activated carbon.

Mixing with water, the particles of the drug form a spatial structure that allows you to bind viruses, bacteria, toxins, allergens, that is, everything that has a relatively large molecular weight.

Getting rid of excess cholesterol, fat complexes and urea, leading not only to overweight, serious heart disease, but also to diabetes and pain in the joints, occurs due to silicon dioxide.

Absorbing and removing toxins, the drug contributes to the assimilation of not only the nutrients in food, but also the beneficial components of other vitamin complexes and drugs used with Polysorb.

You can buy a drug for weight loss in stationary pharmacies. The cost of 25 grams — 185 rubles, 12 grams. — 129 rubles, 50 gr. — 307 rubles.

Before use, Polysorb must be thoroughly dissolved in water. In no case do not take it dry! The amount of consumed slimming powder depends on the weight of the patient, so there can be no overdose here.

Table for correct dosage:

Instructions for use in various diseases:

  1. When food allergies drug must be taken 3 times a day before meals for 3-5 days;
  2. With chronic allergies and urticaria — 3 times a day before meals, 2 weeks;
  3. In case of poisoning — 3 times a day, 5 days;
  4. For intestinal infections (the drug is part of a comprehensive treatment) 3-4 times a day for a week;
  5. When cleansing the body — 3 times a day for an hour before or after a meal for two weeks.

During long-term use of Polysorb (2 weeks), a violation of the absorption of vitamins is sometimes observed.

In these cases, experts advise taking calcium or multivitamin preparations for prophylaxis.

When using Polysorb rarely observed side effects: an allergic reaction, constipation and dyspepsia.

The use of the drug is prohibited when:

  • Stomach ulcer;
  • Individual intolerance to this drug;
  • Bleeding (GI);
  • Intestinal atony.

Polysorb should be stored at a temperature of no more than 25C. Once opened, store in a container with a tight-fitting lid. The finished suspension should be stored no more than 2 days.

  1. Enterosgel;
  2. Polyphepane;
  3. Laktofiltrum;
  4. Atoksil (Ukraine);
  5. Activated carbon.

For quite a long time I was engaged in sports, but I never saw the miraculous disappearance of those extra pounds. I decided to try another way: taking pills.

In the pharmacy, the pharmacist advised — Polisorb. I noticed the result after 14 days. Combining taking the drug Polysorb with sports, she lost 4 kilograms.

Despite numerous positive reviews of the drug in various forums, medicine does not consider the drug as an effective method of dealing with extra pounds.

For weight loss, experts recommend taking cellulose (microcrystalline) or fiber. They have a similar effect, but exclude a negative outcome.

Also, experts argue that the process of losing weight Polysorb reception does not affect.

Nevertheless, many nutritionists recommend their patients to take the drug before starting a diet, as enterosorbents cleanse the digestive tract and prepare the body for the stage of weight loss.

At the expense of the drug, I can say one thing — effective. Checked on myself. For the week I lost 2 kg. Therefore, I advise everyone, especially those who did not have time to lose weight by the season of beaches and vacations.

Lydia, Arkhangelsk

She took Polysorb according to the instructions: 3 times a day. No changes noticed. Not a gram lost.

Tatyana, Sochi

Very pleased with the result of the application. I managed to lose as much as 9 kg in a month. For some, maybe a small indicator, but for me it is a real success. I would also like to mention help in combating allergic reactions. Girls, I advise.

Antonina, Novosibirsk

Before losing weight, I decided to try taking Polysorb to cleanse the body of harmful substances. I lost 1.5 kg. The result is satisfied.

Olga, Kiev

For me personally, Polysorb is the best and most effective sorbent. As I understand, weight loss occurs due to the removal of toxins and wastes from the body. I advise you to start taking before a diet, and then start to play sports and eat right. I advise, especially for such a nice price.

Catherine, Krasnodar

Polysorb began to take for allergies. The tool not only won this disease, but also helped to get rid of 5 kg. I will start the reception again soon. I really want to lose a few pounds.

Olga, Kaluga

I take the drug during the diet. Of course, the weight does not go as fast as many have lost weight. But I am glad that weight loss has moved from the dead end. Prior to that, I followed many different diets, but for some reason the weight remained the same. I thought maybe my problems are related to the hormonal background. But a friend advised me to take Polysorb, for which I am very grateful to her.

Irina, Lipetsk

Anna, Moscow

How to take white coal for children and adults? Here it is written in detail and clearly.

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So, having learned the opinion of doctors and those who have lost weight, we conclude that it is naive to consider this drug a cure for excess weight.

Even the manufacturer does not recommend taking Polysorb for more than two weeks, as long-term use may lead to impaired intestinal motility, digestion, problems associated with metabolism, and vitamin deficiencies.

Sorbents fill our stomach with a harmless substance in order to save calories. That is, instead of a whole cake, you will eat half, but the body is no better off.

Because, besides carbohydrates, it needs fiber, proteins and vitamins.

So Polisorb, though an effective and proven way to lose extra pounds, but a temporary measure, as well as similar dietary supplements.

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