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Poached Egg in the Microwave: A Step-by-Step Recipe with Photos, Tips

How to cook poached egg in the microwave

If the English breakfast is oatmeal, then the French is poached. This is a relatively new way of cooking. The finished dish is an egg boiled without shell. Dietary dish, often becomes an ingredient for salads and other culinary delights. The complexity of cooking lies in the calculation of cooking time and water temperature. The microwave is an excellent device that facilitates the cooking process and significantly reduces its time.

How to cook poached egg in the microwave:

  1. We take a small container, if there is a farmer;
  2. Carefully break the shell over the container so as not to damage the yolk;
  3. Fill it with water so that it is completely covered. Pour it in a thin stream along the side of the dish. Water can «break» white and yolk and they will turn out to be untidy rags. We try not to pour water — it will slow down the cooking process;
  4. Add to the water a couple of salt pinches — put the container in the microwave;
  5. Turn on the furnace at full capacity for 1-2 mines. Cooking time depends on egg size, water volume, microwave power. It is advisable to check its condition every 30 seconds if it is cooked for the first time. As soon as the protein hardened (turned white), leave the bowl for another 30 seconds, and turn off the oven;
  6. Take out the container and gently pull out the dish. To do this, you can drain the water through a sieve or catch it with a slotted spoon.

Egg is ready — you can serve. This is a good breakfast or lunch.

If it is difficult to pour water with protein and yolk, you can swap 2 and 3 steps: first pour water and mix it with salt, and then break the shell.

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Cheese envelopes from pita bread — this is very tasty, try.

Dish perfectly with greens and toast. It can be served as a sandwich: put a leaf of lettuce or a circle of sausage, a strip of fried bacon on a crispy slice of bread, add a slice of cheese — add an egg with poached eggs and sprinkle it with greens or pour over the sauce. You can simply serve on a plate with slices of tomato, cucumber, lettuce.

Sometimes poached is used to prepare warm salads or they cover the steak, forming a dish like a hamburger.

This is a separate dish, and a versatile ingredient, perfectly combined with other products.

Microwave greatly simplifies the process of cooking poached eggs. But here are some tricks:

  1. Use vinegar. Vinegar can be poured into the water along with the salt. It will raise the temperature of boiling water. Poached correctly — boiled in hot water, and not cook in boiling water. From vinegar, it can then sour, and you need to wash it before serving;
  2. Do not allow boiling water. Protein will harden much earlier than water will boil. The process must be monitored;
  3. Do not cook an egg without water. The protein will stick to the walls of the container and it will be difficult to reach;
  4. The use of a pacifier allows you to cook as quickly as possible and without water. Preliminary its walls are greased with vegetable oil.

You can cook several eggs at the same time. To do this, take a container of greater capacity, pour more water and leave them for a longer time.

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