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Photo printing on the cake

In the modern world of technology, nothing stands still. Things that have recently seemed to us fantastic, are already beginning to materialize.

Here and in the pastry business there was an innovation — cakes with photo printing. Edible photo printing for cake is made on special sugar or wafer paper.

Below we will talk about how to make photo printing on the cake at home and not only.

Something about edible paper

Paper for printing looks like the most common paper sheet. It has a translucent or dense texture.

It can be perfectly white or with a yellowish, grayish tint. It can be round or rectangular, with a diameter of 22 or 33 cm.

Edible paper is almost tasteless, odorless and has a very low calorie content.

Food paper is originally from Japan, and appeared about 400 years ago. Paper, to which we are accustomed now, appeared at the end of the twentieth century.

Types of food paper:

  1. Rice.
  2. Sugar.
  3. Waffle
  4. Glazed.
  5. Vegetable
  6. Nori.
  7. Fruit and berry.

What makes food paper

The main ingredients are rice flour, salt and water. And further, depending on the type of paper, they can add to the composition: starch, vegetable oil, sugar, sweeteners, molasses, palm oil, food additives, syrups, stabilizers, preservatives, emulsifiers and so on.

Now manufacturers often experiment with ingredients, using flavors, colors, and take vegetable or fruit and berry puree as a basis. Thus, a variety of colors is growing, and there is a place for a fantasy flight when creating cakes with photo printing.

Edible paper used:

  1. to create photo printing on cakes;
  2. to decorate a variety of dishes;
  3. for making rolls, chips, pancakes, rolls;
  4. as packing material;
  5. to create business cards, flyers, books.

Edible photo printing

Photo printing on food paper is increasingly gaining popularity. Sugar, waffle or rice paper is often used for this purpose.

The printing process looks like this: the paper is loaded into a special food printer, filled with color inks from natural dyes.

Often, food paper with printed pictures and photos decorate the surface of the cake. Before this, the upper part is moistened with sweet syrup and smeared with vegetable cream, sugar glue, mastic, marzipan.

To give greater clarity to the picture, confectioners recommend lubricating the food paper itself with icing. It also helps to avoid peeling during transport or storage. After the sheet is printed, it must be dried well at room temperature.

Also for these purposes it is suitable to put a leaf in the freezer for about ten seconds. Only when the paper is properly dried out can one begin decorating the cake with it.

To get a richer, clearer and more contrasting picture, experts advise using sugar food paper. A glazed paper is perfect for creating artistic hand-painted.

Wafer paper has almost no taste, and sugar is sweetish. This should be taken into account when creating culinary masterpieces.

How to make photo printing on the cake at home

Cake with a photo printing on birthday will be an original gift for your friend, beloved or colleague. This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on an expensive pastry chef, because you can make photo printing on a cake at home.

You can simply make any cake at your discretion (which one you like more), and then decorate it with photo printing.

The options for the image are many: it can be a favorite cartoon character, a comic book hero, a football club emblem, or even a birthday picture. The most important advantage of edible photo printing is that it is not necessary to be able to draw.

You can simply take any picture or photo you like, and using a special icing print on the surface of the cake.

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Before making photo printing on the cake, you need to prepare:

  • several colors of pastry icing;
  • pastry bag or syringe;
  • parchment or other waxed paper (as long as it is translucent)
  • printed photo or picture;
  • plastic or glass from the photo frame.

  1. First you need to prepare a working area — the surface of the cake. It is necessary to grease it with glaze or cream so that the surface is flat.
  2. Next, take the printed picture (photo). To sugar print turned out brighter and richer, take a high-quality clear photo. If you decide to place an inscription on the cake, print it mirrored.
  3. Now we take the glass from the photo frame, and glue our picture with adhesive tape to its back wall. Then we cut off a piece of parchment or wax paper the size corresponding to our photo, and glue it onto the front wall of the glass. As a result of all these manipulations, this combination should turn out: photo-glass-parchment. This design will avoid accidental shifts in the process.
  4. Before making photo printing on the cake preparing the icing. This can be made from regular food gelatin. Melt it in a water bath to a liquid state, and just put on the surface of the cake. Glaze is used to give a beautiful glossy shine to the picture, and also helps to fix it on the surface. It is important to make the glaze layer thin.
  5. We distribute the icing in different bowls, as we need several colors. For example, for a contour it is better to use a dark color.
  6. So, we make the contour. To do this, fill the pastry syringe with a dark-colored glaze. We take our construction from paper, glass and drawing, and put it on a hundred-parchment. Gently begin on it with glaze to direct the outlines of a photo or image. If there are dark places, paint them completely immediately. All the other necessary fragments are filled with glaze of the corresponding colors.
  7. The next step will be the fill. Over a little dried up contours we put a thick layer of the main color of the picture. As a result, all the dark contours will be on the surface, and the main color below.
  8. When finished art, put our masterpiece for 15-30 minutes in the fridge to give the glaze how to harden.
  9. An important point. We take the picture out of the fridge, carefully peel off the parchment with the glaze from the glass. As soon as possible, we transfer it to the surface of the cake with the icing down, and with the parchment up, and lightly press it. Next, remove the parchment paper, as usual we do it with stickers.

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