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Peppa Pig Cake — favorite delicious character

Quite a strange animated series for children like most kids. English pig, which is not very similar to the real animal, kids fell in love with their cheerful disposition.

She as well as all boys and girls loves to play, walk and have fun on the computer. Maybe the cartoon is also liked because all the situations that occur in it are well known to any children and the length of the series is not great.

In five minutes everything goes from beginning to end, the smallest do not like long cartoons, they do not understand them. And in this series, everything happens quickly, as in advertising.

Probably, many mothers noticed that young children most often watch ads and bright video clips with fun music.

To capture the attention of the baby for a longer period is very difficult, so Peppa piggy is the perfect cartoon for babies. Later they get used to the characters and watch the series before entering the first class. It is for this reason that the cake with the image of the cartoon character Peppa Pig is suitable for boys and girls from 2 to 7 years.

It is not necessary to make only the main character, since the boys love Peppa more than his little brother.

Look at a couple of episodes with your child, and it will not be difficult for you to make a cake and make a stencil for the correct image of Peppa.

Cake Decorating Techniques

Of course, it will be quite difficult to make a Peppa cake, since it has too many details. But there are several options, how to please the child and cook a cake with an image or figures of the heroes of the series.

When decorating a cake with this material there are two options for the development of events.

The first is to make a cake, cover it with mastic and make a picture of the pig and its friends or relatives.

The second is to mold small figures of characters and plant them on a cake decorated with mastic.

Decorating cream will require effort, as it will have to paint it in different colors. In this case, each color must be quite a bit.

This case is very laborious, as the slightest mistake in the image can harm the whole picture.

There is also a less laborious option — since Peppa is depicted pink, and her dress is a little darker, you can make a pattern on the waffle cake using the juice of just one beet. Later this wafer is placed on the cream of the top layer of the cake.

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Consider all the proposed options.

Application of mastic.

You will need mastic of different colors, more precisely a red dye, which must be slightly added to the details of the muzzle, pens and legs. Slightly more for the details of the dress.

Also need mastic black, but quite a bit. To cover the cake is to choose the blue and green mastic, since the main actions of this cartoon occur in the warm season.

Since all the characters have a flat shape, you can copy any image of the character from the frame of the series you like, and later print it out on a printer. Even if you can not draw, then it does not matter, since Peppa is so simple in the image that it is not difficult to redraw it. If you managed to print, then using a conventional computer program, drag or drop the image along the diameter of the cake.

Then divide the picture into details — face, dress, ears. Legs and handles can be made with flagella of pale pink mastic.

Roll out the mastic of the desired color and transfer the pattern to it. It should be said that the cake should already be covered with mastic of those colors that you chose for the main background. Next, attach all the cut parts to the top layer until you paste them.

If the pig is well laid, then glue each part. Further from white mastic make eyes, and in the middle of each eye place small balls from black mastic. When the face and the dress are ready, then roll up the flagella and make the hands and feet, and the shoes can be made of black mastic.

Peppa is ready, but to complete her image it is better to roll up thin sausages of bright color of the red scale and mark all the details of the face and the dress with them.

Decorate the rest of the surface of the cake and side with beautiful, but not large additions — silver or gold marzipan balls, or repeat the story with the help of the sun and trees.

The second option is to make small figures of characters.

But it will already be a little fiction, as the cartoon itself does not show heroes from different sides, it is two-dimensional. But if all of you decided to think out how they should look, then it is the pigs that are molded together. That is a ball for the body and a ball for the head.

Further depends on the ability to work with plastic materials. Slightly pull the spout, denoting the stigma, and form the ears.

You can make not a round body, but in the form of a pyramid, as Peppa walks in a dress.

Consider the rest of the characters and make the ones you like the most. Seat all the characters on the cake, covered with mastic or covered with whipped cream or butter cream.

Cake is ready.

For the image will have to paint the cream with different shades of red, or rather pink. To make the appliqué better, put the cut out stencil on the cake and fill the voids with a landscape pattern.

Carefully remove the stencil from the dress with a knife. Fill the empty space with a rich pink color.

Later, remove the stencil of the head and more light cream to create a face. That pig is almost ready, it remains to draw her eyes, hands and feet.

Next, put the pastries, which depicts Peppa pig in the fridge so that the cream is well stiffened.

The last option is probably the easiest, as the pattern must be transferred to the wafer cake, which can be bought at any store. If you divide one cake in 2 halves, which are respectively painted in a darker and more saturated color for the dress and tender for the face. Now we cut out the details from different colors and attach them to another waffle cake, which is already covered with a favorite cream.

In this case, it does not matter what the main color will be, since the wafer structure will appear more significant. The parts are applied to the above-mentioned cake, and with light cream we make pens and legs.

Then we draw around the pattern with a thin line from the pastry syringe, make chocolate eyes and shoes and put the cake in the fridge.

Peppa pig in any form will be a pleasant surprise for the child. You can also trace any details with a chocolate confectionery marker.

In the event that you decide to make baking in the form of the most important character, then for this you have to bake cakes, and then cut the character completely stencilled. Then Peppa piggy gets its final appearance when wrapping it with mastic of different colors.

You can fantasize a little and make her jewelry on a dress or any ladies’ additions — beads, bracelets, shoes. A great difficulty will arise in the formation of limbs, but they are easy to make from scraps of cake layers, attach them to body cream and then cover with mastic.

To simplify the task with a close-up, you should first completely cover everything with light mastic, then roll out the brighter one for the dress and glue it to the bottom layer with water and honey.

It is necessary to well calculate your strength and capabilities of the culinary specialist and choose the type of decoration that you can accurately make yourself. The child will be glad to any image, it is important that it was more close to the original.

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