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Pancho cake with pineapples — cook at home

Some people confuse Pancho cake with other cakes, which have almost the same look — these are “Count ruins” and “Steppe rasprepka”. But this Pancho is much more interesting in cooking and in taste.

There are various recipes for this cake, which we will try to describe.

The story of the famous Pancho and his difference from fellow

The confectioners of the famous Moscow confectionery shop do not disclose the recipe for the Pancho cake, although it is widely believed that this recipe was found when interviewing residents. The cake is so popular that many housewives, having tried it, tried to bring it to life at home.

For some, it worked and many varieties of cake with different fillings appeared.

Since Pancho is confused with the Count ruins, it is necessary to find their differences by which you can accurately determine which cake is in front of us. Imagine the ingredients that contains the classic recipe of these cakes in the form of a table and see what they are different in composition.

[table> The cooking method of both cakes is almost the same, with the only difference being that Pancho should have the appearance of a smooth slide, and the ruins are similar to their name. Already from the dough, you can see that Pancho contains more eggs, which, when thoroughly whisked, give the cakes more airiness and soft taste.

There is a difference in the glaze that covers the cake; for the Count’s ruins, it is prepared with the addition of cocoa powder, and the glaze recipe for Pancho requires exclusively melted chocolate bar. Although the experiments put on both recipes, somehow modernizing them.

Pancho Torus Species

For the purpose of experiment, many housewives add various fruits, nuts, and berries between the layers. The most widespread received Pancho cake with pineapples. But there are still:

  • Sancho Pancho, added bananas, hazelnuts;
  • With cherry and dried fruits — raisins, dried apricots, cherries;

Each recipe is almost the same in preparation, the difference is only in the number of ingredients and fillers. Let’s start, perhaps, using a classic recipe, and then consider the rest with additives.

Classic Pancho cooking

Ingredients for the cake itself have already been presented above in the comparative table, but it is worth repeating. To prepare the cake will need:

  • Chicken Egg — 6 pcs .;
  • Top grade flour — 200 g;
  • Cocoa powder — 4 tbsp. spoons;
  • Sugar — 250 g;
  • Confectionery baking powder or soda — 1 tsp.

Further recipe cream:

  • Sour cream 20% — 400 g;
  • Cream 33-35% — 200 ml;
  • Sugar — 150 g.

Filling a jar of canned pineapples and a glass of walnut.

The icing is made of dark chocolate — half a tile and 30g. butter.

In order to prepare the cake correctly, all the products that were stored in the refrigerator should be taken about an hour before cooking, so that they warm up to room temperature.

Next, we start to prepare the dough for the cake. We break eggs into a bowl and use a mixer to achieve bulk foam, then pour sugar in a thin stream, while the mixer works all the time.

After waiting for the complete dissolution of sugar in the eggs — turn off the mixer and begin to work with other products.

The remaining dry products are mixed, pre-sifted flour and cocoa. Add to the sweet mass of eggs.

Then carefully stir with a spoon until a homogeneous mass without lumps.

All the resulting dough is poured into a baking dish. Someone uses a form with a removable board, someone silicone.

But they should be smeared with butter, creamy, and then pour the dough.

The oven by this time should be heated to 180 degrees, and then bake for about half an hour.

Cooking cream. Using a mixer, whip the cream, start at low speed and gradually bring to the maximum. The cream should thicken, then add sour cream and sugar without stopping whipping.

You can change the sugar for powdered sugar, then it will go faster.

We take the cake out of the stove, and wait for it to cool completely so that you can safely take it with your bare hand. Only then remove from the form.

Next, with a very sharp knife, cut the bottom layer about 1 cm, and cut the rest into cubes, about two by two centimeters. Lay the bottom layer on a plate and begin to collect the cake. Liquid with pineapple soak a little cake, then close it with cream.

Next, lay out the nuts, pre-chopped into medium slices and pineapples, take all the ingredients in half of the original volume.

Dice the sliced ​​cakes into cream and put pineapple layer on the nut. The torus should be a slide, so all layers should taper to the top.

The remaining nuts and pineapples are divided into two equal parts, one of which is also spread on a layer of biscuit cubes, and again we dip the cubes in the cream and close the pineapples with nuts. The top of the mountain is the remaining pineapples and nuts, which must be put on a layer of biscuit cubes.

The whole mountain is generously covered with the remaining cream.

Cooking glaze — break the chocolate into small pieces and mix with butter. Cook on steam bath until you get a uniform brown mass.

The smaller the slices of chocolate, the faster the icing will be prepared.

Gently pour the cooked cake, the resulting icing and hide in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. After this time, enjoy a delicious dessert with tea or coffee.

Sancho Pancho Cake

The recipe for this cake is not much different from the classic one, only walnuts are changed for hazelnuts, and pineapples for bananas. Ingredients for the cake do not differ from the previous one, the cream also remains unchanged. It turns out that only the filler changes.

Bananas mode plastics by 1 cm. (Naturally peeling them). Hazelnuts fry a little and leave to cool.

Cake is going the same as in the previous recipe, replacing pineapples with bananas, and walnuts with hazelnuts. For a full cake you will need 3-4 bananas and a glass of nuts.

After the complete assembly, send the cake to the fridge soak in the cream and cool down a bit. The cake is ready — you can serve.

Cake with dried fruit and cherry

You should not repeat the recipe of the test and cream, as they are the same as in the classic recipe. What to do with the filler?

Cherry rid of stones, and dried apricots and raisins washed, dried apricots cut into pieces, which should be equal to raisins.

It will take a glass of cherry, 50 gr. raisins and 50 grams. crushed dried apricots.

This is the only recipe in which two cakes are baked, and not one as in the classic. The dough prepared according to the classical recipe without adding cocoa is divided into two parts.

In one add cocoa, and in the second half of dried fruit. We bake each cake, light with dried fruits will go to the formation of a slide, and dark to the bottom layer.

We form a hill, which begins with cherries, walnuts and dried fruit, then cubes of white cake. So we continue to the end of the mountain — there should be 3 layers of filler and 2 of biscuit cubes.

Fill all with cream and let stand in the cold for about 3 hours.

When you cut one piece, in the section you can see the play of colors — red, orange, brown and white. Very beautiful.

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