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Oreo cake — a recipe with a photo: a variant of the cake without baking

Some time ago a cookie called Oreo appeared on the market; it consists of two chocolate cookies, with a cream in between. The taste of this delicacy was loved by many, therefore, today the hostesses have come up with several recipes for how to make an Oreo cake with or without baking.

In the first version, cookies are used as decorations, and in the second, a delicacy is used to create the cake itself.

In this case, the cookie will be the basis of the dessert. We will describe in more detail how to make an “Oreo” cake according to the recipe with a photo step by step at home with baking.

Also below will be written the process of cooking such a cake, without the use of an oven.

Oreo Cake with Baking

Ingredients for shortcake:

  • dark chocolate black without sugar — 160 grams;
  • chicken eggs — 1 piece;
  • chicken egg yolk — 1 piece;
  • butter — 125 grams;
  • brown sugar — 185 grams;
  • white flour — 90 grams;
  • cocoa powder — 45 grams.

Products for cream:

  • nut paste (or Nutella) — 270 grams;
  • cream fat content 33% — 160 ml;
  • cream cheese curd — 750 grams;
  • granulated sugar — 125 grams;
  • sheet gelatin — 12 grams.
  • liquid dye yellow.

Products for ganache:

  • dark chocolate without sugar and additives — 120 grams;
  • butter — 25 grams;
  • fat cream — 110 grams.

As a decoration, Oreo cookies are used, they are placed on the surface of the still not frozen ganache, you need about eight cookies.

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Cooking process:

To make the cake “Oreo” according to the recipe from the photo step by step with baking, it is worth preparing the dough, for this, black chocolate is melted. In the resulting mass add the required amount of butter.

As soon as the mass acquires a homogeneous structure, granulated sugar is poured to it and everything is cooked for about a minute. To the chocolate mass is added a few eggs and one yolk. The mixing process is performed very quickly, so that the eggs do not start to roll.

While mixing, add cocoa powder to the future dough and pour one portion of the flour.

As soon as the dough is thoroughly mixed, you can prepare a mold for it, for this a round detachable container is taken, it should be about twenty centimeters in diameter. The bottom must be covered with baking paper. They also come in with rims, preheating the oven to 180 degrees.

Dessert should be baked at this temperature for 40 minutes, sometimes it takes less time. Brownies should not dry out, it is important that the cake remains slightly moist, it will help make the cake softer and tastier. Once the base is ready, it is allowed to cool for a while on the grate.

In the meantime, brownie cools, you can do the preparation of the cream.

Cream preparation:

Sheet gelatin is put in ten milliliters of cold water, after which it is necessary to wait until the plates are well swelled. Next, in a small saucepan mix the cream and granulated sugar. The mixture is moved to the stove and cooked over low heat until boiling, it is very important to constantly stir the composition.

In a separate bowl combine any peanut paste and cream cheese, mix a lot until getting homogeneity, make it more convenient with a mixer. To get a beautiful shade, you can drop a few drops of yellow dye.

When the creamy mass has cooled, to it add the harvested gelatin, mix the mixture thoroughly. Next, the cream can be combined with curd mass, do it very carefully.

If desired, you can add a little broken Oreo cookies to the cheesecake, then the taste of the cake will come out even more chocolate. It is best not to use a mixer at this stage; mix the cream only with a whisk or scapula.

Cooking ganache:

To make ganache, it is necessary to melt the chocolate on a very slow fire, then add fat cream to it in a thin stream and mix everything well. The mixture is brought to a boil and cooled to room temperature.

Add softened butter to the still warm enough mass and mix everything.

Cake assembly:

The finished cake is put in a detachable form, cream is poured on top and put in a refrigerator for eight hours. After that, warm ganache is poured onto the cake and decorated with all Oreo cookies.

Dessert again clean in the fridge.

Oreo cake without baking

Products for the basics:

  • butter — 55 grams;
  • Oreo Cookies — 20 pieces.

Stuffing products:

  • milk 3.2% — 75 ml;
  • fat cream — 120 ml;
  • butter — 30 grams;
  • powdered sugar — 20 grams;
  • Oreo cookies — 18 pieces;
  • white chocolate without additives — 110 grams;
  • cottage cheese — 420 grams.


  • fat cream — 160 ml;
  • powdered sugar — 30 grams.

Cooking process:

To make a cake «Oreo» prescription with a photo without baking cookies, start with the basics. To do this, the cookies are crushed into a crumb, do it better with a combine.

Next, add softened butter to it and mix thoroughly. If the mixture came out a little dry, you can add a little cream or sour cream.

The form is being prepared, the container should have a diameter of 16 to 20 cm. The form is lined with baking paper, and then a mixture of biscuits and butter is placed.

When the base is ready, proceed to the preparation of the cream.

Preparation of cream:

for this milk is poured into a saucepan and put on the fire. White chocolate and butter are also put there, all the contents should be stirred all the time until the ingredients are completely dissolved. Thus, we get chocolate cream.

Now with the help of a sieve the curd is crushed. It is possible to use a combine for grinding, chopped curd is laid in chocolate cream and mixed thoroughly.

For the Oreo cake, a high-fat cream is taken with a recipe without baking in a photo, it is better to buy a product with a fat content of at least 33%. Whip cream and gradually add sugar powder to them.

The chocolate mass is gradually added to the cream and gently knead until smooth. You can put chopped cookies in the cream and mix again.

The form is filled with the resulting cream, all smoothed and covered with cling film. In this form, the dessert is sent to the refrigerator for three hours, and then decorated with whipped cream on top.

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