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Napoleon cake with condensed milk: detailed recipes with photos

The classic cake «Napoleon» with condensed milk is tender cakes, which are soaked with delicious and delicate cream. Each recipe presented in the article will allow the hostess to bake a delicious dessert.

Several recipes to note

A simple recipe for making cake with condensed milk

This recipe is a classic version of the preparation of the cake «Napoleon», sandwiched with condensed milk.

To prepare the dough will need 300 grams of butter.

It is necessary to soften the oil and cut into pieces. In order to make the dough, you also need 500 grams of high-grade flour, which is pre-sifted. In the next step, the butter and flour are mixed and ground until crushed.

To test also boil one glass of water. Chilled water is poured in to the flour and butter and kneaded dough.

The dough should end up tight and elastic. After that, it is necessary to divide the dough into 10 equal parts and put in the refrigerator.

To prepare the cream will require 1 package of butter, which must be softened to room temperature.

Next, in a separate container, 300 grams of sugar, a pinch of vanillin and 100 grams of potato starch are combined. Everything is thoroughly mixed.

At the next stage, 1 liter of milk is poured into a double bottom saucepan, put on a small fire and brought to a boil. Do not forget to stir.

As soon as the milk boils, it is removed from the stove and poured into the dry mixture. After that, everything is again stirred and put on the fire and cooked to obtain a thick mass, stirring.

After the milk mass thickens, it is removed from the stove and allowed to cool. After that, 1 can of condensed milk is added. Pre-softened butter is cut into pieces, and it must be whipped with a mixer until a mass of fluffy texture and uniformity is obtained and added to the cream and stirred.

The cream is ready.

Next, the cooled dough comes out of the fridge, laid out on a floured desktop and rolled out with a rolling pin on the cake layers. In the process of making the cake, you can give the shape of a circle, rectangle or square.

After that, the oven is heated to a temperature of 200 ° C. With the help of a rolling pin rolled cakes are laid out on a baking sheet.

After that, the cakes are baked to obtain a golden hue.

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The finished cakes are laid out one by one on the cake plate and smeared with cooked cream. In this case, the larger the layer of cream, the better the cake will be soaked.

The last cake is pounded with the help of a rolling pin on small crumbs and the cake is sprinkled on top and sides.

The recipe for making cake with condensed milk

The recipe of this cake with boiled condensed milk and butter is a favorite dessert. This version of Napoleon is also called Russian Milfey.

In order to make the puff pastry will need 400 grams of butter.

Initially, it should be softened. Also need 200 grams of flour.

In order to eliminate the formation of lumps of flour, it is necessary to sift through a strainer. After that, the flour and butter are combined, and ground to a crumb.

After that, the resulting mass is placed on 60 minutes in the refrigerator. Cooking will also require 1 egg, the yolk of which is separated from the protein. Then the yolk, 200 milliliters of water, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 pinch of salt, 400 grams of flour are combined and pounded with a spoon first, and then stirred by hand.

After that, the dough is rolled out with the help of a rolling pin into a layer, in the middle of which butter and flour are placed. After that, the edges of the dough are reduced, pressed with a rolling pin and again rolled out of themselves in thickness of 1 centimeter.

Then the dough is folded in half, and the edges are bent towards the middle. Next, the dough is again placed in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes.

After removing the dough from the refrigerator, the dough is rolled out again, again folded and placed in the refrigerator. This sequence of actions must be repeated at least two more times. In this case, the last time the dough must be folded in three layers.

Then the dough is divided into four parts. And each part will be an independent cake.

It rolls out on 1/3 of the baking sheet. The oven is heated to a temperature of 200 ° C.

After that, the cake is transferred using a rolling pin on a baking sheet, sprinkled with flour. Each cake is baked for fifteen minutes.

To prepare the cream, you will need 300 grams of butter, previously softened.

It is cut into pieces and 1 can of boiled condensed milk is added. It is necessary to thoroughly mix the condensed milk and butter, and then beat with a mixer until smooth. Next, the stewpan is taken and 200 milliliters of milk is poured into it, 1/2 line of vanilla is added to it and heated over low heat.

Separately, beat 2 eggs, after which 1 tablespoon of starch is added to them, everything is mixed and heated milk is gradually added. After that, the whole mixture is heated until it thickens, time is allowed to cool, and an oil mixture with condensed milk is added. Everything is whipped with a mixer until smooth.

The cream is ready.

At the final stage, all the cakes are leveled, and the cuts are ground in a blender to crumbs. After that, each cake is coated with cream.

Top and sides of the cake additionally sprinkled with crumbs.

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