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Napoleon cake at home — baked from childhood

Of course, now it seems that any cake that our mothers and grandmothers baked is impossible to repeat and the taste is similar, but there are some differences. This is explained very simply.

It seems to any person that grass as a child was greener and the products tasted better and the sun shone brighter — just because we were children and only knew the world. Now, experienced and a little beaten by life situations, we are trying to repeat what is familiar from childhood.

But so far no one has managed to reproduce neither taste, nor color, nor the joy of children’s impressions.

When in 20-30 years your kids will eat a napoleon cake, it will also not be the same as you are cooking this baking at home.

The classic recipe for every housewife

Everyone remembers that classic napoleon is a cake made of many puff pastry cakes, soaked in custard sweet cream and sprinkled with chopped pieces of cake. Nothing new has yet come up.

Appearance may change slightly due to the use of another cream or decorating the cake with flowers and other decor. But the very essence of baking does not change — a huge number of layers with sweet impregnation.

We have already written several times how to cook puff pastry at home for this baking, so do not repeat. We can only say that you can look at the technology of cooking on our website in the Miscellaneous section, looking at the article “Cooking puff pastry using homemade recipes”. There you can also find information on the quantity and quality of ingredients.

Since puff pastry can be stored in the freezer, many housewives are engaged in dough in advance, and take it out of the refrigerator only on the day when they decide to bake delicious Napoleon.

To make this cake delicious frozen dough, it is necessary to lie at room temperature for 2 to 5 hours, depending on the size of the dough.

Since my home loves baking puff pastry, I prepare about 3 kilograms of this product in advance and pack it into three equal packages. Thus, you can rejoice your family with delicious cakes and pastries for two weeks.

But besides, to remove the dough from the cold, it is also necessary to prepare a cream, because without impregnation, you will not be able to feast on puff pastry.

For homemade Napoleon, you can quickly make butter cream with condensed milk, as it is very well suited for the cake and its recipe is not too complicated. You can also see this recipe on our website in the article “Recipes for Homemade Cake Cream, Varieties and Tastes” in the section of chocolate creams.

If you use homemade puff pastry and apply butter cream with condensed milk to it, then all the cooking will take not too long, since each cake is in the oven for no more than 15 minutes. But this time, you will be spinning around the kitchen, like a squirrel in a wheel, since while one layer is being baked, you need to roll out and shape the next one.

So it will be until all the dough is over. The assembly of the cake itself takes place after all the cakes have cooled, as the cream with butter and from the hot it can flow a little. Of course, this is not too scary, as melted butter can well impregnate the layers themselves.

But at the same time, the soaking can leave the cake, flowing through the edges of the cake, which is not desirable.

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Perhaps this is the easiest recipe that can be prepared at home.

Well, there are still many types of cake Napoleon, which are prepared without using the classic recipe for puff pastry. Firstly, the preparation of the puff pastry itself takes a lot of time and effort, and secondly, at home they are already waiting for similar baking, knowing that there is a piece of tasty dough for Napoleon cake in the freezer.

When unexpected — it is always tasty

But not always enough time to prepare the classic puff pastry, which is used in the cake Napoleon. In these cases, there are many recipes that do not require long rolling and wrapping in an unimaginable number of layers.

One such recipe will be presented below, and cooking it at home is easy. Since the bulk of the time usually takes to prepare the dough at home, we’ll slightly reduce it to 40-50 minutes.

Of which in the fridge dough lay for cooling 30 minutes.

So you can use the recipe of this cake on the eve of the celebration, as he should definitely soak up the custard in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Now about the ingredients that are included in the recipe of this Napoleon.

There are not many of them for making the dough itself, and the custard cream can be cooked classic, without using different flavors. All products are usually in the house on any given day, so there is no need to run to the store at the last moment.

For the dough will need:

  • Wheat flour of the highest quality — 700 gr .;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • Salt — 1 pinch;
  • Margarine — 250 gr.

Margarine is better to use cream, which is designed specifically for baking. Most factories produce these products in huge quantities so that the housewives can bake any cake without using expensive butter.

Now products for making custard on the cake:

  • Milk is not less than 3.2% fat — 1 liter;
  • Chicken eggs — 6 pcs .;
  • Sugar sand — 450 gr .;
  • Flour — 4 tbsp. spoons;
  • Butter — 250 gr.

Prepare this simple and tasty cake, as always with dough, as it should lie in the fridge for 30 minutes before you start to roll and bake cakes in the oven. To prepare the dough, sift the flour on a prepared dish or tray. But if you are used to do without these items at home, then you can sift on the working surface of the table, without adding additional dishes.

We make a small crater in the pile of flour and rub the whole volume of margarine into this hole in this hole. Now mix everything thoroughly.

Then prepare the liquid mixture in order to make the dough elastic.

Break an egg into a mug or a glass, salt it and beat a little with an ordinary fork. It is necessary that the egg is mixed with salt, and not covered with thick foam.

Then add water (preferably cooled boiled) to a total volume of 250 ml.

In the grief of flour and margarine, again we make a small hole in the middle part and pour in the previously prepared liquid mixture. We mix everything very well with our hands.

You should get a thick elastic dough that does not stick to your hands.

That’s exactly the dough we wrap in cling film, and if it is not available at home, then you can use the usual plastic bag. We remove this mass in the refrigerator for 30-35 minutes, and we are engaged in custard.

To do this, heat the milk, and at this moment mix the eggs with sugar.

Beat the mixture a little so that the sugar is well distributed throughout the volume of eggs. Next, add the sifted flour and beat again. When preparing the cream it is not necessary to use a mixer, everything can be done with an ordinary whisk or even a fork at this stage.

We need the consistency of the mass to be homogeneous, and only after that pour in the heated milk. But you need to use no more than two ladle milk, while still stirring the mass.

When the mass gets the consistency of medium cream — not too thick, but not liquid. Pour it into the remaining milk on the stove and, stirring constantly, boil until thick.

To custard could miss the future cake Napoleon, it must be cooled. But since the dishes in which we cooked still remain hot, it is easier to put it in a cup with ice water and stir for another 4 minutes until the mass cools a little.

Now the time is coming when we need to deal with the layers of our cake.

The recipe is very simple — we divide the whole mass into 7-8 equal parts and roll out thinly right on the baking paper, filled with flour. The oven must be heated to 180 degrees.

Prick each cake with a fork around the perimeter at equal distances from each other. Cook each cake in the oven for no more than 6-7 minutes. While the first layer is baked, we deal with the second one.

By the time the first cake is prepared, it is necessary to completely roll out the second on the parchment in order to immediately transfer it to the baking sheet along with the paper.

So changing cakes until we use all the dough. So that each layer has cooled it must be removed from the pan and put it on a wire rack. After the second layer is prepared, the first one is put on a dish or chopping board, who has what is at home, and the second cools on a wire rack.

I don’t recommend putting layers at once, as they stick to each other a little and break at the very moment when we begin to separate them in order to smear with cream.

When the fifth layer comes to an end, we continue to deal with the cream, to do this, whip up the softened butter until it is white and begin to add a preparation for impregnation in small portions. When all the brewed cream is mixed with butter, you can begin to coat the cakes with this cream.

Sprinkle the top and sides with a broken cake, or you can use a crumb from the cookies or crushed nuts.

The most wonderful cake will turn out if you leave it in the fridge for the night or 12 hours.

Firstly, it is delicious, and secondly, well-soaked. But not always at home you can meet these conditions, as the household is ready for the feast, as soon as they see that the pastries are collected in one delicious dessert.

Of course, a more delicious and rich dessert is obtained with nuts, but you need a large amount of this product, so the easiest way to not spoil the taste and get a festive dish is to mix the nuts with a chopped, baked cake layer.

Try using this recipe with 0.5 cups of finely chopped walnuts and the quality of the taste will be different from the usual classic napoleon.

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