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Multicooker cake — progress in the service of housewives

Now you can understand the Russian, or rather Soviet women — they also did not want for a long time to scour the baking sheet or pan from the burnt pastries. But now it’s already difficult for mothers and grandmothers to switch to the newest technology for making biscuit cake or other baking.

It would seem, neither the heat nor the large number of dishes, rejoice. But they all do the same.

Multicooker cake — convenience and freedom of action

Many housewives try to make recipes of cakes known to them, transferring and transforming them like a cake in a slow cooker. Naturally, a lot of time is released. At this time, you can prepare the cream, mold decorations for the cake or do the preparation of other dishes.

What good is this kitchenware — it does not give the heat that accompanies any baking in the oven. The second of its positive side is the fact that he put in, entered the program and forgot about the preparation before the corresponding signal.

What kind of cake in the slow cooker can be cooked?

Yes, almost any, the main thing is to mix all the ingredients correctly, pour them into the bowl and set the correct cooking time. Then pull out one of the main cake, cool it and cut into 2-5 parts depending on the volume of the bowl.

Many people love the Zebra cake, which we wrote about in the article Kefir cakes — a delicacy with benefits, as well as the recipe for a honey cake is described in detail in the article Honey cake with decorations in a slow cooker.

As mentioned above, almost any cake in a slow cooker is as tasty as cooked on a baking sheet, with the only difference that the cake is baked for a long time.

Recipes of some famous cakes, converted for the slow cooker

Of course, when you look at new recipes for making cakes, you often notice that you can bake a similar cake in a slow cooker. And you start to try this recipe, because you want to do something with yourself and do some housework.

Everyone knows that making a correct and tasty cheesecake is quite difficult and dreary if you do it in an ordinary oven, but such a wonderful assistant makes the recipe almost simple and not very time consuming.

What is needed for cooking:

  • Cookies (the simplest standard size) — 10 pieces;
  • Butter — 2 tablespoons;
  • Sugar sand — 1 tbsp;
  • Cottage cheese — 350 gr. (fat content of 6-9%)
  • Sour cream with high fat content — 150 gr .;
  • Chicken egg — 2 pcs .;
  • Starch (better corn) — 1 tbsp;
  • Sugar powder — 120 gr .;
  • Bitter chocolate — 80 g .;
  • Vanilla sugar — 10 g .;
  • Milk — 2 tablespoons;
  • Salt on the tip of a knife.

Wow — how many products, tell you, but after reading the cooking recipe you will realize that everything is so simple and fast that the set of ingredients will immediately stop scaring with its volume.

Let’s start with the basics for our cheesecake.

For this it is necessary to chop the cookies into a small one. You can grate, use a blender or meat grinder. Next, we heat 2 tablespoons of butter with 1 tablespoon of sugar and add cookies into the cake.

Stir well. Prepare a bowl of multicooker, for this we lay out the paper for baking with a cross.

It is necessary to lay out not only the bottom, but also the edges, since with these strips we can then easily remove our cake from the bowl.

Evenly distribute a layer of biscuits along the bottom and put them in the fridge for 30 minutes right in the bowl.

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Cooking the top layer.

Mix cottage cheese with sour cream, then add vanilla sugar and powdered sugar and whip on medium speed mixer. Without turning off this unit we introduce eggs and salt on the tip of a knife. Next, add the starch.

Finely chopped chocolate and drown it in a water bath with milk.

Next, divide the curd mass — 4/5 pour on the cake, and in the remainder pour in chocolate and stir well to obtain a uniform color. Now pour the brown mixture on top of the white in a spiral, and create a drawing with a stick for sushi or a knife. You can make circles or draw a cobweb — the main thing is not to mix, and make tracks.

Through these paths, the dark mass penetrates the light, and creates a unique pattern.

Close the lid and set the program: Baking 50 minutes. When the readiness signal has sounded, we will mark another 30 minutes and leave the cheesecake in a closed slow cooker for this time.

The mode of maintaining the temperature will allow the cake to reach the required condition.

After 20 minutes, open the slow cooker, take out the bowl and hold it for 20 minutes on the kitchen table, and then put everything in the fridge for one night. In the morning we get a cake for the tips of the baking paper and move it to the dish.

The whole procedure should be carried out carefully so as not to destroy the upper layer.

You will have an excellent hearty breakfast, which the household will rumble in a few minutes.

There is another recipe, which in appearance resembles the ruins of the graph or curly pinscher, but is prepared entirely from other ingredients.

Sour cream cake in a slow cooker also does not take much time for cooking and will leave indelible taste sensations.

What you need to have for baking:

  • Sour cream 20-25% — 250 g;
  • Sugar — 150 gr .;
  • Chicken Egg — 2 pcs .;
  • Cocoa — 15 g;
  • Flour — 1.5 cups;
  • Soda — 0.5 tsp;
  • Vinegar — 0.5 tbsp.

Cooking dough.

Beat eggs with sugar with a mixer, then add sour cream and also beat. Put out the soda with vinegar (you can use lemon juice) and pour it into the prepared mixture. Gradually introduce the sifted flour, constantly kneading or whipping.

The dough is almost done, it remains only to divide it into pieces. Two equal parts, in one of which we sift cocoa and mix thoroughly.

Should get a uniform color.

Further actions are similar to those indicated when we were preparing a cake in the Zebra multicooker. We coat the bowl of the multicooker with oil and put one and another dough into it, alternating colors.

It is better to use the spoon that came with the unit, since it contains two standard tablespoons.

Using a stick for sushi or another long stick we make stains for the entire depth of the dough, then close the kitchen assistant and set the baking mode for 65 minutes.

While preparing the cake, make sour cream.

For which you need 0.5 liters of sour cream and a glass of sugar. Sour cream can be pre-filtered, then the cake will be more saturated.

Whip sour cream with sugar and leave for a while, until the base is prepared.

Just enough time for making decorations for the cake.

Chop 0.5 glasses of nuts (walnuts are better). But do not recycle them in a blender, and cut with a knife.

Grate chocolate (1 standard tile) and leave it in the fridge until the sprinkling of the finished product.

When the cake is ready, we cool it to a temperature that our hands calmly tolerate. Now tear to pieces, approximately 2 centimeters.

Each piece is dipped in cream and spread on a plate in a slide. When all the pieces have found their place, pour the remnants of the cream on top.

We remove the ready cake for 1 hour in the refrigerator, then we take out and decorate it, and then for another 4 hours in the refrigerator.

If you start making sour cream cake in the morning, you can drink tea with it in the evening.

To make it easier to navigate, then go to the site, click on the label of the slow cooker on the right side, and you can choose any recipe you like for making tasty and quick baking with a new gadget.

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