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Minecraft figures of mastic, squares that have captured children

When you want to please the child and show that you can not only decorate the festive cake with large roses made of mastic, but also understand higher matters for him.

Since the game Minecraft captured a large number of children and young people, then carefully look at whether your child is playing this game. If so, then make him out of the mastic characters of the game, and decorating the cake with a playing field is not so difficult at all.

A game that has conquered millions

To make it easier for you to understand all the intricacies and create a cake decoration in accordance with your favorite game, you should learn some of its features.

The first thing that catches your eye is the playing field and the heroes themselves, since the view of this is cubic. The whole game world consists of 3D cubes, the animals also look a bit strange.

Yes, however, everything looks very original.

There are lots of game situations and developments.

For example, 5 game modes that allow you to either build your objects or watch others. A lot of animals and monsters, a lot of different items and other features.

No child will refuse if you ask him to tell about the game and what kind of character he is, as well as ask permission to watch the gameplay. If you succeed, then look carefully at the character of the baby and what animals he interacts with, what monsters he fights.

When creating a birthday cake for a kid, such a lesson is very useful. It will be possible to make figures of characters with whom your child is friends, and the player’s figure will not be difficult to repeat.

Making a birthday cake

Most confectioners do not understand this game at all, so ordering a cake in a pastry shop will not only be expensive, but also quite difficult. If you really want to please the baby, then try to make a cake decoration with your own hands.

To do this, you need dyes for mastic and the ability to create tones.

By the way, the main cost of the cake is the most and will depend on the quantity and cost of paint.

How to create a playing field, or rather the main layer of mastic for covering the cakes?

Look at the image of the game on the screen of the baby — gray, green and brown tones prevail there.

Select the main background, then use the dyes to make several different color shades.

Roll the flagella and walk on it with a rolling pin, and then you will need to make smooth stripes.

Roll out the mastic canvas of the required size, and then cross-lay the blanks.

You should have flat squares. You can use the ruler or centimeter for proper creation.

When the whole field looks like an incomprehensible color madness, but the squares on it will be even, you need to once again roll out the resultant material and cover the cake with it. Further will depend on your skill, since the figures also resemble cubes, then it will not be very difficult to mold them from the scraps of dough in the butter cream.

Even trees look like cubic ones, so you only need to look good at the characters of the birthday boy.

Now we need to understand how and where to place the figures — good characters should stand next to the image of the game character of the baby, and place the monsters on the other side of the cake.

Absolutely all animals and monsters, as well as friends are similar to sets of small cubes, so making figures will not be very difficult.

If you do not want to spoil the teeth of your offspring, then it would be better not to sculpt the figures of characters from a single piece of mastic, but to cover the parts molded from the scraps of dough.

Now you place the figures on the surface, make a festive inscription and present the cake to the birthday man.

Any child, of course, will retell all the intricacies in his favorite cartoons, and the Batman series will retell completely, but you will surprise him much more with a gift in the form of a favorite toy than creating jewelry in the form of any lunits and fixes.

Also, this cake can be presented even to an adult, and he will not be offended, since most young men are happy to build cities, dismantle stones and make furniture.

So, decorating the cake in the form of your favorite computer game will be the perfect gift for the player.

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