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Mastic figurines — tasty and beautiful

What children first of all eat when they see a beautiful cake with lots of decorations. Of course, these decorations.

Fortunately, at the present time it is possible to control that the child is poking in her mouth, as many mothers try to make mastic figures on homemade cakes on their own.

Tools for work

When you look at all the beauty created by the hands of pastry chefs, you ask yourself if everything is done by hands or can there be any tools to facilitate the work? A lot of tools:

  • special rolling pins, both flat and patterned;
  • stacks;
  • silicone molds;
  • flat irons for smoothing mastic;
  • knives for cutting;
  • tassels;
  • colorants;
  • coasters for drying flowers and figures.

But according to many home cooks for making a cake using mastic and figurines made from it at the first moment it is better not to buy anything.

This is due to the fact whether you will continue to work with such interesting material or not, and the money can already be spent. If you walk through sites offering products for working with mastic, then you realize that good products are far from cheap. Therefore, in order to decorate the first cake with mastic and figurines from it, it is necessary to have patience and some improvised materials that will be found in every home.

These tools include a rolling pin, a pizza cutter, a different size lid for cans, and a box of cake or chocolates for drying figures. By the way, plastic cells for eggs are very well suited.

Cake decorating

Not every cake can be decorated, or rather covered with mastic, as cakes with a soft texture can be damaged. «Bird’s milk» or «Broken glass» decorate will not work. Firstly, the mastic itself can be damaged, and secondly, you cannot put figurines made of mastic on the cake, they will sell the soufflé and all the work will be spoiled.

The easiest way to decorate a cake is to make sea waves. Very few tools and materials are needed, and the decoration can be very beautiful.

For work you need white, blue and black mastic. The volume of each color depends only on the size of the cake and the number of waves.

How to make your own beautiful waves for the cake consider the example of a single wave. We will write down the instruction step by step.

Step 1. Make the composition for boulders or sea pebbles. From white and black mastic we roll sausages, which we then weave into a braid. We roll a ball out of this harness and then, pinching off it, make stones of different sizes.

Stones lay out on a silicone mat so that they touch each other, but the size of neighboring stones should be different.

Step 2. Blue mastic is rolled into a layer 0.5 cm thick. Make a wave with the edges rounded from the bottom, and its upper part should be straight and lie on the stones.

Step 3. Roll a thin sausage from white mastic and put it between the stones and the upper edge of the wave.

Step 4. Now with the help of the stack we make a lot of holes in the white comb to make foam.

Step 5. Apply small grooves in place of the blue mastic near the stones with the same tool, and use a stack with a rounded end on the blue mastic under the stones so that the wave reared.

Step 6. Make another pair of three thin white sausages and poke them with a pointed stack, and then place them in different parts of the blue mastic, creating the appearance of sheep.

Step 7. Under thin sheaves make a thin stack of grooves with a thin stack and trim it with a round stack.

Step 8. Transfer the dried wave to the cake and proceed to the next, if necessary.

Children’s motives

It is even funny to make a cake for children, because I remember my childhood and how we all loved to make plasticine. Then old cartoons about a plasticine crow, a lion cub and a turtle, a baby mammoth that was looking for his mother, come to mind.

It would be desirable to transfer all this on a cake and to blind with your own hands a real fairy tale for a child.

The most simple figure can be called a lion cub. If you make a decoration for a baby who listened to a turtle song, then add this beast to the cake, and add a few palm trees.

Work will require mastic of several colors:

  • Brown mane;
  • Light yellow body and head;
  • White paw pads and muzzle and tummy;
  • Black eyes;
  • Gray bug;
  • Red hat for the same bug;
  • Brown palm trunks;
  • Green leaves.
  • Of course, you will need stacks.

We first blind the lion cub, or rather his head and body. The head will be a ball, and the body in the form of a drop.

Also cut a drop of white mastic with a drop, which should be glued in place of the tummy and with a thin stack make a small hole in the place on the ball where the mouth will be.

Sculpt the hind and front legs, the hind legs will be slightly larger and bent with a needle (look at the straight sitting cat, in its likeness, create the hind and front legs). Glue the mastic of white color to the tips of the paws and draw the grooves at the claws exit point with a thin stack.

We form a muzzle. Remember how in childhood he painted a cat, starting a muzzle with an infinity sign or a figure-eight turned on its side.

This will help to make the base for the muzzle of white mastic and place it just above the mouth. Next, make a spout out of brown mastic — the same small drop.

Make eyes should be in three stages. First, make small dimples with a stack with a round tip, then make small circles from white mastic and glue them into dimples, and roll two black balls out of black paste and glue them onto white eyes.

You need to make a mane remembering a daisy, or rather its petals. On top of the mane should be a little higher and more, the petals below are shorter.

Just glue the entire mane around the perimeter of the head. It is also necessary to attach two round ears in front of the mane.

It is better to lay the tail lying down, since a thin flagellum of mastic with a large tip cannot be held without much support, and telling a child that it is impossible to eat a tail is not the best option on a holiday.

Take up the turtle. If there is no gray mastic, then it can be made from white and black.

Rolling flagella, twist them and form a ball.

Making a turtle is much easier. Roll up a large (in proportion with a lion cub) ball of gray mastic, which is slightly flattened on the underside and you can slightly pull off the edges with your fingers and form a sharp edge of the shell.

We make small balls from the same mastic, which we flatten with our fingers to small pancakes and glue over the shell. Next, we roll four small sausages for legs out of green mastic, make a small tail and form a head out of a ball.

Making eyes for a turtle should be the same as for the cub. With our own hands we make a hat of any style and put it on the head of a turtle.

That part of the cake decoration is ready. We are waiting for the figures to dry out and mark the place where we will place our inhabitants.

For a complete picture of the cake is missing a few palm trees, which are better to put. We roll brown mastic sausages, slightly narrowed at the top.

With the help of a thin stack, you will have to make a fringe on the trunk, but the children have not yet seen the real one, so you can limit yourself to cross notches.

From green mastic form the leaves. You can use the form of a piece to cut a few leaves and make notches on them, you can cut several triangles with a scissors along the edge. Here the fantasy is unlimited.

It is somewhat difficult to sculpt the leaves on a palm tree, so it is better to stick them to each other, and then stick them on the trunk and strengthen them with a thread to dry them completely. We place all the pieces that are created for the cake on it and fill the rest with finely ground cookie crumbs.

That turned out the sandy beach with cartoon characters, made by hand.

It is easier to sculpt simple figures than to draw a pastry bag or to create flowers, if you want to practice, buy a box of plasticine and have fun with your child. Only you will know that everything you create is the future decoration for the cake.

The child will simply enjoy this activity and the closeness of the mother.

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