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Marshmallow cake with fruit without baking, with sour cream

Many ladies who prefer to follow their figure, love this delicacy, like marshmallows. This delicate and airy dessert has a minimum amount of calories, while it is incredibly tasty. Today we will talk about how you can make a marshmallow cake with various fruits without baking, with sour cream.

Such a delicacy will appeal to not only home but also to guests who are not indifferent to marshmallow.

The advantage of such a dessert is its availability and ease of preparation, because instead of the cake, the airy delicacy itself is used. And for the layer can be used any kinds of fruits and berries, especially popular is pineapple in a canned form.

Also layers can be coated with different types of cream, in our case, sour cream is used, but the hostess can use whipped cream or condensed milk.

In addition, such a dessert is decorated with candied fruit, various types of cookies, meringue or chocolate, here everything depends only on the hostess’s fantasy.

Marshmallow dessert with strawberries and sour cream


  • white or pink marshmallow — 320 grams;
  • any nuts — 75 grams;
  • sour cream fat — 265 ml;
  • strawberries and kiwi fresh — 155 grams;
  • granulated sugar — 95 grams;
  • candied fruit for decoration — 25 grams;
  • chocolate for decoration — 35 grams.

Dessert preparation process:

Cooking such a marshmallow cake with fruit, without using baking, with sour cream according to the presented step-by-step recipe with a photo, is not at all difficult.

Initially, it is worth preparing all the ingredients for this dessert, while it is worth noting that the ingredients may vary depending on the preferences of the hostess.

Ingredients preparation:

To prepare a dessert, you need to do marshmallow, as it is sold as a whole, you can simply break the dessert in half, and you can cut it with a knife.

It is worth noting that too soft marshmallows are cut hard, to facilitate the process, you can periodically dip the knife in hot water. A hot knife will cut the air pastille faster and smoother.

Several halves of the dessert are removed until the cake is decorated, as they are the final layer.

Preparation of cream:

Now sour cream is taken, since we need to get a thicker mass, it is better to get a thicker product. Also for the cream we need sugar or icing sugar, both products are whipped with a mixer until a homogeneous and thick mixture is obtained.

Pre-prepared form for dessert. At the very bottom lay out one layer of halves of the air delicacy, on top of everything is covered with a layer of cream.

If you want to cream better frozen, you can make a marshmallow cake with fruit without baking with sour cream and gelatin. In this case, the gelatin will harden in the fridge, and the cake will be better to keep its shape.

Fruit preparation:

Now begin the preparation of fruits and berries, for this strawberry is washed in water and cleaned of tails, and with kiwi just peel off. Both ingredients are cut into thin plates to make products easier to fit into the cake.

If there were no strawberries and kiwi at home, then these fruits are easily replaced with any other. Still, the dessert itself is very sweet, so it is recommended to use sour fruits. When the first layer of fruit will be laid out on the marshmallows, sprinkle with pre-chopped nuts on top.

You can use absolutely any kind of nuts, we use walnuts.

Formation of dessert:

Now the nuts are again poured with sour cream a little, and a new layer of marshmallow is laid on top of it. It is best to spread the halves as close as possible to each other, this will help make the dessert more dense. To make the cake even and beautiful, you should lightly crush the marshmallow with your hands.

The top layer is again made a small amount of cream, it is necessary in order to lay out the decoration of the fruit.

As soon as the cream is applied, strawberry and kiwi slices are put on the surface of the treat. As the last layer, we use marshmallows, but you can leave the dessert in this form.

The treat is cleaned in a refrigerator, where it is kept for at least three hours. After hardening, you can decorate the cake with melted chocolate and candied fruit.

Marshmallow dessert from Lime Vaikule


  • high-fat sour cream or cream — 550 ml;
  • white soft marshmallow — 520 grams;
  • strawberries — 120 grams;
  • banana — 115 grams;
  • canned pineapples — 95 grams;
  • dark chocolate — 85 grams;
  • walnuts — 55 grams.

Dessert preparation process:

Cooking marshmallow cake with fruit, without using baking, with sour cream, according to the recipe from Lima Vaikule, is not difficult. To get started is to prepare a marshmallow, it is cut into two equal halves and set aside. You should also immediately prepare a baking dish or just take a large dish on which the cake will form.

On the plate or form laid out the first layer of marshmallow. Then you can temporarily postpone the form, but for now do the preparation of the cream.

Preparation of cream:

To make the cream, we need to know what exactly is used to lubricate the layers. If we talk about sour cream, it is enough just to fluff the marshmallow layer with the product.

Do not worry about the lack of sugar in sour cream, as the marshmallow is very sweet, and sour cream will make the dessert less cloying.

If cream will be used, then they can add a little sugar to taste, but you can not add it. Cream whipped until fluffy mass, and then laid out on top of the marshmallow.

Next, you need to take the prepared nuts and chop them, the prepared nuts are stacked on top of the cream.

Formation of dessert:

You can start putting fruit on nuts, in our recipe pineapple, banana and strawberry are used, this fruit can be replaced with other ones to taste. Fruits are cut into slices or circles, and then laid out on the cream. The marshmallow is placed on top again, and then the layers of nuts and fruits are repeated.

Dessert is removed in the refrigerator and left for a couple of hours. Not only fruits and berries can be used as decorations, but also melted chocolate, coconut chips, crushed nuts or marmalade.

Marshmallow Quiche Cake


  • any cookies — 385 grams;
  • granulated sugar — 355 grams;
  • white marshmallow — 670 grams;
  • crushed nuts — 135 grams;
  • cow’s milk — 2.5 cups;
  • chicken eggs yolks — 2 pieces;
  • butter — 155 grams;
  • wheat flour — 0.5 cups;
  • cocoa powder — 35 grams.
  • vanilla — pack.

Cooking process:

Usually a marshmallow cake with fruit without baking is prepared with sour cream (with photo). But in our case, we will cook already custard, which will make the cake no less tasty and tender. First, it is necessary to prepare just the cream, for this, take the yolks of chicken eggs and mix with sugar and flour.

Milk is gradually added to the mixture. Stir better with a whisk. Thus, you can avoid the appearance of lumps in the cream.

Even if lumps of flour are suddenly formed in the cream, you can break them with a blender. The cream is put on the fire, and then it is allowed to boil, while the mass must be constantly mixed so that the flour and milk do not start to burn.

As soon as the mass is ready, it is well cooled, and then the softened butter is added to it and whipped with a mixer. There it is worth adding cocoa powder and the required amount of vanilla powder.

Nuts are best crushed in a blender, so the baby will turn out smaller, also come with cookies, in the end we must get a product that looks like breadcrumbs.

Dessert Formation Process:

Marshmallow is divided into two equal halves, but you can simply cut the tops of each delicacy, so that it becomes flat. The tops should not be thrown away, as they will be used to decorate the dessert. A marshmallow is placed in a detachable form, and then covered with a layer of custard.

Cut tops can be applied to fill all the voids between the marshmallow circles. On the cream pour a layer of cookies and nuts, and then repeat the laying of marshmallow.

Cover this dessert with the final layer of cream, and then cover all with cling film. Best also with plastic wrap to lay out the bottom and sides of the form.

The treat is sent to the refrigerator for three hours, after which it can be taken out and removed the top layer of the film. To serve the dessert, a large plate is taken, the form is turned over, and the cake is shifted to the dish.

After that, you can remove the top layer of the film and serve the cake to the table. If desired, this dessert is decorated with any fresh and canned fruit, nuts, melted chocolate or candied fruit.

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