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Marshmallow Cake — A Delicious Treat

How do you want to make something pleasant for your loved ones, cook something tasty and memorable, tender and sweet dessert with a rich taste. But, sometimes, there is no time for long pastries, so I offer you an alternative solution.

Marshmallow cakes are, as a rule, cakes that do not require baking.

This is a delicious sweet treat for the most demanding taste.

So, I suggest you cook a wonderful marshmallow cake.

Crumbly cookies — 200 g.

Nectarine — 1 piece

Mint — 2 sprigs

Confectionery product to prepare in several layers.

milk soaked biscuits.

marshmallows, cut into slices. Cut them in half.

Whip cream, sugar and cottage cheese and put this layer on the marshmallow.

A mixture of cream, cottage cheese and sugar.

Here is another recipe: this marshmallow cake also does not require baking.

Dry biscuits — 500 g

Nuts, can be walnuts — 250 g

Condensed milk — 1 can

Butter — 1 pack

Cognac — a few drops

Biscuits break into small sweet pieces, and pour the creamy mass of butter, condensed milk and brandy. In order to prepare the cream mass, you need to whip all the ingredients until smooth.

It is easy to assemble such a cake.

At the bottom of the baking dish lay marshmallows, sliced, and walnuts on top. Then a sweet mix of biscuits soaked in cream.

The top of the cake can be decorated with marshmallows.

The next delicacy with marshmallow needs to be baked.

For baking biscuits:

Normal starch — 2 tsp.

Citric Acid — Pinch

Granulated sugar — 255 g.

Vegetable oil — half a cup

Table flour — 550 g.

Baking Powder — 3 tsp.

Eggs — 7 yolks

For a delicious cream:

Sour cream of average fat content — 500 g

Marshmallow (you can buy in the store) — 300 g.

Icing sugar — 5 tbsp. l

Sift flour, mix with sugar, baking powder, table salt, pour egg yolks, vegetable oil and water into the middle, add vanilla sugar, then knead the dough.

Separately, beat the egg whites with citric acid and also put in the kneaded dough.

Bake a soft biscuit for about 45 minutes, the temperature is 180 degrees. Then check the readiness of the cake with a toothpick.

Then make a creamy substance:

mix sour cream with powdered sugar.

This pastry has a very interesting assembly principle.

Put the marshmallow in half on the bottom layer. Cut the cake into small squares and, dipping each square in sour cream, spread on the marshmallow pieces.

So collect the marshmallow cake.

There is another variation of this recipe.

Using the same technology, we bake cakes. Making cream of boiled condensed milk (1 can) and packs of butter.

Still need marshmallow — 250 g and peanuts — half a cup.

We start to collect the cake.

Grease the cake richly with cream, spread the peanuts and marshmallow pieces, do the same with the second cake. And our delicacy is ready.

And here is another incredibly delicious marshmallow cake.

Milk — 1 cup

Sugar — 1 cup

Butter — 200 g

Flour — 2 tablespoons

This is a delicious delicacy with custard.

Cook the custard cream mass. Beat the eggs with the sugar, add the milk and put on a slow fire, after a while put the sifted flour and bring the mixture to a boil.

Remove from heat, cool, add butter and whisk. The cream is ready.

On a layer of marshmallow slices, pour the cream, put a layer of biscuits and sprinkle with nuts. Repeat these steps for each layer.

Prepare pastry with marshmallow, please yourself and your loved ones!

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