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Jewelry made of mastic taste beauty

Many people think that decorating cakes with mastic is something laborious and impossible for ordinary housewives who do not have a cooking degree. But a little podnatorev simple jewelry, home cooks begin to learn more and more new forms and shapes.

And they begin to understand not only the devices for sugar mastic, but also the varieties and types of the material itself.

Mastic cakes

It all starts with a coating of cakes.

This is not as difficult as it seems, since you just need to roll out the mastic and carefully transfer it to the prepared cake. Well flatten the iron and trim the extra edges.

It is impossible to roll this plastic material too thin, since it can break, and in the future the hole will only creep away.

The simplest decoration with mastic cakes is coating with different colors.

How to make a zebra on «Zebra»? This will require a mastic of two colors — white and black. You can make the main color of ivory, and the second color to pick up a dark brown.

No matter what colors you choose, the main thing is the process of making the correct zebra skin.

First, you need to roll two identical layers of material of different colors.

We leave the light one, and we cut the black one with a special knife, and if not, then with a pizza knife into different pieces. These should be strips of different shapes and sizes. We put dark pieces on a light rolled layer, sizing them with a brush with plain water, cover them with cling film, and preferably with parchment, and roll them very well.

There should be almost single-layer mastic. When you achieve this result, transfer the material to the cake and cover.

Cut off the excess and mastic ornaments in the form of animal skins are ready.

This way you can repeat almost any pattern of animal skins, but many of them require more colors. Leopard, giraffe, tiger — all these mammals can be a decoration for a gift cake for a man — a hunter.

Almost all cakes can be decorated with mastic, but first you need to align it with a cream that does not flow and does not lose shape.

One of these creams is — oil.

To make it very simple, you need to mix the softened butter with condensed milk. It is better to use boiled condensed milk, then the cream will be much stronger.

Soft cakes should not be covered with mastic, as it is in itself a rather heavy material, and when wrapping, baking deformation may occur and the cake will become not neat and rough.

If the pastries are perfectly aligned and the cakes themselves keep their shape well, then even the simplest covering with a minimum of decorations will give the cake a finished and sophisticated look.

The simple types of mastic adornment include coatings of cakes of various shapes — a doll’s skirt, a machine, a shirt, and other cakes that do not require other decorating materials other than the coating of mastic of different colors.

For example, how to decorate a two-tier cake for a lady is a very simple solution — a hat.

This piece of clothing is constantly present at fashion shows, it goes out of fashion, then returns. But to a greater degree all ladies love hats, or would like to wear them.

For decoration, you will need a white mastic and a dye, for a small amount of material that will depict a ribbon on a hat.

The ribbon is needed to hide the seam between the first and second tier of the cake.

Roll out the mastic and cover the tiers separately. First lower, then upper.

Attach the upper tier to the middle of the lower one and paint a small piece of plastic material with a dye. Then we make a sausage of colored mastic, slightly flatten it and roll it with a rolling pin.

If you do not want clutter and dirt on the working surface, then the whole procedure can be carried out on two pieces of parchment for baking. After that, we cut a straight strip with a pizza cutter, and we tie a place where the tiers join.

As an additional decoration, you can make a rosette or a bow of the same color as the ribbon. Easier, of course, to make a simple bow.

To do this, you need 2 flat stripes the same width as our tape, and each 15 cm long. Put strips on the table, and at a distance of five centimeters from the edge put a roll of baking paper or foil.

Next, bend the short edge to the long, and glue with plain water. We leave the product to dry, after which we glue both strips to each other crosswise and the resulting bow to the main edge.

Hat for the ladies ready.

The next option to create jewelry from mastic for male cake.

You can make a shirt, but not the one with sleeves and other things, but one that has just arrived from the store — in a package.

We need a dye for mastic of this color, which most often the shirt is worn by the donee.

Just do not remind a person of work, this color is so annoying birthday that a gift of this color can be more upset than to please. Cut a collar pattern out of paper, then roll out the mastic and transfer the pattern onto it.

Bend and set to freeze for 2-3 days. In order to make mastic decorations not fall off, we will make a turnpicker out of thick cardboard, which we will bend in the form of a drop, and we will connect the ends with scotch tape.

When the collar has stiffened, we again roll out the mastic and wrap the cake around it.

We take out the cardboard and attach the collar to the shirt. Many men like buttons on a small stand, for this we measure the distance from the collar to the edge of the cake plus the height and make a flagellum. Roll it out, cut out a flat strip and make the most ordinary male comb with equal distances between the teeth on both sides.

Then we look for a suitable button and apply it at equal distances, as the buttons on the men’s shirt are located.

We glue the prepared strip to the main cake, starting from under the collar and ending at the base of the cake.

We make a pocket, first a pattern, which is transferred to the mastic, cut a pocket, just make a line along the edge and glue on three sides.

To make a white handkerchief even easier, cut a triangle out of white mastic and glue it into a pocket so that the corner looks good. Sugar mastic shirt is completely ready.

Sugar mastic flowers

Usually we observe mastic flowers, making some of them quite simple. The easiest way to make a rose from sugar mastic is so primitive that any beginner cook will be able to repeat it.

Where do we begin to make our flower.

Roll out the plastic material and make circles with the edge of the glass. For one rose, they will need four pieces. Now lay out blanks overlap.

On a thin crochet hook, we stick a small sugar mastic pestle, and then put it on the first blank and start wrapping it slowly. When all four blanks will be on the hook, you need to lift it and make a clip with two fingers at the base.

Then we lift our product and it is necessary to make small bends in the direction opposite to the hook in order to create a more natural look.

There is still a way to make small flowers, which are scattered around the cake, you can give a festive look of everyday baking.

For this you need a flower shape, which we will cut out from the sugar mastic of the color you need. First, roll out the mastic and cut out the flowers.

To do better two options big and small. We spread flowers on a sponge and make indentations on each petal.

Small flowers will be awarded only one depression — in the middle. Now we connect two flowers and glue with water and honey.

Flagella and leaflets are also needed for the overall picture. The leaves can be cut using the form, and the veins will have to do with a toothpick on the sugar glaze.

For the manufacture of harnesses, it is necessary to form the flagellum itself, and then wrap it in the form of a spiral on an oblong, flat wand.

It is also very easy and quick to make ruches from sugar mastic. For the manufacture will need mastic and a stick with a round tip. First of all, it is necessary to make harnesses, of which later to form even strips.

Next, using a round tip to make thinner parts on one side of the strip. That’s all — ruff can be immediately attached to the side of the cake. To have a more elegant look, try to make ruffles of different shades.

Move from light to dark, adding a little more dye each time.

Little bit about fixtures

If you are just a beginner home confectioner, and are afraid to make complex decorations, then you should not buy expensive tools for their manufacture. Almost everything can be replaced by improvised means, which at first will serve you well.

What to do if there is no ironing for smoothing mastic.

Plastic, not expensive, but if you later do not like to make cakes with mastic, then even a penny thing will litter the kitchen cabinets. What can be replaced — this item is at home in almost all Russians — DVD — disc.

When heated, it bends perfectly, so you can heat the opposite edges and bend them across the width of the palm. Next, we make holes in the sides and insert the usual laundry elastic, adjusting the length of your palm.

What is not iron?

A stick with a round tip can be replaced with a stick from a children’s drum or xylophone — there used to be such in almost every home.

Knife for trimming excess mastic — a pizza knife.

Sticks for cooking spirals — ordinary pencils or pens.

But if you like working with this material, then you will be able to acquire the necessary adaptations as you learn and improve your skills.

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