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How to plant tomatoes for seedlings at home

How to plant tomatoes for seedlings at home

Hello! Winter still dominates the yard, but gardeners and gardeners are not asleep. And if the summer cottage is still resting, then the preparatory work for the beginning of the new season should be carried out now. Otherwise, then it will be too late.

The most common, than usually engaged lovers of gardening — is planting seeds of various vegetable crops on the seedlings. And such work is carried out in February-March. True, if you get ready-made seedlings, then you have nothing to worry about.

In this article we will talk about how to grow tomatoes on seedlings.

If you think that everything is very simple — sowed the seeds and wait for them to sprout, then you are very mistaken. Before you start sowing, you need to prepare them, or, as it is called to make distillation.

Not all seeds can germinate or ascend altogether. It may also happen that the crop will not rise at all. So, in order to ensure high germination, it is necessary to know how to prepare the seeds for planting, how to sow them and how to take care of the already sprouted ones.

What days on the lunar calendar is better to plant tomatoes in 2018

Often, when carrying out these or other garden work, we use the lunar calendar for gardeners and gardeners. It states in detail when and at what time it is best to carry out landing work.

The main factor to consider is the phases of the moon. Usually, after a new moon, plants are planted with ground fruits, and roots are planted after a full moon.

In the descending phase of the moon, the outflow of juice from the top of the plant to its roots occurs. Therefore, planted tomatoes at this time is not recommended. But in the growth phase, the opposite happens, the inflow of juice to the tops. And this is a very necessary time for landing.

You should know that during this period it is not recommended to also pinch or cut the plants.

Below is a table of the phases of the moon, focusing on which, you can carry out landing work.

As can be seen from it, the most favorable for planting will be the days that fall on the phase of the rising moon.

If we also take into account the signs of the zodiac, then the period of favorable and unfavorable days will look like this:

Thus, the most favorable in March will be such days as 03/20/18 and 03/21/18. During this period, the plants best absorb all the nutrients from the ground.

If you want to transplant or dive tomatoes, then the best days during the rising moon will be 05/18/18 — 05/19/18; 05.24.18 — 05.28.18. The most optimal day will be 05.15.18, since it is located at the junction of two phases — the full moon and the phases of the rising moon. It is believed that such transitional days are most favorable for the plants.

Well, with the dates figured out, now you can do and the preparation of seeds. The first thing they need to germinate. But before it is necessary to conduct an inspection and selection of seeds for planting. This should be done especially if you purchased them in the store.

Put the seeds in salt water. Good seeds will sink and empty ones will float. Selecting, thus, planting material is washed in water.

Next, you need to disinfect the seeds. Experienced gardeners do this in a weak aqueous solution of manganese. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used. To do this, in 1 liter of water we dilute 2 tsp of the product. In this liquid, the seeds are kept for about 15 minutes.

Now you can do directly germination. Most often this is done using ordinary water. But some gardeners use aloe sap as a growth biostimulator.

To do this, let the leaves of a three-year-old plant pass through a meat grinder, squeeze a lot and mix with warm water in equal proportions. We put the seeds on the gauze and put it in the solution. After 18 hours, we get gauze with seeds and put them in a warm place until sprouts appear.

While our seeds are germinating, we will take care of the soil and containers for planting. Here you can go, so to speak, in two ways. Or use small plastic or paper pots, or purchase special peat pots.

What good are these pots. They already have peat soil, which can also contain a number of additional stimulating components. In addition, after seed germination, when the time comes to transplant the sprouts of tomatoes, they should not be removed from the pots, but can be transplanted directly with them.

So, with the pots decided the same. Now you need to prepare the ground. You can go to the nearest garden shop and buy special soil for seedlings there, or you can prepare it yourself.

True, in the second version, this is best done in the fall. That is, to put it bluntly, it must be harvested in advance. We take garden soil, humus and mix in equal parts. Then, based on a bucket of soil, add 100 grams. chalk or eggshell and add another 100 grams. ash. You can also add a little urea, potassium sulfate and superphosphate (but not more than 15% of the total mass).

Having prepared the soil and pots, we are waiting for the seed to spit. After that, at a depth of about 1 centimeter in each pot put a pair of seeds. Generally, one seedling in one pot is best. The soil is pre-moistened. After planting, sprinkle the seeds with soil and moisten again.

Put the pots in the pan and cover with polyethylene, creating a kind of mini-greenhouse. We put it in a warm room with good lighting. The temperature should not fall below 22 degrees.

After the shoots appear, remove the film and keep it open. As soon as the seedlings have 2-3 leaflets, they can be dived. Grown in peat pots, tomatoes can not pull out of them, and just like that and plant.

If you used plastic or paper pots, then carefully remove and clean the plant from the ground. Weak and damaged clean. In the transplanted plant, pinch off the lower third of the spine — this is the pick and plant in cooked pots in which the soil mixture is saturated with potassium permanganate per 10 liter of water — 0.5 g. potassium permanganate.

After picking and transplanting, seedlings are watered almost weekly. The main thing to follow is that the soil does not dry out.

Planting seeds with a pick is a somewhat time-consuming process and not everyone likes it. Especially if you planted tomatoes at a later date, for example, in March-April. In addition, the root is not subjected to a pick, it turns out developed much better and the plant can not be so often watered.

Therefore, many are interested in the method of landing without picking.

The whole process is similar to that described above, with the only difference that it is necessary to plant only one seed in a pot. To do this conveniently, use tweezers.

Seeds need to be laid spine down. After seed germination, they will no longer need to be transplanted, and they will continue to stretch in pots, up to their disembarkation in the garden.

You can plant seedlings in boxes. This is provided that you want to grow more than two dozen tomatoes. But at the same time it is necessary to try so that the seeds are planted at an equal distance from each other.

Caring for pickled seedlings and unpicked seedlings is almost the same. The main thing is to maintain sufficient lighting and moderate watering.

However, the difference, albeit small, but there is.

For pickled tomatoes at the time of their transplant, you have already removed weak sprouts. And for not peaked plants, the weak ones just need to be cut. Do not pull them out at all, otherwise you may damage the roots of the neighboring good plants. Also, after they have risen, they should be moved to a cooler place.

In addition, once a week the ground must spud. Watering is not very often, but abundant. Moreover, watering is carried out only when the ground becomes dry. Once a week, plants can be fed organic. This is either an infusion of chicken manure, or mineral fertilizers.

If the seedlings look frail, then it is undernourished.

So, if the leaves have a purple hue, it means that there is not enough phosphorus, and if yellow, there is not enough nitrogen. If the leaves are wrinkled, they lack potassium; the presence of white spots indicates a lack of iron.

But, anyway, and the seedlings grow in our country literally by leaps and bounds. When it can be planted in open ground?

If a plant has a stem of about 30 cm, and it has 6-7 leaves, then it can already be planted. However, we must also see the weather conditions. If the threat of frost has passed, then proceed to the landing boldly. The main thing — the temperature should not be below 15 degrees.

What is good greenhouse, you can not wait when it gets warmer on the street, and plant your seedlings much earlier. However, we must take into account one circumstance — what is yours?

If it is glass and heated, then seedlings can be planted in it already in late April — early May. If there is no heating, but you made an additional film coating, then we land in May. In simple greenhouses or under film in the ground — at the very end of May. At the same time, the air temperature should not be lower than 20 degrees.

It is recommended to change the soil in the greenhouse every five years. From the autumn it is desirable to cook the beds. Especially if you grow early tomato varieties. The optimum height for a tomato bed will be about 40 cm.

The soil is best suck humus or sod. For every square meter we bring in three tablespoons of granulated superphosphate, a teaspoon of sodium nitrate or urea, a tablespoon of potassium magnesium and potassium sulfate and one and a half cups of wood ash.

In such a soil and planted seedlings.

Video on how to care for seedlings from germination to picking

And in this video you can see what conditions must be met for the best growing seedlings. What temperature and light conditions must be observed, and how to create it.

Also from this video you can learn about the necessary composition of the soil, about the correct watering, and in general about everything that concerns the care of seedlings.

The planting season will begin very soon. And it is important not to miss this moment, and do everything correctly. So that our seedlings will get accustomed, grow and develop. And in the summer to collect a decent crop, pleasing us with its fruits.

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