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How to grow Kombucha from scratch: tips, photos and videos

Unfortunately, few in our time is known Kombucha, which helps to solve complex problems with the inadequacy of modern nutrition, often poor in the necessary for the body vitamins and trace elements.

This mushroom is unusual. It does not grow in the forest, but in tea. Such a homemade mushroom in the kettle.

It looks like a round cake, and the infusion obtained from it resembles kvass in a pleasantly sour taste and is very useful.

First, consider what is Kombucha. This is a jellyfish organism, which is formed as a result of the coexistence of acetic acid bacteria and yeast fungus (in the photo it is presented in all its beauty).

He can grow and live only in tea, because he needs purines contained in tea infusion, which he uses without using other components.

The body of the fungus, medusomitset, is located on the surface of the tea solution. The upper part of his body is light, and the lower part, immersed in liquid, is dark, with filamentous processes.

Tincture of a miracle mushroom will be useful only if it is properly grown and used.

Below, in addition to how to grow a kombucha from scratch, you can learn a lot more useful information that will help get rid of problems with health and well-being.

Tea kvass contains many minerals and vitamins.

Consider its detailed chemical composition:

  • Organic acids;
  • Ethanol;
  • Vitamins — C, PP, group B;
  • Enzymes;
  • Pigments;
  • Lipids;
  • Sahara;
  • Polysaccharides;
  • Natural antibiotic — medusin;
  • Caffeine.

With the help of infusion of Kombucha can get rid of many diseases.

It is indicated for diseases of the stomach, colitis, constipation, liver and gallbladder diseases, infectious diseases of the throat, nose, eyes, hypotension, hemorrhoids, various nervous disorders and headaches, during recovery from antibiotics and infectious skin diseases.

The scope of this wonderful drink is very extensive. However, it is important to know about the contraindications:

  1. Stomach ulcer;
  2. Diabetes;
  3. Any fungal diseases.

Therefore, if you have no contraindications to use, find it and cook it.

For information on how to use this living organism for the treatment of diseases, see the video:

Nobody knows by whom and when the first Kombucha was grown. This discovery occurred many thousands of years ago and is successfully used by people in the household to this day.

Before the war, the infusion of it was in almost every home. The lack of tea and sugar in the postwar period led to the disappearance of this tradition. Now interest has resumed and many would like to know the recipe for growing.

It is necessary to grow a mushroom by protecting the jar with it from the ingress of sunlight, but not in the dark.

Since for life he needs light and air, the neck of the jar is not covered with a lid, but with gauze and never pour tea to the top of the jar, filling it only half.

Tea brewed poured into the teapot, insist, add sugar.

In a prepared glass jar, washed with baking soda, the tea is poured from the teapot, after having filtered it, tied the neck with gauze and put it in a warm shaded place.

A couple of weeks or a little earlier, an acetic scent will appear from the jar, which will disappear in a week.

So began the successful formation of Kombucha.

After a month and a half, thin mucous “pancake” will appear on the surface of the brewing.

This is a young Kombucha.

For further successful growth, carefully, without injuring the body of the fungus, move it into a clean three-liter jar filled with weak tea.

The method of growing kombucha on the basis of tea from rosehip has its own characteristics. Rosehip drink will be more rich in vitamins and useful in the cold season for colds.

It is necessary to take into account contraindications to the use of wild rose, such as the tendency to the formation of kidney stones.

Components for welding:

  • Half a liter of boiling water;
  • 4 large spoons of dry pounded rosehip;
  • Brewing large-leaf black tea (1 large spoonful of tea per cup of boiling water);
  • 5 large spoons of sugar;
  • Thermos;
  • Pure glass jar;
  • Gauze.

In a thermos poured 4 tablespoons of wild rose, add half a liter of hot boiled water. Insist in a thermos for 4 days.

Pour the resulting rosehip infusion into a clean three-liter jar, filtering it through gauze. A glass of sweet tea tea is added to the same jar, in which 5 large spoons of sugar are dissolved.

Tie the neck of the jar with gauze and put in a warm dark place.

As when grown in a usual tea brew, an acetic scent will appear first, indicating the birth of the organism. Then the smell will disappear and after a month and a half a film will appear on the surface of the infusion — the body of the fungus.

Now you know how to grow a kombucha from scratch yourself and you just can not use this knowledge, because the improvement of the most valuable thing that a person has — health!

It is not enough to grow this miracle doctor, you still need to be able to save it. So, our advice will help you in this difficult matter.

Strange as it may sound, but Kombucha is a lover of purity. This grown medusomitset is not just some kind of mold, but a living organism that needs to be monitored.

If the dishes in which he lives are dirty, then the mushroom will begin to ache. Then the drink he produces will be cloudy and not beneficial.

The mushroom lives in tea, floating on its surface in a three-liter jar. The diseased organism falls to the bottom of the can and the drink produced by it is not worth drinking; the fungus should be treated.

Wash the body of the fungus, divided into layers, if it is stratified, transferred to a clean jar, filled with fresh tea.

When consuming tea kvass, which was formed as a result of the activity of the fungus, they poured a new nutrient solution (2 large spoons of boiled water — 4 large spoons of leaf tea and 1 cup of sugar).

If the whole brew is blended, the jar is thoroughly washed with baking soda while the mushroom lies on a suitable size plate, and then sweet tea is poured.

Mushroom itself loves to swim, so once a month it is gently washed in a cup with clean warm water.

Fresh tea for him is prepared on good water purified from impurities.

You can not pour sugar on the mushroom, he does not like it. It is poured with cooled, strained tea with sugar mixed in it.

The normal thickness of an adult Kombucha is about 4 cm. If it is thicker, it may begin to exfoliate. Hands, without using a knife, divide the layers and settle the young mushrooms in new jars.

If it is necessary to leave and there is no one to look after the mushroom, it is taken out of the tea, put into ordinary water and put in the fridge.

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The frequency with which the finished tea kvass is poured is determined by taste. Fans of sour kvass take it once every four days, a less sour infusion is ready 2 days after adding a new tea to a jar with a beneficial organism.

By the way, the jar in which the fungus lives is not advised to be poured to the top, let it be a half to two liters of liquid.

In direct sunlight, the fungus is not set so that it does not get sick and die. The optimum temperature in the room is 18-25 degrees.

By applying the acquired knowledge in practice and including in your diet a “mushroom” infusion for daily consumption, you will soon feel better health and good mood will become a constant companion of your life.

For more information about this unique product, see the video below:

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