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How to clean the blinds of grease and dirt

Jalousie. You so wanted to have them in your apartment. And finally, you have them installed. New, beautiful!

And for some time you do not experience any problems with cleaning. Just when cleaning with them, you brush away the dust with a special whisk or a damp cloth. But after a time, this care is not enough.

Resistant dirt or even grease and grime appears on the lamellae. It is time to clean! This procedure is not very happy, especially if you do not know how to approach this. Where to start cleaning and how to carry it out correctly so that the blinds do not fail and retain their appearance?

There are ways to quickly and accurately clean the blinds using simple and affordable tools. The cleaning process may vary depending on the type of material and have a number of features. The easiest to care for is the blinds made of plastic and aluminum.

  • We need 9% table vinegar, warm water, rubber gloves and an old clean sock, well, or a rag.
  • Keep in mind that plastic lamellas are more fragile, so they need to be more carefully and more carefully cleaned.
  • Pour about half a liter of warm water into the bowl, add 250 ml. vinegar (proportion to 1 to 2)
  • Wear rubber gloves and a clean old handkerchief on top. Now feel free to soak your improvised rag in a solution of water and vinegar, and wipe the slats.
  • Appearance restored.
  • Lamels can be cleaned only with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaned with a soft nozzle.
  • For wet cleaning, you must purchase special liquid detergents for wood.

There are many devices for cleaning the blinds, but they are all effective only if they are regularly used at every cleaning.

Therefore, every time you clean up the house, do not forget about blinds.

  • It is better not to bring them to such a state when they need wet cleaning.
  • During cleaning, clean the slats with a brush of a vacuum cleaner, if you do not do it in time, you will have to disassemble the entire structure, and wash each strip of cloth separately, and only with hand washing.
  • It is impossible to wash the fins in the washing machine, otherwise they will lose their appearance.

Blinds should be cleaned regularly. This will keep the room clean and fresh. Will not allow allergens to spread along with dust. And your home will shine with impeccable purity.

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