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Honey Cake with Sour Cream: A Step-by-Step Recipe

Honey cake is thin honey cakes with caramel flavor, sandwiched with cream and sour cream.


We offer you a classic recipe for making a cake with sour cream.

For cakes:

  • 40 gr. honey
  • 75 gr. butter;
  • 200 gr. Sahara;
  • 280 gr. flour;
  • 0.5 tsp of soda;
  • 2 eggs and one yolk.

Step-by-step recipe for making dough for cake layers:

  • Mix honey, butter and sugar. We put in a water bath and heated;
  • Sift the flour through a sieve so that it is saturated with oxygen;
  • Pour soda with lemon juice or vinegar so that the dough is well loosened;
  • Mix soda with flour and add to the hot honey mixture;
  • Add eggs and yolk;
  • All mix well, so brew the dough.

The consistency of it is similar to the usual choux pastry. The more the dough gets warm, the better it moves away from the walls of the dish. Transfer the dough into a plastic container covered with flour.

Hot dough is sticky. It will cause you inconvenience, as it will stick to the rolling pin and hands.

And when it lies down and cools down, it will ripen and will roll out without problems. In order to make the dough cool faster, we put it in the fridge and cool it to room temperature.

Cooking cakes

  • Divide the cooled dough into an equal number of balls. This recipe involves baking nine cakes;
  • Roll the harness and begin to divide. From the pieces we make individual balls and lay them on the flour. Let them stand for 30 minutes;

  • Roll out the dough on thin cakes. Each with a diameter of 20-22 cm;
  • We take the sheet, which we covered with a silicone mat or parchment and put the dough on the mat. As you roll out the next lap, we put this one in the oven;
  • We bake cakes at a temperature of 200 C, maximum 5 minutes. So, the cake after the cake, we bake 9 pieces;
  • After baking, the flour remains on the cake, which, after baking, remains carefully removed with a brush;
  • The cuts that you have left are also baked.

Honey cake goes well with sour cream. The cream consists of only two main ingredients.

We offer you a classic cooking recipe:

  • 0.5 kg of sour cream fat content of 25% and above;
  • 100 gr. powdered sugar;
  • 2 packs — thickener cream (optional).

Put the sour cream in a bowl and beat with a mixer. We gradually add powdered sugar in small portions.

If you get sour cream liquid, it is allowed to add 2 packs of thickener for cream. The cream turned out easy, air.

Getting to the assembly of the cake

The dough turned out very crispy, if it is a bit cracked somewhere, nothing terrible, you just put the cake in the form and close everything with sour cream.

  • Take the form and lay out the first cake;
  • Cover the cake with cream. The thickness of the cream should be a little more than the thickness of the cake.

So we glue all nine cakes.

Cake decorating

Baked trim grind into crumb. The surface and sides of the cake give smoothness with a knife or spatula.

Sprinkle the edges of the cake with chopped chips.

Decorate the surface of the cake with melted chocolate using a pastry syringe. We draw neat parallel horizontal lines. Now, with the blunt end of the knife, we draw vertical lines.

The approximate distance should be 3-4 cm. We do the same in the opposite direction.

What a honey cake without bees! The recipe for making them is simple.

For their preparation, we need:
  • Sponge cake;
  • Sour cream.

Mix the crumb with sour cream. It turned out the mass, similar to the mastic.

We form a bee:
  • Roll up the sausage;
  • We divide it into three parts. They must be different in size;
  • Big skatyvaem and do flat;
  • Two others we roll into balls, one is bigger (this is the middle), the other is smaller (head);
  • We connect all three on a plate;
  • Draw stripes with chocolate;
  • We make wings from almond petals or pumpkin seeds;
  • From white cream do bees eyes. Pupils make chocolate;
  • We spread bees on the cake.

Cake «Honey» on the classic recipe is ready!

From the name of the cake, it is not difficult to guess that the main component of the cake is honey. Due to the fact that the honey is viscous, it makes the dough plastic, it is easy to roll out and the cakes are made with very thin, soft, well-soaked.

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Many people do not eat honey cake, believing that this cake only harms the body, and does not benefit, as the honey is warm, the oven cannot be. If you heat the honey more than 50 C, then this healing natural nectar becomes practically a poison, a carcinogen for our body that can lead to poisoning.

If you are a supporter of this opinion, then we offer you a recipe of «Medovika», where we will learn how to make a honey substitute — homemade molasses, which will go into the composition of the cake layers.

It should be used immediately after preparation, it can not be stored. The main property of molasses is that it can be heated above 50 ° C; it will turn out the same as honey, golden, thick, and volatile.

But we will add honey to the sour cream that will permeate every Medovik cake, and it will get the honey aroma that we so appreciate in this cake.

This recipe is designed for a kilogram of dough. Therefore, we need about 3 tbsp. spoons of molasses.

This is approximately 100 ml.

To do this, take:

  • water — 125 ml;
  • sugar — 175 g;
  • soda — 3 g .;
  • citric acid — 3 gr.

Home cooking:

The recipe for homemade molasses is simple.

Do everything step by step, and you will surely succeed:
  • In the heat-resistant dishes pour water and set on fire;
  • Add sugar. Never stir the syrup with a spoon, because it will crystallize;
  • Sugar should heat up to 118 C.
We check it in the following way:
  • We collect ice water in the tank;
  • Pick up a small amount of syrup in a spoon and drip into ice water;
  • Then we get it and roll the ball;
  • If a soft ball is obtained, this means that the syrup has reached 118 C. If the sugar syrup solidifies immediately, overheat. And if it just runs off your finger, then you can still warm it;

After the syrup has heated add:

  • baking soda, it will make the cake soft and the cake will not be dry;
  • citric acid;

The recipe for making sugar syrup differs from molasses by adding the last two ingredients. Due to their reaction, the temperature rises sharply, mix well. The result will be molasses.

To check it for readiness, raise a spoonful of molasses 10 cm thick thick streams should flow from the spoon.

Nuances of making dough for the cake:

There is not one recipe for preparing the dough for this cake, each housewife has his own. But, the main basic rules are followed by the majority.

  • The dough for the cake «Honey cake» during kneading should be hot (+ 40-55 C), then it will not be taken lumps. At room temperature (+ 22-25C), the sugar grains do not melt in oil. When baking, they will be felt, will burn. And when you combine cold butter with flour, it will be taken in lumps. Because of the lumps, cake layers may be unevenly baked;
  • The dough should be homogeneous, we will do it on the steam bath, through which the ingredients are connected to each other, dissolve in each other. Due to this, it becomes homogeneous, pliable;
  • Making a steam bath. Pour water into the saucepan just enough so that it does not touch the bottom of the dish, which will be the dough. Put an empty bowl on a saucepan, turn on medium heat.

For cakes:

  • sugar — 200 g .;
  • butter — 100 g .;
  • eggs — 3 pcs .;
  • treacle — 75 gr .:
  • soda — 1 tsp;
  • lemon juice — 1 tsp;
  • flour — 350 gr.
  • butter cut into cubes 1.5 x 1.5;
  • sugar so that the cakes are sweet and golden in color. 1 kg of dough — 1 tbsp. sugar, 250 ml .;
  • eggs, make the dough strong and even the thinnest places will not tear. Stir all with a fork .;

Reduce the temperature to a minimum.

  • add 3 tablespoons of molasses;
  • soda, quenched with lemon juice so that the cakes are soft and porous, so that the cream is well absorbed into them;

Remove the tank from the steam bath.

  • flour (2 glasses with a slide). Add gradually, kneading well every time, with bottom-up motions.

The dough should turn out to be sticky, thanks to the molasses.

Rolling cakes:

  • Flour the chopping board
  • We have 1 kg. dough divide it into eight equal pieces.

  • Roll out the dough on a towel so that it does not break when rolling. Flax is perfect. On a soft surface, the dough is evenly distributed throughout the plane and stretched.
  • Cover the towel with parchment so that the dough does not stick to the fabric.
  • Parchment sprinkled with flour. On parchment paper it will be easier for us to transfer the dough to a baking sheet.
  • Put a piece of dough and roll out 1-2 mm from the middle to the edges.
  • Parchment can be twisted in a circle to give it a round shape.
  • To check yourself you can take a cover with a diameter of 22 cm and attach, thus checking yourself.
  • We pierce holes with a fork so that it rises evenly in all parts. If this is not done, the air from the dough will have nowhere to go and bubbles will appear.
  • Sent to the oven. Cakes should be baked at 200 ° C for 2 minutes.
  • While baking the first, roll out the next.
  • We take out the first layer, put the second one to bake and so on until the end, until we bake 8 cakes.
  • In order for the cake to not crumble, after you get it out of the oven, remove it from the hot baking sheet, put it on the table / dish without parchment.
  • We put a lid on the cake and cut it in shape with a knife.
  • Beautiful crunchy trimming turn into a crumb and use for decoration.

Korzham need to cool down, as we will use sour cream. If you lubricate hot cakes, then the cream will flow and the cakes will not soak.

As long as they cool down we will make a cream.

  • sour cream — 900 ml. sour cream (fat content of at least 25%);
  • Sugar — 4 tbsp. spoons of sugar;
  • Juice of one lemon;
  • honey

Preparing sour cream, for this we take:

  • Sour cream is fatter (at least 25%, if you take 15-20%, then it will not thicken, the cream will be liquid);
  • granulated sugar

First, beat two ingredients at a low speed, and then gradually increase to the maximum.

  • lemon juice — will give the cream pomp;

We do not whisk the ready sour cream, mix it.

Form the cake:

  • Place a plate with cream cream so that the bottom layer is well soaked;
  • Layer by layer, all cakes are smeared with cream;
  • Boca smear cream with a scapula.

Grind the trim from the cake to crumb and decorate the cake.

We offer you a recipe for making honeycombs in order for the appearance to say that it is a honey cake.

Making a stencil:

On a sheet of paper draw a hexagon, one edge 4 cm;

  • Back down 4-5 mm., And draw the next. They should be 20-25 pieces.;
  • Cut them out so that the middle honeycombs are hollow and put on the cake.
  • In order for the honeycombs to turn out beautiful, they need to be decorated with fine crumbs, and we use large ones to decorate the sides.
  • Therefore, use a sieve and sift our baby right on the cake.
  • Very carefully we remove on the stencil.

Cake with sour cream in this recipe will turn out to be sour thanks to the lemon and will not be cloying.

Since honey is the main component of this cake, I would like to give you some valuable tips on how not to spoil the cake with low-quality honey, since the non-mature honey contains too much moisture.

Tips for choosing honey for Honey cake:

  • We take a teaspoon, scoop up the honey with a spoon and turn it around in a circle. If the honey is good, ripe, it is viscous, drips with ribbons. When you pour honey into a jar, it is taken as a slide, this indicates that it is of high quality.
  • Take a piece of parchment paper. We drip honey on the parchment and determine its quality. If the drop immediately spreads and does not hold the form, it means that the honey is watery and not of high quality.
  • If a great drop keeps. It is so round and beautiful and there are no divorces around the perimeter, which means that the honey is of high quality.
  • Honey grade is determined by the type of plants that collect bees. If buckwheat is flowering at this time, it is called buckwheat honey, it is darker and has a caramel color and there is a slight bitterness. Such honey has a bright aroma and taste, but it should not be added to honey cake, because it will kill the aroma of cakes and sour cream due to its specific taste.

For honey cake use flower honey (for example, lime, forbs), it will not kill the taste of the cake, but will only be a great addition.

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